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American Express: Priority Security Lane Access at Toronto YYZ (QR Code)

To the point With your Amex card, you can get a QR code to access the priority security lane at Toronto-Pearson.

With some American Express Cards, you can enjoy benefits when you fly into Toronto-Pearson International Airport (YYZ) such as:

  • Priority security lane access
  • 15% discount on parking
  • 15% discount on Auto Care services
  • Valet parking at no extra charge

Some of them even offer you access to VIP airport lounges.

QR Code – Amex – Homepage – FR

The most exciting advantage if you don’t have a car is the access to the priority security lane. And from now on, this will be done by presenting a QR code!

QR code for priority security lane access at Toronto-Pearson

Log on to the American Express website

To get your QR code for access to the Toronto-Pearson YYZ Priority Security Lane service, you must log in with your credentials on the American Express website.

QR Code – Amex – ID – FR

Indicate the number of QR codes you want

Next, indicate the number of QR codes you would like to get for access to the Toronto-Pearson YYZ priority security lane service. You can get up to 10 QR Codes.

QR Code – Amex – Choice – FR

Please note that these QR Codes have no expiration date and can only be used for one passenger each. So you can’t share a QR code you plan to use.

The next screen displays the QR codes in the desired number (here 2).

QR Code – Amex – Print – FR

You can then print or email them to yourself for use at the Toronto-Pearson YYZ Priority Lane Access Point.

Eligible American Express Cards

Bottom line

Do you have one of these American Express Cards? Don’t forget to get your QR Code before you travel from Toronto-Pearson International Airport!


Send yourself a dozen QR Codes in advance, even if you don’t have a trip planned. They do not have an expiration date and will always be useful to you! Alternatively, you can get them directly to Toronto-Pearson from your smartphone at

Frequently asked questions about the American Express QR code - Toronto YYZ

Where to scan the QR code?

Locate the security lane at Pearson Airport and proceed to the priority security screening area to scan your QR code using the terminal next to the electronic gate.

How does the electronic door of the priority security lane work?

You can apply for a QR code before your flight by visiting Once this is done, please proceed to the priority security checkpoint with your QR code in hand. You can scan your QR code from your mobile device. You can also email your QR code to yourself or print it out at home before you leave.

What do I do if I don't have a smartphone?

You can always request a QR code on this website and print your code before your flight.

Which cards are eligible for this benefit?

Eligible Cards: The Centurion Card®; The Platinum Card®; Corporate Platinum Card® from American Express; Business Platinum Card® from American Express; American Express® Aeroplan®* Reserve Card; American Express® Aeroplan®* Corporate Reserve Card; American Express® Aeroplan®* Business Reserve Card; American Express® Air Canada®* Card; American Express® AIR MILES®** Reserve Card.

Do QR codes expire?

Priority Security Lane QR codes do not expire, but can only be used once.

Can I give QR codes to my friends or family members who are not travelling with me?

Only travellers accompanying the eligible Cardmember may use these QR codes.

Do I need to present my American Express Card to access the priority security lane?

You do not need to present your Card to access the priority security lane; you only need your QR code.

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