Scotia Rewards Points transfer and conversion Tutorial

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Many members of the facebook group “Travel free (or almost free…!) with your points & miles – milesopedia” ask this question: how to transfer, convert or combine Scotia bonus points? Here is our answer.

Scotia Bonus Points

Scotia Bonus Points are some of the easiest points to use. We explained in this article how to apply them on a travel expense (hotels, plane tickets, cruises, car rental…). The rate is very simple to remember: 10,000 ScotiaBonus points = $100.

But with new credit cards offering bonus points (like the all-new Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card), knowing how to transfer bonus points from one account to another can be helpful or even convert them.

Many members of our facebook group took advantage of last year’s Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card promotion, accumulating numerous points thanks to the sign-up bonus and bonus categories it offers.

Can I combine my Scotia Rewards points with other Scotia Rewards points?

If you have more than one Scotia Rewards credit or debit card, you may transfer Scotia Rewards between these cards, provided your account is in good standing. However, you cannot transfer your Scotia Rewards to another person’s account.

If you are an existing Scotia Rewards cardholder and would like to take advantage of an offer on a new card, keep your current card and apply to the new card offer via milesopedia. After you receive your new card and points, combine the points on your new card! You can then cancel your old card. If you do otherwise, Scotia may deny your welcome bonus for the new card!

How do I transfer points to another Scotia Rewards eligible card?

scotia points transfer

If you have more than one Scotia Rewards card, you may combine your points rather than keeping them separate for each card:

  • that your accounts are in order,
  • that you are the owner of these accounts,
  • the name and address of the Primary Cardholder (and Joint Account Holder, if applicable) on the Accounts are the same.

It is therefore not possible to transfer between spouses (the account holder must be the same for both card accounts).

You can make a one-off transfer (immediately) or set up an automatic transfer (within 1 or 2 working days). To do so, go to the Points transfer page under “Your account.”

How do I convert Scotia Rewards points to SCENE points and vice versa?

Selecting the Scotia Rewards and SCENE points conversion option is easy. Go to the Redeem Your Points page on the Scotia Rewards site and select Points Conversion:

  1. Indicate whether you wish to convert Scotia Rewards points or SCENE points.
  2. Validate your SCENE card and select an eligible Scotiabank program card.
  3. Enter the number of points you want to convert.
  4. Check and confirm your points conversion.

You can go to the Stitches to SCENE conversion page here.

If I convert my Scotia Rewards points to SCENE points and vice versa, how long will the conversion appear in my account?

Scotia Rewards points are converted into SCENE points or vice versa and immediately posted to your account. Once converted, Scotia Rewards or SCENE points are final and cannot be reversed or cancelled.

And the transfer of SCENE points to Scotia Bonus points is significantly less advantageous.

What is the conversion rate between Scotia Rewards points and SCENE points?

You can use 1,000 Scotia Bonus points to earn 770 SCENE points. It’s interesting if you manage to withdraw more than $10 from these 770 SCENE points. Take a look at the different options offered by SCENE on this page.

Example combo at 2500 points SCENE

For example, in the above case, you would need to use 3250 Scotia Bonus points to earn 2500 SCENE points. Are 2 admission tickets, 2 regular drinks and 1 regular popcorn worth more than $32.50? In many cases, yes! So here it is interesting to convert Scotia Bonus Points into SCENE Points.

As explained above, the transfer of SCENE points to ScotiaBonus points is much less advantageous: 1,000 SCENE points = 950 ScotiaBonus points. We do not recommend it.

Credit cards offering Scotia Bonus Points and SCENE Points

Now that you know how to transfer, combine or redeem Scotia Rewards points, let’s look at the 5 different cards that offer Scotia Rewards points!

This post is also available in: FR

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