Gite dans un arbre, au coeur de la nature

Canada: unusual accommodations in Quebec

To the point Discover our suggestions for unusual accommodations in Quebec, from tree houses and teepees to bubbles and yurts.

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Enjoy nature in Quebec

There’s so much to see and do in Quebec and the other Canadian provinces, you’ll never get bored! Especially when you love nature or are rediscovering it.

In this article, you’ll find unusual or unusual accommodation, in environments that invite you to relax.

A word of advice: book in advance. These accommodations are going like hotcakes. Some places are open in both summer and winter.

Ôacis, goutte d'eau dans les arbres

What is unusual accommodation?

These little roofs under our heads stand out for their originality. Hello tree houses, teepees, bubbles and yurts.

They are found in nature with sights, sounds and smells that soothe the soul. In a spirit of eco-responsibility and sustainable development, the owners have given priority to local, renewable and ecological materials. This is how unusual accommodation, often rustic, is defined.

Bulle chez Canopée-lit.

Parks Canada's accommodation offer in Quebec

The Parks Canada site offers the following accommodations in Quebec:

Ôasis A small gîte in the shape of a teardrop. Available :

  • At Forillon National Park
  • At Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

MicrOcube small one-room cube-shaped gîte with panoramic window. Available :

  • At Forillon National Park
Un couple dans la nature au coin du feu

Historical stay A stay in a period tent, fort, lodge or period house (lockmaster, lighthouse keeper, etc.). Available :

  • La Mauricie National Park
  • At Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

oTENTik hybrid between a tent and a chalet. Available :

  • At Forillon National Park
  • La Mauricie National Park
  • At Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve
  • Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site
Une famille dans la nature

An overview of the Parks Canada experience

Welcome to Quarry Island in the Mingan Archipelago. A nature reserve under the protection of Parks Canada, it is known for its large number of giant monoliths.

The only way to get there is by boat. We will leave our car at the Havre-St-Pierre terminal or at the Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan terminal.

oTENTiks are installed on the island. Each six-person tent is furnished, heated and lit.

In addition to our own bedding, we have to bring our own food and drinking water, which are non-existent on the island. In addition, you will need the “kitchen kit” which can be purchased inexpensively from the Parks Canada booth at the marina.

On Quarry Island, Parks Canada guides offer interpretive walks. Marked trails also allow us to discover the flora and fauna for ourselves.


Huts and spheres hanging from trees in Quebec

Whether on stilts or in the trees, ecotourism cabins can lull you to sleep for a few nights.

Among the sites to discover are :

All of them promise an unforgettable immersion in nature. Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean also adds the concept of suspended spheres.

Sphère suspendue

The experience definitely allows for intimacy in the cabin and a symbiosis with nature.

Depending on the site, kitchen equipment can be provided. In the case of the suspended sphere, we’ll need to bring our own cooler, if we can’t find a fridge. The drinking water point, ecological toilet and fire pit must be shared with other campers.


Several sites have opted for common areas with kitchen and toilet facilities. And of course, you bring your own food, bedding, towels and toiletries.

Cabane dans les arbres

A glimpse of the experience at Les Refuges Perchés

I chose the Refuges Perchés in Mont-Tremblant.

The six-person Refuge de la falaise #18 is ideal for those who are not afraid of heights. The place lives up to its name: it’s on the side of a cliff. You can get there by water. The cabin is only a few meters from the lake.

For an additional fee, we are provided with a canoe for the duration of our stay, but the slope is steep for carrying luggage up. If you choose the footpath, it’s a 20-minute walk. Luggage carts are lent to us.

However, if you prefer, there are cabins closer to lake level and the Reception Pavilion. For a family with small children, this would be preferable.

The cabin is well equipped: mattresses, kitchenette with sink, wood stove, propane stove, BBQ, coolers, etc. However, we pay for wood, ice, propane and battery rental for lighting or charging our cell phones. A dry toilet is located near each cabin. And for showers, a small convenience store, washer-dryer and wi-fi, head for the Reception Pavilion.

You can swim, fish, and rent canoes, pedal boats, kayaks or rabaskas on Lac Du Cordon. You can also walk on the 36 kilometers of trails. Plus, aren’t we in the Mont-Tremblant region, that great playground? There’s no shortage of activities!

Refuge de la Falaise: Refuges Perchés du Mont-Tremblant

Unusual cottages in Quebec

Many sites exist to rent cottages in Quebec, including MonsieurChalets which offers cottages with atypical, modern or minimalist architecture.

Monsieur Chalets-lepervier2

In addition to the classic chalets that can be booked, the accommodations offered by this Quebec-based company are also elegant. The choice is there. You’ll find retreats suitable for romantic couples, as well as larger bubbles designed to accommodate families in unique settings.

Monsieur Chalets – A Frame

Domes and bubbles in Quebec

Whether we are :

These spaces know how to charm us. This is where you can enjoy the stars and the forest thanks to the transparency of the cabin. It can be suspended, on stilts or on a platform. Completely transparent or one third glazed. Heated and/or pressurized. With or without electricity.

We even install them on the ice near the St-Gédéon islands in the Saguenay-Lac St-Jean region. They then become Igloft. Exclusive to Équinox Aventures.

An overview of the experience at Canopée-lit

I opted for the Canopée-lit offer in its double bubble called La Reboule.

These are two glued spheres, completely transparent in the heart of the forest. And because they are elevated, you can see everything without being seen. Perfect for a small family of four to sleep under the Milky Way.

Bedding and towels are provided, as is 110V electricity and a space heater.

The private bathroom is close to the bubble, with a dry toilet, shower and sink. They even provide the organic shower gel and shampoo.

For cooking, everything is available, including a barbecue at the reception.

During the day, you can hike five kilometers of trails, one of which is reserved for interpretation of the boreal forest.

Salle de bain Canopée-lit

Yurts and teepees in Quebec

Yurts and teepees are well developed in almost every region of Quebec. It is sought after by campers for its comfort.

While the yurt is the traditional tent used by nomadic peoples living in Central Asia, the teepee is the aboriginal version of the traditional First Nations habitat. The first is round, the second is conical.


Many places offer this experience, including the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec.

But also :

We’re in St-Philémon in the Chaudières-Appalaches region. The yurt, located on the banks of the Rivière du Milieu, is equipped with a fireplace and four single bunk beds with mattresses. A dry toilet is located nearby. The yurt is designed to accommodate four people (up to six).

Bordering the magnificent Bonaventure River on the Gaspé Peninsula, the yurts can accommodate up to four people.

If you fancy being rocked by calm waves on the St. Lawrence in Gaspésie, there’s the floating version of a yurt. Not too shabby.

Yourte Cime Aventures


In the heart of the Saint-Romain forest in the Eastern Townships, four wood-sheathed (rather than canvas) teepees await us at an ancient aboriginal camp. Two people can sleep on a perched bed and two more downstairs on a sofa bed. Kayaks are also available for hire.

Finally, I leave you with a Polynesian hybrid: the Bora-Bora hut on the Richelieu River.

A glimpse of the Toits du Monde experience

Les Toits du Monde is a favorite choice because of the sympathetic story of this engineering couple who left everything behind, almost a decade ago, to live their dream.

Little by little, they set up their unusual accommodations: Mongolian yurts, perched cabins, hobbit houses and native teepees in the Upper Laurentians, near Grand Lac Nominingue.

Great activities are possible: canoeing, paddle surfing, tubing in calm water on Rivière Rouge. Or if you prefer, white-water rafting.

Tente amérindienne

The teepee includes the following items:

  • Propane stove (propane supplied)
  • A wood-burning stove
  • Drinking water
  • A LED lamp for lighting (no electricity)

Eco-Lodges and Pods in Quebec


I assure you, I never thought that Quebec had so many unusual lodging offers. Impossible to list them all.

Winner of the “oscar” for forest ecogîtes, Entre Cimes et Racines is a fabulous site in the Eastern Townships. This way:

Finally, take a look at the Nichoirs Géants at Pointe-aux-Outardes.



At Le Diable Vert, pods – small, half-moon-shaped cabins – are set up on the ground. They are part of the sustainable tourism movement, since they’re built with local wood, ecological insulation materials and recycled metal for the roof.

Located in Sutton, Le Diable Vert owns nine of them. Pods can accommodate one or two people. Dogs allowed. Among the activities that stand out is Vélo-Volant, a beautiful 45-minute bike ride in the treetops.

Refuge Pod, Au Diable Vert .

Houseboats, lighthouses and coolboxes in Quebec


Did I tell you about houseboats, like the ones on the Gouin reservoir? They are real floating cottages that allow us to move around on the water, to fish and to land on beautiful beaches. They are very well equipped with electricity, showers and toilets.

Barrage Gouin Anouk


Did you know that of Quebec’s 43 lighthouses, you can spend the night in five of them?

Who sleeps at the Phare de l’île du Pot à l’eau-de-vie, in the heart of the St. Lawrence? Or in Pointe-des-Monts on the North Shore? Would you prefer to spend the night watching puffins in the lighthouse keeper’s house on Parrot Island? Why not stay in one of the nine rooms at the Phare de l’île verte in the Lower St. Lawrence? All right, you’re opting for the Gaspé Peninsula, it’s this way: Cap-Chat lighthouse.


A final reference given by a group member: the Quebec platform Vaolo, which highlights eco-responsible, community-based, unusual and often off-the-beaten-track tourist accommodations around the globe.


Coolboxes can also be found in the following locations:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to spend unusual nights of luxury in Charlevoix?

Dômes Charlevoix offer a five-star experience in the heart of nature. The geodesic domes are available all year round, and can accommodate up to four people.

Where to sleep in bubbles in Quebec?

You could try Canopée Lit ecotourism accommodations, located on the banks of the Saguenay Fjord, at L’Anse-de-Roche. The site offers three types of bubble, from two to four people.

What types of accommodation are available at Le Diable Vert in Sutton?

Le Diable Vert offers seven types of eco-friendly accommodation, including tree and pod shelters.

Where to book spa accommodation?

The Monsieur Chalets website offers unusual rentals with spas across Quebec.

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