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Aeroplan Preferred Pricing Comparison

To the point Here's an analysis of Aeroplan's preferred pricing, to help you see how you can redeem fewer Aeroplan points when you buy a plane ticket.

Better pricing : Aeroplan points

Aeroplan Members with Aeroplan Elite status and Aeroplan credit card holders have something special: they get better prices in points for their flights!

As a result, these two groups sometimes benefit from prices in points that are even lower than the minimum price in points.

This preferred award flight rate applies to Air Canada flights only. Airline partners such as United Airlines, TAP Portugal, Swiss and others are not included in this special rate.

Here’s what makes it possible to book at a better price, with this famous preferential price.

Aeroplan Elite Status

Air Canada has 5 levels of Elite status, from the lowest to the “Holy Grail”:

  • 25K
  • 35K
  • 50K
  • 75K
  • Super Elite

Their privileges are numerous, to thank them for travelling with Air Canada and its partners:

  • Cut the queue when calling Air Canada and Aeroplan Customer Services
  • Free Preference seats for members and up to 8 travel companions on the same booking
  • Priority check-in and waiting at the airport
  • Free luggage
  • Priority security clearance
  • Air Canada Concierge Service
  • Free access to Maple Leaf, Star Alliance Gold and other lounges
  • Credits eUpgrades
  • Additional Aeroplan Points for flights and in the Aeroplan eStore
  • Complimentary in-flight beverage
  • Star Alliance recognition

Aeroplan Credit Card

Aeroplan credit card holders can earn a reward flight for fewer Aeroplan points.

In addition, depending on the Aeroplan credit card held, the Aeroplan credit card holder has some or many travel privileges, such as :

  • Free first checked bag, priority check-in, priority baggage handling and priority boarding (zone 2) for her and up to 8 people on the same reservation;
  • Same-day standby and upgrade at the airport ;
  • Each $5,000 or $10,000 of net purchases charged to the account gives 1,000 Status Qualification Miles (SQM) and a Status Qualification Segment (SQS);
  • Carry over up to 200,000 Status Qualification Miles to be used for status qualification the following year;
  • Free unlimited access to Maple Leaf and Air Canada Café lounges in Canada and the U.S. for the cardholder and one guest;
  • Carry forward up to 50 unused eUpgrades credits each year.

Examples of Aeroplan Award prices in points

Thanks to the help of the entire Milesopedia team, we were able to compare several prices obtained according to the different Aeroplan Elite statuses and Aeroplan credit cards of each individual.

The cost in Aeroplan points was raised during the same day in December 2023, for specific flights and dates, in the lowest fare classes in Economy (Eco), Economy Privilege (Priv) and Business Class (Biz):

  No status and no Aeroplan credit card With 25K status and without an Aeroplan credit card Without status and with an Aeroplan credit card With 35K+ status and an Aeroplan credit card

Montreal – Vancouver


November 8, 2024

Eco: 12,600

Priv: 19,700

Biz : 108 500

Eco: 12,600

Priv: 19,500

Biz : 103 400

Eco: 12,600

Private: 19,400

Biz : 102,000

Eco: 12,600

Priv : 17 900

Biz : 101 400

Montreal -Miami


December 3, 2024

Eco: 9,800

Priv : –

Biz : 38 400

Eco: 9,700

Priv : –

Biz : 37 300

Eco: 9,400

Priv : –

Biz : 35 300

Eco: 9,400

Priv : –

Biz : 34 900

Montreal – Tokyo


September 8, 2024

Eco: 45,100

Priv : 59,000

Biz : 294 300

Eco: 45,000

Priv: 58,600

Biz : 280 900

Eco: 44,300

Priv: 58,200

Biz : 280,000

Eco: 43,300

Priv : 57,200

Biz : 279,000

Montreal – Paris


August 2, 2024

Eco: 35,000

Priv : 80,000

Biz : 255,000

Eco: 35,000

Priv: 71,900

Biz : 240 900

Eco: 35,000

Priv: 66,400

Biz : 236 600

Eco: 34,500

Priv: 65,900

Biz : 236,100

Vancouver – Toronto


April 6, 2024

Eco: 7,900

Priv : 18 600

Biz : 24,100

Eco: 7,900

Priv: 18,100

Biz : 23 500

Eco: 7,800

Private: 18,000

Biz : 23 500

Eco: 7,800

Priv: 16,500

Biz : 22 900

  No status and no Aeroplan credit card With 25K status and without an Aeroplan credit card Without status and with an Aeroplan credit card With 35K+ status and an Aeroplan credit card

Bottom Line

With these examples, we have seen that :

  • The difference in points between those with nothing compared to those with 35K+ status with an Aeroplan credit card, located at the 2 ends of the table, is in :
      • Economy: between 0% and 4%.
      • Economy Privilege: Between 3% and 17.6 %
      • Business: Between 5% and 7.4%.
  • Regardless of the type of card held(base card like the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Platinum* Card, core card like the Aeroplan®* American Express® Card or premium card like the TDMD Visa Infinite Privilege* Card AéroplanMD), the pricing is the same;
  • From 35K status and higher with an Aeroplan credit card, the pricing is the same;
  • It’s better to have an Aeroplan credit card with no status than to have no card with status.

Thanks to every member of the Milesopedia team who took the time to research the flights!

What is the Aeroplan Preferred Pricing ?

Air Canada and Aeroplan thank their most loyal travellers:

They get better pricing in points for their flights! As a result, these 2 groups benefit from point costs that can be even lower than the minimum rate.

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