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Review: Lufthansa A350 – Business Class (Ex-Philippines Airlines)

Departing Airport Montreal-Trudeau
Arrival Airport Munich
Flight Carrier Lufthansa
Flight Number LH475
Duration 7:15
Aircraft Airbus A350
Cabin Class Business Class
Cost 70,000 Aeroplan points
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To the point Here is my review of a transatlantic flight in Lufthansa Business Class aboard an Airbus A350 formerly of Philippines Airlines

Foreword and Booking

Since the end of April 2022, Lufthansa has deployed Airbus A350s configured differently from the rest of its fleet (read my review of Lufthansa’s A350 business class).

Typically, Lufthansa’s Airbus A350s are configured as 2-2-2 in business class. This means that people sitting on the window side do not have direct access to the aisle. This allows Lufthansa to have a dense cabin:

  • 48 seats in business class
  • 21 seats in premium economy
  • 224 seats in economy

This cabin is not up to the level of what Air Canada, Air France and Swiss offer on transatlantic flights:

Lufthansa A350 LH475 classe affaires 06
Lufthansa A350 LH475 classe affaires 10

But on the few newly deployed A350s, the configuration is 1-2-1: each passenger has access to the aisle and a much more comfortable individual space.

  • 30 seats in business class
  • 24 seats in premium economy
  • 241 seats in economy

This is the standard for business class travel.

As you can see, there are 18 fewer seats in business class, which allows Lufthansa to meet the “Leisure” demand, which is currently much higher than the “Business” demand.

Verbesserte Business Class 2
Lufthansa A350 31

Actually, four Airbus A350 have been acquired from Philippine Airlines. During the spring of 2022, they were positioned on flights from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver to Munich. I was able to take one of these flights with Audrey.

This Montreal-Munich-Nice flight costs 70,000 Aeroplan points and $128 in taxes in business class:

Montreal Munich Lufthansa Business Aeroplan

I used my TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Credit Card to take advantage of the insurance benefits and accelerated earning rate with Air Canada.

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Lufthansa Business Class - Boarding

From Montreal, when travelling in business class on a Star Alliance airline like Lufthansa, you can access Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge.

However, before this flight, I preferred to go to the Air France Lounge which was much less crowded (and it was located closer to the boarding gate).

Salon Air France Montreal YUL-02

To access the Air France Lounge with Audrey, I used my Business Platinum Card® from American Express (unlimited access for the Cardmember and one guest).

At boarding time, many passengers were present at the gate, a sign that the transatlantic flight activity has resumed! The Airbus A350 for this flight is named “Munich.”

Lufthansa A350 02

Lufthansa Business Class - The A350 Cabin

Upon entering the aircraft, we find a cabin already well filled. What strikes me immediately is a sense of space thanks to the lack of luggage storage bins above the center seats.

Lufthansa A350 24
Lufthansa A350 35

Here is a picture of the empty cabin (provided by Lufthansa):

Verbesserte Business Class 4

Lufthansa Business Class - Business Class Seat

If you are travelling alone, I obviously recommend a window seat. Choose the odd-numbered seats to be more isolated from the aisle.

Lufthansa A350 23
Lufthansa A350 31
Lufthansa A350 42

When travelling as a couple or a family, the central seats are ideal.

Lufthansa A350 35

And you will benefit from a generous “height under ceiling” with the absence of luggage bins:

Lufthansa A350 30

Of the two passengers, one will be more exposed to the aisle as you can see on these three photos (even/odd rows):

Lufthansa A350 08
Lufthansa A350 34
Lufthansa A350 22

The seat offered by Lufthansa on this A350 is comfortable. All electrical settings are available, as well as a firmness adjustment function.

This is the Vantage XL seat from Thompson Aero. This is obviously a flat bed seat.

Lufthansa A350 07
Lufthansa A350 46

A large storage area is offered with all the controls for the seat and TV. As well as an outlet for your electrical accessories.

Lufthansa A350 28
Lufthansa A350 38
Lufthansa A350 44
Lufthansa A350 49

Here’s an overview of the available legroom when sitted:

Lufthansa A350 21

And in the lying position:

Lufthansa A350 36

Unlike other Lufthansa configurations (and Air Canada on its A330s), I found the space to be quite large, allowing me to sleep on my side (something almost impossible on Air Canada).

As for the entertainment screen, it is touch-sensitive, with a suitable format but with a glass that reflects a lot:

Lufthansa A350 32

It is possible to use the remote control or even synchronize your smartphone to control the screen.

Lufthansa A350 04

A welcome kit (or rather a “collectible” bag) and a bottle of water are distributed. This bag will be reused to get the bread!

Lufthansa A350 43
Lufthansa A350 51

There are the bare necessities inside.

Lufthansa A350 39

The menu is also delivered:

Montreal Munich Lufthansa Business Aeroplan Menu

Lufthansa Business Class - In Flight

Shortly after take-off, champagne and hot cashews are served.

Lufthansa A350 41

For the meal, I chose:

  • Eggplant parmigiana, marinated artichokes, bocconcini with cheese
  • Snapper fish fillet, maple and cranberry teriyaki sauce, steamed bok choy, carrot, cherry tomato, topped with sesame rice.
  • Chocolate truffle cake
Lufthansa A350 03
Lufthansa A350 52

The meal was good without being excellent. As for the service, the crew was visibly rushed (to the point of spilling my entire glass of water on me/my seat). 🙁

Small tour by the toilets to brush the teeth:

Lufthansa A350 45

I’ve seen bigger bathrooms in business class. And I think the baby changing table is pretty small (thankfully I’m past that stage) 🙂

Lufthansa A350 05
Lufthansa A350 47

After answering a few emails and messages on the facebook group (thanks to the free Boingo Wi-Fi earned with the HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®), I head to my bed, about 5 hours from landing!

Lufthansa A350 33

After a 4 hour of semi-deep sleep (somewhat hampered by the surgical mask), I wake up to have breakfast as we finish our Atlantic crossing.

Lufthansa A350 13

I chose the continental formula with Blini Bread with cream cheese, salmon and capers for breakfast.

Lufthansa A350 09

We arrived in Munich with a 20-minute delay.

Bottom line

If you can choose your plane to cross the Atlantic in business class on Lufthansa: without hesitation, I advise you to select this A350. The 1-2-1 configuration allows for more comfortable seating and a less crowded cabin.

If you can’t avoid the 2-2-2 configuration, try to travel on Air Canada or Swiss, for example.

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