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TD, Aeroplan and Starbucks join forces to give you Stars and Points!

To the point TD, Aeroplan and Starbuck's are joining forces to help you earn more Starbucks Stars rewards.

Starbucks and TD

***Update February 13, 2023: Aeroplan announces a reduction in the number of Aeroplan points required for Starbucks Stars.

***Update April 27, 2022: Redemption : Aeroplan Points to Starbucks Stars begins

In March 2022, Aeroplan and Starbucks announced their partnership. Aeroplan members can now link their Starbucks Rewards account to earn and redeem Aeroplan points.

Starting in April 2022, select TD cardholders will also earn more rewards at Starbucks.

If you have a TD Credit card or TD Access card with Visa Debit, you’ll earn 50% more Stars at Starbucks when you link your card . And depending on the credit card you hold, you’ll earn even more TD points and Aeroplan points!

TD Starbucks Promotion

In addition, as of April 27, 2022 February 13, 2023, Aeroplan members can redeem 1,000, 800 points for 200 Starbucks Stars. You can do so directly on the Air Canada page here.

The minimum number of Aeroplan points to redeem is 400 points for 100 Stars. This represents a 20% decrease, which is excellent. In fact, it’s the smallest redemption available in the entire Aeroplan program.

However, it should be noted that Starbucks devalued its program the same day. For example, instead of costing 50 Starbucks Stars for a coffee, tea or pastry, it now costs 100.

So Aeroplan has done a good thing by lowering the cost of redeeming Stars. Still, it doesn’t make up for the devaluation of Starbucks.

Échange points Aéroplan Étoiles Starbucks

How to register a TD card to earn Starbucks Stars

The first step is to log in to TD EasyWeb. The ad may be displayed automatically. But otherwise:

  • Click on the Manage tab and select My TD Rewards. In the TD app, tap on My TD Rewards, then choose Starbucks from the list of partners.
  • Link eligible TD card to your Starbucks RewardsAccount
  • You will be asked to log into your Starbucks Rewards account to establish the link.
  • Confirm account linkage
Link TD Starbucks card

Double dip with your Starbucks purchases

On one hand, all TD Credit card and TD Access card with Visa Debit earn you 50% more Stars at Starbucks.

On the other hand, if you have the following TD credit card , you also earn 50% more TD points or Aeroplan points:

Don’t forget to link your Aeroplan and Starbucks account, if you haven’t already done so.

Now, if you link your TD and Starbucks accounts, you’ll earn 50% more:

  • 1 Star/$1 supply of your Starbucks card made with your TD card
  • + 0.5 Star / $1 purchase when paying through your app

Then, depending on your credit card , you earn 50% more TD points or Aeroplan points for every dollar you spend at Starbucks :

Bottom Line

Link your card to earn more Stars, TD points or Aeroplan points!

Please note that the conversion of Aeroplan points to Starbucks Stars is done directly in your Aeroplan profile on the Air Canada website. On the home page, in the Your Exclusive Offers section, click on the“Convert Aeroplan Points to Starbucks Stars” tile.

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