Review: American Express Centurion Lounge in Denver

Lounge American Express Centurion Lounge - Denver
Airport Denver International Airport
Lounge Access Method American Express Platinum Card®
Terminal Terminal C
Country United States
City Denver
Tutorial Guide: How to Get Free Airport Lounge Access
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American Express Centurion Lounge - Denver
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To the point For a stopover at the Denver airport, stop by the American Express Centurion lounge with your Platinum Card®!

Lounge presentation

I love the Denver airport for its metro system that makes it easy to get between the airport areas. This time around, I tested the American Express Centurion lounge. When we take the C wing and approach the lounge, it’s hard to miss!

Lounge Centurion – Denver International Airport-01

Practical information

Lounge Access

To gain unlimited free access to the Centurion lounges, you will need to be a holder of the Platinum Card® or the Business Platinum Card® from American Express.

You will have access to all the comforts of these lounges and can invite two guests or their immediate family to enter at no extra charge. Any additional guests will be charged US$50 at the door for a one-day pass.

Children under 2 years of age are admitted free of charge when accompanied by a parent or guardian with boarding pass and proof of age.

Here is the list of cities where you will find these salons: London, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, Charlotte-Douglas, Phoenix, Houston, Hong Kong, Miami and New York.

Access is reserved for travellers in stopovers or waiting for a connecting flight.

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Lounge Schedule

Denver’s Centurion Lounge is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Lounge Location

The lounge is past security in the C wing of the airport near gate 46. You will need to take an escalator to get to the mezzanine level.

It is easily accessible from the other wings (A and B) by taking the small airport metro.

Map Den Centurion Credit Site American Express
Map Den Centurion Credit Site American Express
Centurion Denver. Crédit Annie-5

Lounge Visit

The reception went well; a charming lady welcomed me. I presented my Platinum Card® to get in for free. She mentioned that dinner would be served soon and I could stay as long as I wanted! This was perfect for me as I was on a 6 hour stopover.

Seating and Rest Areas

Despite several USB charging ports, there were none at my rest station. The airport’s free Wi-Fi network left a bit desired in the lounge. Everywhere else in the airport, I had no problem. So I was navigating between my private connection with FIZZ and the airport Wi-Fi when my movie stopped.

Here is one of the little booth chairs I chose:

Lounge Centurion – Denver International Airport-03

The lounge has several seating areas on either side of the escalators. The large glass windows give an open-plan effect of grandeur. I chose a small isolated chair with a small table.

Centurion Denver. Crédit Annie-1

The workstations are illuminated. There are screens with scrolling flight statuses. Very practical in these times when flights are often delayed! Wall-mounted voting booths are suitable for those who want to work in peace. Lighting and charging points were good at each station.

Lounge Centurion – Denver International Airport-04

A playground is available; it was quiet when I visited. As for the bar, this section was closed.

The ladies’ bathroom was clean with a nice baby area.

Lounge Centurion – Denver International Airport-07

Food and Drinks

The large buffet area and the bar with a cocktail menu were quite well stocked. A renowned mixologist, Jim Meehan, has created a tasty drink menu.

Everything is free, and there are many choices to satisfy everyone’s tastes! Several wines and bubbles are available to accompany lunch, dinner or supper. The bar was bustling and located in the passage between the buffet and the rest area. You can feel stuck.

As for the food, in my experience, I ate as if I was in a gourmet restaurant! In fact, the menu is inspired by northern Italy by a chef named Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson. I particularly liked that each dish comes with a list of ingredients and allergens.

Eating gluten-free made it straightforward to make my choices without asking questions. I enjoyed a tasty pork tenderloin with a succulent risotto. I didn’t think you could eat so well in an airport lounge!

General impression of the lounge

For my first experience in a Centurion lounge, I was not disappointed! I spent 5 relaxing hours with a full belly. In my eyes, everything was perfect!

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