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moi Program: Analysis and strategy to earn more points

To the point In my experience and calculations since the beginning of 2023, it's possible to achieve a discount of up to 21.66% by building up a grocery program with base products that offer bonus points.
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How the moi program works

The Moi program allows you to earn points that can later be redeemed for dollars.

Basically, 125 Moi points = $1 off the bill. On a more practical level, it’s worth taking a look at our profitability.

moi points

As a reminder, here are the basics from my previous article on the tips and tricks of the Moi Program:

  • Match, plan and take advantage of opportunities with bonus points
  • All purchases must earn bonus points

Comparison with other banners

If you buy groceries at Metro with basic products that offer bonus points, a bill of around $175 will earn you 945 points. This represents :

  • A return of $7 (945 points divided by each 125 points)
  • Or 4% of earnings ($7 divided by $175 X 100) this week

The following example is based on a grocery store during the week of June 8 to 14, 2023.

Fruits and vegetables: Total $35.43 and 155 Moi points

  • Asparagus: $7.48 and 25 points
  • Green beans: $1.32 (200 g) and 15 points
  • Cauliflower: $4.99 and 25 points
  • Celeriac: $4.18 and 10 points
  • Carrots: $2.99 and 15 points
  • Blueberries: $4.99 and 25 points
  • Bag of grapefruits: $6.99 and 25 points
  • Honey mango: $2.49 and 15 points

Bakery: Total $19.78 and 100 Moi points

  • Tortillas Pom: $4.99 and 25 points
  • Bagel Sélection: $8.00 (for 2) and 40 points
  • Carré Première Moisson: $6.79 and 35 points

Starches : Total $4.88 and 25 Moi points

  • Ben’s Original Rice: $4.88 and 25 points

Household and personal products: Total $9.49 and 50 Moi points

  • Cashmere toilet paper: $9.49 and 50 points

Meat and fish: Total $51.43 and 145 Moi points

  • Beef tournedos: $19.12 (family size) and 45 points
  • Bacon Lafleur: $7.99 and 40 points
  • Exceldor whole chicken: $18.15 and 10 points
  • Cod fillet: $6.17 and 50 points

Dairy products and eggs: Total $30.85 and 155 Moi points

  • Selection eggs: $3.89 and 20 points
  • Natrel or Lactantia milk: $2.99 and 15 points
  • Ficello: $7.99 and 40 points
  • Castello cheese: $7.99 and 40 points
  • Yogourt Liberté: $7.99 and 40 points

Pantry: Total $9.87 and 60 Moi points

  • Irrésistibles Dijon mustard: $4.99 and 35 points
  • Club House Seasoning: $4.88 and 25 points

Beverage: Total $13.38 and 80 Moi points

  • Simply juice: $6.59 and 40 points
  • Café Maxwell House: $6.79 and 40 points

So, for this total bill of $175.11, the harvest is 945 Moi points:

  • 770 bonus points
  • 175 basis points ( 1 point = $1 purchase)

Being very assiduous with Moi points, these calculations carried out this week have enabled me to accumulate an average earnings of 5.22% over the last three months. Under the old Metro&moi program, Metro produced reward cheques every 3 months.

Since the beginning of the year, the exercise has resulted in an average discount of 21.66%, simply by focusing on bonus points offered in grocery stores. You can find out all the details on my Facebook group Les accros des points M (Moi Program).

moi programme

Comparison with other banners for the week of June 8 to 14, 2023

To gain some perspective on program performance, we need to carry out a similar exercise with the SAQ ‘s Inspire program and Provigo’s PC Optimum program.


By purchasing two bottles at the SAQ of :

  • 1 X White wine at $14.95 with 500 bonus points (South African wine: A.A. Badenhorst The Curator 2022)
  • 1 X $16.25 red wine with 500 bonus points (Spanish wine: Altolandon Mil Historias Garnacha Manchuela 2021)

The total Inspire points accumulated were 1,000 SAQ Inspire points, for a total of $31.20.

This gives a discount of 3.21%, since 1,000 points correspond to a $1 discount.

Provigo and PC Optimum

The only products offering bonus points at Provigo were yogurt, egg noodles, wine and feta cheese.

However, it was impossible to find bonus points in all the above categories as at Metro, such as dairy, starch, meat, fruit/vegetables, pantry and household products.

Products Amount PC Optimum points
Liberté Greek yogurt 6,49 $ 1 000
No Yolk egg noodles 2,79 $ 300
Acid League Vinegar $ 11.99 2 000
Nicolas Laloux Rosé 9,49 $ 1 000
Saputo Feta Cheese 25,49 $ 2 000
Total amount 56,25 $ 6 300
Percentage return
1000 points = $1
11,2 %

In this example, Provigo and its PC Optimum program offers a return of 11.2% ($6.30 in points divided by $56.25).

Increase the earnings

To achieve a high return with the Moi program, you obviously need to limit expenses and increase bonus points.

Super C offers good prices but unfortunately doesn’t give any base points. While Métro provides discount coupons in its application, they are rarely associated with products offering bonus points. There are sites like Websaver that allow you to reduce your bill with discount coupons for everyone.

You also need to leave yourself some leeway, i.e. buy the product when bonus points are offered, not when you feel you need it.

The Moi program has the advantage of offering points on products with our personalized coupons without specifying the required format. So there’s no need to buy a large format, which could unbalance the return on points in relation to expenses.

And finally, Metro events such as “Double your points” and “150 points for every $15 spent on fruits and vegetables”, combined with bonus points, encourage high returns and generous rewards in return.

Another trick is to use the Moi membership card and pair it with a credit card with a high grocery accumulation, to do a double dip !

For example, the American Express Cobalt® Card, accepted at Métro and Super C, gives you 5 points for every dollar spent on groceries (i.e. 5%).

On the cash back side, the CIBC Dividend® Visa Infinite* Card offers 4% cash back on your grocery spending.

Alternatively, with the moi co-branded credit card, the moi RBC Visa Credit Card, you can earn 2 points per dollar.

moi RBC Visa Credit Card

With the RBC Visa Card you can earn a welcome bonus of 3,000 points.

With this no-annual-fee RBC credit card, you can earn 2 points per dollar on:

  • qualifying purchases made at participating Metro, Première Moisson and Brunet stores in Quebec, and at participating Jean Coutu stores in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick by swiping your Moi card and paying with your moi RBC Visa credit card
  • dining, gas and EV charging purchases

And 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

Plus, save 3¢/L on gas at Petro-Canada and earn 20% more points when you pay with a linked RBC card

Bottom line

The analysis was limited to bonus points in grocery stores at regular price.

The weekly grocery store was limited to basics such as proteins, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, dairy products and pantry items. The analysis did not take into account Metro special events or personalized coupons.

To achieve a high Moi point discount, you need to combine points, plan ahead, stock up when bonus points are offered and adapt to the grocery store offer.

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