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How to Save Money At Les Marchés Tradition with AIR MILES?

To the point Do you regularly shop at Les Marchés Tradition? Here are our tips to save money there with AIR MILES!

How to Save Money At Les Marchés Tradition with AIR MILES?

Update June 8th 2022: **Note: As of the beginning of 2023, Quebec’s Les Marchés Tradition will no longer be linked to the AIR MILES program. See this article on Scene+ which will be the new rewards program of IGA, Rachelle Béry and Les Marchés Tradition.

Les Marchés Tradition is one of the many partners of the AIR MILES loyalty program.

Many members of the Milesopedia community regularly shop there while earning AIR MILES Reward Miles, so:

  • so they can choose from over 1,200 rewards: travel rewards, products, event tickets or family activities with Dream Miles
  • save money on their grocery bill at the Les Marchés Tradition when redeeming Cash Miles
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Earn AIR MILES Reward Miles at Les Marchés Tradition

There are 71 branches of Les Marchés Tradition in Quebec and New Brunswick. They are owned by merchants and independents affiliated with Sobeys. Les Marchés Tradition are defined as intermediate grocery stores that fall between the supermarket and the convenience store.

At Les Marchés Tradition, AIR MILES members receive 1 AIR MILES Reward Mile for every $20 spent on eligible products before taxes.

Earnings are compiled from Monday to Sunday each week.

This ratio applies to:

  • regular or discounted items
Les Marchés Tradition AIR MILES

You can also earn some bonus miles on top of the regular miles for some products. All you have to do is watch the weekly flyer closely to find out.

For example:

Earn 10 AIR MILES Bonus Miles when you buy any brand of cereal at your local Les Marchés Tradition


Earn 2X AIR MILES bonus miles on all purchases of $20 or more at Les Marchés Tradition

Finally, for added savings, the Compliments store brand is a perfect choice.

Please note that there is a delay in getting credited for AIR MILES Bonus Miles. Les Marchés Tradition calculate the purchases made during the previous week and credit the miles to the AIR MILES account the following week.

Ineligible products

Products not eligible to earn AIR MILES Reward Miles are as follows:

  • Tobacco products
  • Lottery tickets
  • Bus tickets and passes
  • All gift cards
  • Gift vouchers
  • Prepaid sim cards
  • Stamps and postal services
  • Cleaning service
  • Movies and games rental
  • Deposit on bottles and cans
  • Products offered by SAQ and Spirits Agencies.
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AIR MILES Events and Les Marchés Tradition

Several times a year, the AIR MILES program runs promotional events with Les Marchés Tradition.

Whether it’s Bonus Boom, Shop the Block, Mega Miles, bargain hunters are there.

These events are predictable every year. Our AIR MILES experts know how to prepare their shopping list to fill up when they visit Les Marchés Tradition. This to really meet their needs and not to create them.

Air Miles Mega Milles Featured

Use your AIR MILES Reward Miles at Les Marchés Tradition

Those who decide to use their AIR MILES Reward Miles to save money at IGA, redeeming 95 miles are equivalent to $10.

Some stores accept the purchase of gift cards in exchange for AIR MILES Reward miles, others do not. But all of them refuse the purchase of prepaid cards linked to cash (e.g. Mastercard or Visa Vanilla).

At the register, members show their AIR MILES loyalty card or the bar code on their smartphone. They then ask to redeem their AIR MILES CASH rewards up to a value of $750 per day. This transaction is instantaneous.

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Credit cards and Les Marchés Tradition

Some credit cards earn more points, miles or cash back at Les Marchés Tradition. Here are the best credit cards to save at Les Marchés Tradition

AIR MILES credit cards

Naturally, a customer of Les Marchés Tradition and member of the AIR MILES loyalty program will use an AIR MILES credit card to buy groceries at Les Marchés Tradition.

With BMO no annual fee credit cards, you can earn 3x miles for every $25 spent at Les Marchés Tradition (and participating AIR MILES partners). Plus, the AIR MILES Reward Miles you earn when you show your AIR MILES loyalty card.

You can earn 3 AIR MILES Reward Miles for every $12 spent at Les Marchés Tradition with the BMO® AIR MILES® World Elite®* Mastercard®*. This is the credit card offering the most AIR MILES Reward miles for purchases at Les Marchés Tradition grocery stores (and participating AIR MILES partners).

It’s a good time to apply for that card with this exclusive offer from milesopedia!

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Other credit cards

In addition to AIR MILES, other credit cards allow you to earn more points for grocery store purchases, such as at Les Marchés Traditions.

For example, with the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* card, you can earn 5 points for every dollar spent at grocery stores (as well as restaurants, gas stations and transportation). And each year, you’ll get a $50 credit to use as you wish.

Alternatively, we recommend using the CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite* Card or the Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite* card: you can earn 4% cash back for groceries.


Update June 8th 2022: **Note: As of the beginning of 2023, Les Marchés Tradition du Québec will no longer be linked to the AIR MILES program. See this article on Scene+ which will be the new rewards program of IGA, Rachelle Béry and Les Marchés Tradition.

The AIR MILES program offers multiple opportunities to save money with Cash rewards or Dream Rewards. For those who choose to reduce the cost of food at Les Marchés Tradition, redeeming 95 AIR MILES Reward Miles for $10 remains an interesting strategy to use at the checkout.

There are several ways to earn AIR MILES bonus miles, including the basic offer, rewards on selected products, at promotional events and through bonuses and credit card multipliers.

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