Al Maha Luxury Collection Dubai

Review : Suite Emirates – Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai | Marriott Bonvoy

Hotel Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa, Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates
City Dubai
Room Type Emirates Suite
Loyalty Program Status Titanium
Points Per Night 100,000 points
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Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa, Dubai
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To the point The Emirates Suite at Al Maha Hotel, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai is the ultimate in desert luxury in the Emirates.

Al Maha – a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai is one of the dream hotels in the Marriott Bonvoy program.

Thanks to points, I’ve already had the chance to stay there with Audrey in late 2018. We wrote a detailed report on our experience.

Back in the area in March 2022, this time for a mother-son trip, I decided – at the last minute – to spoil my mother by surprising her with a trip to this hotel.


Al Maha – a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai is on the list of 200 Marriott Bonvoy hotels that are seeing price increases as of March 29, 2022. If you too want to have an extraordinary experience, don’t delay! Otherwise, it will cost you at least 20,000 extra points per night. Just like other hotels of this type.

I booked our two-night stay right after landing in Dubai, only about 10 hours before we arrived!

Checking availability, I was lucky to get a rate of 85,000 points for the first night and 100,000 points for the second. That is a total of 185,000 points.

cout al maha dubaicost al maha dubai
al maha bedouin suite

You should know that this hotel costs between 70,000 points and 100,000 points depending on the off-season/standard/high-season pricing. During the high season – when temperatures are still reasonable (October-April) – it is rare to see this hotel below its maximum 100,000 points.

For example, here is the pricing for 2 nights in April:

al maha calendar

During this particular stay, I was surprised to be upgraded to the best the Al Maha has to offer: the Emirates Suite. Retailing at nearly $7,000 per night:

al maha rate suite emirates

So here is my experience of a dream two-night stay in the Emirates Suite at Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Duba.

Feel free to check out our first article which talks about the “classic” (but already great) experience of a Bedouin Suite stay. The one everyone can book with Marriott Bonvoy points.

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Al Maha – a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai is located just an hour’s drive from downtown Dubai. To get there, we chose to rent a car. Be aware that if you want to get there via a taxi or Uber, it will cost you around $100 per trip.

A few hundred meters after the highway exit, camels can already be spotted on the road. Something that immediately made my mother feel out of place.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-01
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-02

Then we arrived at the Wildlife Reserve: Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. A guard makes sure we are on the list to stay there and advises us that it is forbidden to stop along the nine-kilometre path through the desert to reach the hotel.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-03
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-04

When we arrived at the reception, a luggage handler took care of our belongings until we reached our room. And we were welcomed by Kero, who was our butler during our stay. And what an incredible employee!

Truth be told, when I made my last-minute reservation (at 1 am the same day…), I wrote in the Marriott Bonvoy mobile app chat that I was happy to return to the Al Maha after a successful first stay and to bring my mother. And as a Titanium member, I would hope to have a suite with a full view of the desert.

In this type of accommodation, you don’t necessarily need a status: the basic room (Bedouin Suite) is already extraordinary, and you get everything for free when you use points.

Kero immediately put me at ease by telling me that they had upgraded our reservation so that I could give my mom the best experience possible.

Always smiling and responding quickly to the smallest question via chat or phone, I raise my glass to Kero:

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-06
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-07
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-08

Upon check-in, we were told about the different activities we are entitled to during our stay. Two free activities per day to choose from:

  • Camel ride at sunset
  • Sunset ride on a 4×4
  • Observe the falcons flying in the early morning
  • Walk in the desert to observe the fauna and flora
  • 4×4 ride in the desert to observe the fauna and flora
  • Archery

There are also 2 paid activities available (270 AED per person per activity):

  • “Active” 4×4 ride in the desert
  • Horseback riding in the desert (3 years experience minimum)
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-20

Kero also confirmed that by staying using points, everything is included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Room service

This is rather impressive as the food is extremely high quality (foie gras, lobsters, lamb from New Zealand, etc.).

Only drinks are not included.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-87

I gave my Marriott Bonvoy™ American Express® Card as collateral and to pay for my stay there. With the Marriott Bonvoy™ American Express® Card, you earn 5 points per dollar for all your spending at Marriott Bonvoy hotels.

This is the best credit card to have if you stay at Marriott Bonvoy hotels frequently.

We were taken to the Emirates Suite, which was located quite apart from all the other suites.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-24

The Emirates Suite

When you open the double wooden door of the Emirates Suite, you arrive… on a patio with a fountain! This patio serves two waiting rooms: a kitchen on one side and two small rooms for employees/guests.

al maha palm emirates suite

This patio is beautiful at night:

emirates suite night

To enter the Emirates Suite, you open another wooden door. Directly on the left is a large dining table.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-22

The Emirates Suite is in fact a combination of two Bedouin Suites, joined at their center by a large common lounge.

emirates suite lounge pool

On the table in the living room, a carafe of alcohol is waiting for us (which can be refilled free of charge once a day).

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-23
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-27

A television is available in this room with DVD player and Bose system.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-28

On the left side of the Emirates Suite is a room with a King bed and its bathroom (composed of a bathtub, a separate shower, and a toilet).

In front of the bed are two sofas facing each other. The whole area is in front of beautiful bay windows, which give access to the left side of the terrace.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-14

On the right side of the Emirates Suite is a room with two single beds and a bathroom (composed of a bathtub, a separate shower, and a toilet).

In front of the bed are two sofas facing each other. The whole area is in front of beautiful bay windows, that give access to the right side of the terrace.

As mentioned above, these rooms are identical to the Bedouin Suites (bookable with points).

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-25

The terrace is of course the centrepiece of a stay at Maha – a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai. You will spend most of your stay:

  • In the heated pool
  • On the sunbeds listening to the wind and the sounds of nature
  • At the table to taste the dishes delivered in room

In the Emirates Suite, there is a terrace portion for each room and a central portion.

As mentioned above, these rooms are identical to the Bedouin Suites (bookable with points).

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-13
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-11
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-10

It’s hard not to savour the moment from this spot.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-29

The advantage of the Emirates Suite (apart from its size)? Direct access to the desert and no noise from nearby accommodations.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-50
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-95
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-54
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-32
Al Maha Luxury Collection Dubai
Al Maha Luxury Collection Dubai

The show is incredible, day and night.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-79
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-80
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-48

The food

The food at Al Maha – a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai is incredible. Whether you choose to be served directly to your room (and free of charge) for breakfast:

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-52
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-53

Or go for a “snack” in the afternoon:

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-30

Or at the restaurant in the evening, with a five-course dinner:

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-34
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-33

Also note the “Welcome Back” cake, only offered to customers who have come at least once:

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-47

By the way, I met by surprise Jonathan, one of the members of the Milesopedia Community at the Al Maha – a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai restaurant!

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-42


At Al Maha – a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai, you can’t get bored.

Since I had done all the activities during my previous stay, I chose to do the ones I considered most beautiful with my mother.

On the first evening, we took a camel ride to watch the sunset from the desert.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-36
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-37
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-39

This is a must. After 30 minutes of walking, we arrived in the middle of the dunes. A buffet with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and fruit awaits you.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-66
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-40
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-41

The next day, we chose to opt for the same version of the ride… in 4×4. A little more comfortable!

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-71

And by the way, what a surprise it was to hear my name being called across these dunes. Anthony, another Milesopedia reader, was also visiting with his wife. The world of points is small!

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-67
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-68
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-70

On the last day, we witnessed the flight of the falcons at 6:30 am. A magnificent show that begins in the mist, corresponding with the time of the sunrise.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-81
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-83
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-84
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-82
Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-85

A show that lasts about 45 minutes. At the end of which, we were able to hold one of these falcons on our forearms.

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-86

Pool and Gym

Al Maha – a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai has a full-service spa with a whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, and gym. Everything is free of charge (only the treatments are charged).

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-55

The whole area is completed by a very large swimming pool that gives way to the desert. You can do your laps there if your private pool is not enough!

Al Maha, Luxury Collection, Dubai-09

Bottom Line

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