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American Airlines : Summer 2024 Expansion and Booking Award flights

To the point American Airlines has provided a glimpse into its future plans, revealing anticipated additions to its long-haul international flight offerings. Positioned for a scheduled launch in the year 2024, these forthcoming expansions mark a significant development for the airline.

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American Airlines

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Being one of the leading flagship airlines in the United States, American Airlines holds a strong position in the aviation sector, connecting travelers from major American airport hubs like JFK, Miami, and Dallas to a wide array of both domestic and international destinations.

In the approaching summer of 2024, American Airlines has disclosed its plans to introduce five fresh summer seasonal transatlantic routes. Let’s explore these routes, see what the oneworld airline partner has to offer, and how to earn AAdvantage miles to travel with American Airlines.

American Airlines - Network

American Airlines maintains an extensive route network, offering passengers connections to a broad spectrum of destinations around the world. Key highlights of their network include:

  • Extensive Reach: American Airlines’ routes encompass a diverse mix of domestic and international locations.
  • Global Accessibility: Their network spans North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and other global regions, enhancing travel options for passengers.
  • Hub Significance: Notable airports such as Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Miami International Airport serve as central hubs for American Airlines, facilitating efficient travel connections.
  • Diverse Travel Choices: Travelers can choose from a wide range of flight options, providing greater flexibility and convenience when planning trips to various destinations worldwide.
American Airlines Network

American Airlines - Fleet

The American Airlines fleet encompasses a variety of aircraft used to operate their extensive network of routes and destinations. This fleet includes:

  • Narrow-Body Aircraft: Designed for shorter domestic routes, American Airlines employs aircraft like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 families.
  • Wide-Body Aircraft: Reserved for long-haul international and domestic flights, the airline utilizes planes such as the Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and Airbus A330.
  • Regional Aircraft: American Eagle, an American Airlines regional subsidiary, operates smaller regional jets such as the Embraer E175 and Bombardier CRJ.
  • Specialized Aircraft: In addition to standard models, American Airlines employs specialized aircraft like the Boeing 777-300ER for extended international journeys and the Airbus A321XLR for longer-range travel.

This diverse fleet enables American Airlines to efficiently serve a wide spectrum of flight routes, from short domestic to intercontinental trips.

American Airlines Fleet

American Airlines - 2024 Routes

American Airlines is set to introduce five new summer seasonal transatlantic routes in 2024, with the following launch dates and aircraft:

  • Starting May 6, 2024, American Airlines will operate daily flights from Philadelphia (PHL) to Nice (NCE) using Boeing 787-9 aircraft.
  • Commencing on June 5, 2024, American Airlines will offer daily flights from Philadelphia (PHL) to Naples (NAP) using Boeing 787-8 aircraft.
  • On June 5, 2024, American Airlines will commence daily flights from Dallas (DFW) to Barcelona (BCN) with Boeing 777-200 aircraft.
  • Starting June 5, 2024, American Airlines will operate daily flights from Chicago (ORD) to Venice (VCE) using Boeing 787-8 aircraft.
  • On June 6, 2024, American Airlines will begin daily flights from Philadelphia (PHL) to Copenhagen (CPH) utilizing Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

Redeeming via American Airlines AAdvantage

AAdvantage pic

AAdvantage, the primary loyalty program of American Airlines, aims to recognize and reward its dedicated passengers.

Through a variety of methods like flying, using affiliated credit cards, and participating in partner programs, members accrue miles that can be exchanged for flight rewards and upgrades. The program also features elite status levels with exclusive privileges, catering to frequent travelers.

Booking American Airlines flights is most advantageous through its AAdvantage frequent flyer program, which consistently provides the highest availability of award seats.

While it’s true that you may occasionally find lower redemption rates with programs like British Airways Avios or Qatar Airways Avios, the AAdvantage program still stands as the top preference for redemption due to its extensive availability and perks. In summary, for redeeming rewards on American Airlines, AAdvantage remains the top pick.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how you can utilize your AAdvantage miles when booking flights with American Airlines.

Search for your flights on www.aa.com

To use AAdvantage miles to book an American Airlines miles , you must log in to your AAdvantage account on the American Airlines website or via the Mobile App (iOS/Android)

AA Advantage Welcome page

Please note that American Airlines flights booked through the AAdvantage program are subject to dynamic pricing, which means that the number of miles required for redemption may vary based on factors such as demand, route, and availability.

Montreal, QC to Nice, France via PHL

Below is an example of using AAdvantage miles for an American Airlines flight between Montreal and Nice with a layover in Philadelphia

Class of Travel Cost in Miles  Taxes & Fees 
Economy 38,000 71,83$
Premium Economy 145,000 71,83$
Business Class 258,000 71,83$

Philadelphia, USA to Naples, Italy non-stop:

Below is an example of using AAdvantage miles for an American Airlines non-stop flight between Philadephia and Naples

Cost :

Class of Travel Cost in Miles  Taxes & Fees 
Economy 32,000 5.60$
Premium Economy 59,000 5.60$
Business Class 320,500 5.60$

Chicago to Venice, Italy non-stop

Below is an example of using AAdvantage miles for an American Airlines non-stop flight between Chicago and Venice, Italy:

Class of Travel Cost in Miles  Taxes & Fees 
Economy 30,000 5.60$
Premium Economy 130,000 5.60$
Business Class 400,000 5.60$

American AAdvantage on Hold Feature

American Airlines offers an exciting opportunity for travelers to secure their award reservations with a generous hold period of up to five days.

However, the availability of this feature is contingent upon the timing of your booking relative to your departure date.

  • 5 days: When you book 15 –331 days before departure
  • 1 day: When you book 1–14 days before departure
  • Up to 2 hours before departure: When you book within 24 hours of departure

Keep in mind, that certain special awards and awards that include certain airline partners may have shorter hold time.


Free Cancellation on Award Bookings

American Airlines AAdvantage members can take advantage of the convenience of free cancellations for award bookings, granting travelers flexibility and cost-saving benefits.

This valuable feature enables you to adjust your travel plans without facing cancellation fees, enhancing the overall appeal of the AAdvantage program.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to cancel your trip for up to 1 year after the ticket issue date, provided that the cancellation occurs before the departure of the first flight, offering an extended window of flexibility for your travel plans.

Earning American AAdvantage miles

The fastest way to earn American AAdvantage in Canada is to transfer points from another loyalty program. American AAdvantage is a transfer partner of the RBC Avion Rewards Program.

Avion Rewards Program 

You can transfer Avion Rewards points to American AAdavnatage at a ratio of 1,000 points = 750 American AAdavantage miles.

For accumulating American AAdvantage miles, the RBC Avion Visa Infinite stands out as the most favorable choice. With this card, you can earn a rate of 0.75 AA miles for every dollar spent on purchases.

Marriott Bonvoy 

The American Express Marriott Bonvoy credit cards allow you to accrue Marriott Bonvoy points, which provide you with the flexibility to transfer them to various airline miles, including American AAdvantage. However, it’s important to note that the transfer ratio is less favorable, with 3 Marriott Bonvoy points equaling = 1 airline mile.

It’s also worth noting that when you transfer 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points, you’ll earn 5,000 Bonus Miles. So, 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points = 25,000 American AAdvantage Miles. It’s best to transfer in increments of 60,000 points.

Below, you’ll find the American Express Mariott Bonvoy credit cards available in Canada:

Bottom Line

In summary, American Airlines has outlined its transatlantic expansion plans for the summer of 2024, featuring additional routes connecting Philadelphia to Copenhagen, Naples, and Nice. These destinations are conveniently reachable from Montreal through connecting flights in Philadelphia, providing an expanded array of transatlantic travel alternatives.

Additionally, travelers have the opportunity to benefit from attractive redemption options by transferring  either RBC Avion Rewards points or Marriott Bonvoy points to American Airlines AAdvantage program.

This post is also available in: FR

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