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Cheap Round-Trip Ticket to Europe in peak summertime for Less Than $50

To the point Discover our travel hacking strategy for a cheap round-trip ticket to Europe during peak summertime for less than $50. Book your dream vacation now!

Usually, to get the most out of our points, it is recommended to start early to find the best price and get the most choices. However, if you are a beginner in the travel hacking game and looking to escape this summer, it is not too late to book a cheap round-trip ticket to Europe in peak summertime for less than $50 with our strategy.

Finding the Cheapest Round-Trip Ticket to Europe

First, you must look for the most affordable entry point in Europe. You can use Google Flights’ ‘’Explore’’ feature to do so. Then, you can input your preferred departure city and flexible dates.

Google Flights will show an overview of the results, and you can spot the cheapest round-trip tickets to Europe, matching your search.

Finding the cheapest ticket to europe
Finding the cheapest ticket to europe

For example, we can see here that London is the cheapest gateway for a two-week trip to Europe in peak summertime, i.e., July-August. The round-trip fare is priced at $1,043 at the time of writing.

Cheapest airfare to europe
Cheapest airfare to europe

Using Travel Rewards to Fly to Europe Affordably

Then, you will need Travel Rewards to bring that to a cheap round-trip to Europe during this summer’s peak. The strategy we suggest is to sign up for both of these cards:

Indeed, with our exclusive offer, these credit cards come with the first-year free and up to 40,000 Aventura Points after spending $3,000 in the first four monthly statements. After you meet the requirements, the points are posted and available for use for your cheap round-trip ticket to Europe on the statement date.

Therefore, with both the CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa* Card and the CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite* Card, you can promptly earn 80,000 Aventura Points after a $6,000 minimum spend.

With the current CIBC Aventura promotion, those points have a value of $1,000. If you find it hard to spend that amount in a short period of time, consider buying gift cards that fit your needs. Indeed, purchase grocery, gas or Costco gift cards to cover your expenses in the next few months and to quickly unlock the points.

How to transfer and combine Aventura Points from one card to another?

Following our strategy to get a cheap round-trip ticket to Europe, you will earn Aventura Points on two cards.

Clients of the CIBC Rewards Program may “transfer” or move Aventura points earned from one eligible Aventura credit card account to another.

You can transfer Aventura points by calling the CIBC Rewards Centre at 1-888-232-5656 and selecting menu option #2. (Merchandise, Gift Cards and Other Rewards.)

Can I apply for both CIBC Aventura credit cards the same day?

Yes, you can apply for both CIBC Aventura credit cards on the same day: the CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite* Card and the CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa* Card.

However, please note that while your application for the first Aventura Credit Card will likely be approved immediately, the second application will likely require an appointment at a CIBC branch after you have applied.

Therefore, to avoid a trip to the branch, we recommend that you space out your applications by a minimum of 3 months at the same institution.

When you’ve earned those 80,000 Aventura Points, book your cheap round-trip ticket to Europe and redeem your points.

Your net cost will be less than $50 with your redemption and the cards offering an annual fee rebate for the first year. After getting to Europe affordably, you can use a low-cost carrier to go anywhere you want on the old continent.

Using aventura points for a cheap ticket to europe
Using aventura points for a cheap ticket to europe

Remember that you will gain more than 80,000 Aventura Points for your cheap round-trip ticket to Europe. In addition to the signup bonus, you also earn points on the purchases you need to charge to the card to unlock it. Indeed, you accumulate points as follows:

  • 2 points for every $1 spent on travel purchased through the CIBC Rewards Centre†
  • 1.5 points for every $1 spent at eligible gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores†
  • 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases†

Flexible and able to travel a bit before or after peak summertime? You can fly to Europe for free with our strategy in June or September, as tickets are under 1,000$.

Cheap airfare to europe before peak summertime

Bottom Line

In general, booking early will give you the best opportunity to fly without going broke, as airfare is getting higher and higher nowadays. However, as we demonstrated, the hope of finding a cheap round-trip ticket to Europe during peak summertime is not lost if you are starting now.

If you are a beginner and are only keen to sign-up for one new CIBC Aventura card, you will still be gaining enough points for a $500 discount on your plane ticket to Europe which is also worth considering.

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