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Reviews: Swiss A220 – Business Class

Departing Airport Nice Côte d'Azur Airport
Arrival Airport Zurich International Airport
Flight Number LX563
Duration 1:15
Aircraft Airbus A220
Cabin Class Business Class
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To the point Watch our photo report of the flight LX563 of the airline Swiss on a Boeing CS100 in business class between Nice and Zurich!

For several years, the Canadian aeronautical company Bombardier has been innovating by competing directly with the two leaders in the sector, Airbus and Boeing, with its range of CSERIES aircraft. Swiss was the first airline to welcome the CSeries into its fleet with the CS100 model, which had its first commercial flight on July 15, 2016.

Many airlines have ordered CSeries aircraft:

  • Air Canada
  • Air Baltic
  • AzurAir Ukraine
  • BRA-Braathens Regional Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Gulf Air
  • Iraqi Airways
  • Korean Air
  • Odyssey Airlines
  • PrivatAir
  • SaudiGulf Airlines
  • Swiss International Air Lines
  • VIM Airlines

For us Canadians, we will have to wait for the reception of the aircraft by Air Canada or Delta Airlines to travel on it in North America.

Swiss was for us the best opportunity to discover the Cseries during a trip to Europe!

A surprise flight

To be honest, my flight on the CSeries was quite unexpected! Swiss positions this aircraft on many routes from Zurich or Geneva. But for me, the schedules never fit my schedule to discover this aircraft on the Nice-Zurich route.

So what a surprise to see a change of aircraft on flight LX563, usually operated by an A319/A320. It seems that Swiss knew that a milesopedia editor was on board! 🙂

cseries nice
A real stroke of luck!

HB-JBB is less than a year old(delivered on August 13, 2016). It still smells new!

img 0512
Alexandra in front of the Swiss CS100 in Nice

Welcome aboard the Swiss CS100

Our device is called “Canton de Genève”.

img 0519
Bombardier CS100 Swiss
img 0520
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

The aircraft is a single-aisle aircraft divided into 3 + 2 seats. The separation between business and economy class is only made by the small plastic card that you can see on the picture below:

img 0521
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

This separation by a plastic card allows Swiss to modulate the size of its business class according to the traffic.

In fact, legroom and seating are identical in both classes. The difference: in rows of 3 seats there will be no one in the middle seat, in rows of 2 seats you will have no one next to you (preferable if you are traveling alone).

img 0522
Bombardier CS100 Swiss
img 0536
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

A view of the Nice Airport control tower from my seat.

img 0526
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

The design of the seats is really successful and well thought out. Everything is done to increase legroom.

img 0523
Bombardier CS100 Swiss
img 0524
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

img 0529

There is however little storage space, which is not really important for a short-haul flight like this. Just enough to fit two bottles and a magazine.

img 0528
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Note the hook on the edge of the seat to hang a garment or a small bag.

img 0538
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Here is a view showing the 3 + 2 arrangement. The passengers on the left side are staggered so that they are not disturbed by a reclining front seat.

img 0544
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

My daughter is definitely attracted to the larger-than-average windows… which allow more light into the cabin!

img 0541
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Seats can recline, and armrests can be raised. You can see that the legroom is really generous.

img 0546
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

The luggage compartments are also generous.

I would say that they are even larger than those found on many long-haul aircraft: the stroller fits here without any problem in any direction, whereas I have to position it in a specific direction every time so that it can fit in the trunk of other aircraft. I was also able to add 2 backpacks and a carry-on bag on the side! Bravo Bombardier for thinking about the comfort of the passengers!

img 0539
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Take-off and in flight

The cabin seems to me to be slightly quieter than on other medium-haul aircraft of the A320 or B737 type. The takeoff seems quieter to me, the engine noise being less noticeable from the cabin.

View of the terminal 1 of Nice Airport.

img 0548
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Many business jets are parked in Nice during this summer period.

img 0549
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

The fire station and Terminal 2.

img 0550
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

And some views of Nice and its Promenade des Anglais as you pass over the airport.

img 0552
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

The bay of Villefrance-Sur-Mer next to the Swiss winglet.

img 0553
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Bye Bye Nice, city of the Alpes-Maritimes, between sea and mountains!

img 0559
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Screens showing the route and safety instructions are above the seats next to the air conditioning and light controls.

img 0530

On this short-haul flight of less than an hour, a small snack is served by Swiss and proves delicious.

img 0560
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

The cabin is extremely bright thanks to the oversized portholes. It is very pleasant!

The business class toilet is located next to the cockpit.

img 0563
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Arrival in Zurich

After a flight over several lakes, we arrive in Zurich on time.

img 0561
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

As we land, a Singapore Airlines A380 is about to take off for Singapore.

img 0564
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Welcome to Zurich.

img 0565
Bombardier CS100 Swiss
img 0566
Bombardier CS100 Swiss

Bottom line

A very pleasant surprise flight on the wings of Swiss in this Bombardier CS100. Bombardier is ahead of its closest competitors who have focused on long-haul aircraft like the A350 or B787 or high-capacity medium-haul aircraft like the 737 MAX.

In fact, these short/medium-haul aircraft offer the comfort and technological advances of the new generation of long-haul aircraft! Let’s hope that the aircraft deliveries to Air Canada and Delta Airlines will encourage other airlines to order many CSeries aircraft… for our comfort and travel pleasure!

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