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The ten most beautiful places to paddle board in Quebec

To the point Looking for paddleboarding waters in Quebec? Here are 10 favorite places to discover.

Updated our May 18, 2021 article with equipment suggestions and money-saving tips.

Paddle boarding, SUP and paddle boarding in Quebec

There are many different terms for the same increasingly popular phenomenon: standing on a board and gliding through the water, propelled by the power of a single paddle.

The beast can be rigid or inflatable, longer if you plan to put a child, a backpack or even your dog in it. Paddleboarding can be practiced in calm waters, in white waters and in a stationary way to do yoga.

With 500,000 lakes, 4,500 rivers and a magnificent river, Quebec is a first choice for this sport. Finally, equipment purchase costs can be high, which is perfect for unlocking a welcome bonus from a credit card!


Our top 10 favourite spots in Quebec

We asked Valérie and Emmanuelle, two great sportswomen in our group, to share their top 10 tips for paddle boarding in Quebec. Here are their favorite places to practice this activity, from tenth to first place.

Planche à Pagaie
Planche à Pagaie

10 - Jacques-Cartier National Park

The Jacques-Cartier River in the SEPAQ park of the same name is located barely 30 minutes from Quebec City. If you don’t have your own equipment, we recommend renting paddles, boards and flotation jackets by the hour. First come, first served.

The Jacques-Cartier River offers several paddle board excursions for beginners. The duration of the activities varies according to the kilometer chosen. Launching takes place at :

  • km 3: calm water perfect for contemplation ;
  • km 18: few people go there, so if you’re aiming for holy peace, this is the place to be.

9-A descent with a few rapids on the Missisquoi River in Sutton

Between Mansonville and Glen Sutton, a beautiful 15 km on a calm river, but with a bit of current and a few rapids for the more experienced. Canoe & Co.’s Missisquoi River shuttles depart daily from the parking lot to any point on the river.

All you need to do is let yourself go at your own pace to get back to your car. The Missisquoi River flows through fields and farms. Pastoral symphony guaranteed here.

Paddle board
Paddle board

8 - Green Island

Opposite the village of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, near Rivière-du-Loup, Île verte is ideal for exploring on foot, by bicycle or by water. You may have heard of it through its annual “trail of mud” event or the torchlight crossing of the ice bridge in the winter. You can get there by shuttle bus.

Bring your paddle board and head for the western tip of the island to hear the whales blow. But beware of the low tide, which may surprise you and prevent you from returning. Tell that to Emmanuelle and her travelling companion, who had to walk back on their board! Consult the tide tables on the Marées Pêche website.

And even in July, wetsuits are the order of the day here!

Île Verte

7-The Bostonnais River, near La Tuque

The confluence of the Saint-Maurice River, the little Bostonnais, lined with white beaches, winds its way through the territory for several kilometres. The GoPaddling app will tell you where to park and launch your board. The majority of the path is in calm water.

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6-The BIC National Park and the surrounding waterways

To find out where to launch your boat on our beautiful river and on the waterways of the Bas-St-Laurent and Gaspésie regions, the Sup Kite Yoga website is very informative.

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5-The Valin River of the Sepaq for its meanders

The Parc national des Monts-Valin in the Saguenay is best known for its Valley of the Ghosts, where the sight of snow-covered trees takes your breath away. But in the area, there is also a winding river, with lots of meanders on which we like to take our time.

Right at the foot of the imposing mountain, with an exceptional view of Mount Valin. A free guidance brochure is available at the Discovery and Service center to help you find your way around.

Rivière Valin
Paddle board

4-The descent of the Red River at La Conception

A river for swimming, rather calm and bordered by several beaches where you can picnic.

There are two routes: 12 and 24 km, and people are taken there by shuttle bus. The first descent takes three to four hours, depending on your pace and stops. The end of the route takes you back to the starting point, where you can park your car.

The 2nd route (24 km) takes four to five hours and requires you to reserve your place by phone, as places are limited. Only one departure per day, in the morning.

Several types of boats are available for rent at Pause Plein-Air : single and double kayaks, paddle boards, canoes and life jackets. It is also possible to bring your own boat and be driven to the starting point at a lower cost.


3-The Hautes Gorges de la Rivière Malbaie National Park

In the beautiful tourist region of Charlevoix, you can try your hand at paddle boarding on the Malbaie River. It is part of the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park, which offers the highest walls east of the Rockies.

The river winds its way 161 km from Réserve faunique des Laurentides to the St. Lawrence River.

Rivière Malbaie

2-L'Île Saint-Bernard

Just 30 minutes southwest of Montreal, the St. Lawrence River widens to form Lake Saint-Louis. Île Saint-Bernard is located on this lake, and offers eight kilometers of walking trails. But it is also possible to launch your paddle board.

From there, you can see the city’s skyline, large boats flotaing by, and an abundance of winged fauna. We are talking about more than a hundred species.

Although free, parking is limited to 150 spaces and is often fully booked by 10 am.

Planche à Pagaie

1-The Rocher Percé

For those who are more used to the waves, go to our beautiful St-Lawrence River and its iconic figure, the Rocher Percé.

Note that the bay can be windy, and we strongly recommend going in the morning when the water is calmer. Take a tour and you’ll discover the hidden face of the behemoth and its large colony of gannets.

This outing gets the first place of our top 10. Thank you Emmanuelle and Valérie for all your suggestions for activities.

Planche à Pagaie

Purchase of a paddle board and equipment

To enjoy the great outdoors this summer, you have two options: rent your own equipment or buy the perfect sports kit.

For footwear, you could opt for non-slip silicone water shoes.

For your personal belongings, a waterproof, quick-drying carry bag or a multi-purpose bag with two inside pockets to separate wet and dry clothes will come in very handy.

When it comes to paddleboards, there’s something for every budget and every level.

If you’re a beginner, you could buy this ultra-compact, lightweight 9′ paddleboard. This three-sectionpaddle;removable and adjustable, can be used by young and old alike.

Last but not least, this high pump for inflatable paddleboards or kayaks requires very little effort.

Save with points

On his paddle board

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On housing

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Bottom Line

There are, of course, dozens of other bodies of water, given Quebec’s generous watershed. Don’t forget to check the Marées Pêche website for tide times.

Would you like to share your favorite places? Please, do! Enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to go paddle boarding in Quebec?

The choice is yours, but it all depends on your level. If you’re a beginner, the Jacques-Cartier River offers a number of hikes. Vifa magazine has listed 50 paddle-boarding spots across the province.

Where can you go paddle boarding with your own paddle?

You don’t have to rent any equipment to practice this sport, so the choices are endless across Quebec. Here are six beaches where swimming is supervised: Frontenac, Oka, Mont-Orford and Yamaska national parks, the Centre touristique du Lac-Simon and the Station touristique Duchesnay.

Where to go on an inflatable paddle board for beginners?

The Rivière des Milles-Îles, for example, is a lovely piece of paradise, as are Cap Saint-Jacques and the Îles de la Paix.

Where can I rent a paddle board in Quebec?

Just do a Google search. For example, the Quatre natures site offers to pick up your equipment in downtown Quebec City.

Where can I buy a paddleboard in Montreal?

You could find what you’re looking for at Montreal Sup or Decathlon.

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