The Best Online Business Banks in 2024: Review and Comparison

To the point Looking for the best bank for your business? The editorial team gives its review of the best online banks for micro-entrepreneurs, sole traders, and the self-employed.

In an ever-changing financial landscape, choosing the best online bank for your business is crucial to your professional growth and success. And in 2024, there are so many options, each offering its own tools and advantages.

In this comparison of France’s best business banks and accounts, we explore the most promising solutions on the market, highlighting the distinctive strengths and services of the various neobanks. Our favorites? Revolut Business, BoursoBank, Qonto, Finom, Bunq Business and American Express Business, each offering unique features to meet the varied needs of today’s micro-entrepreneurs and businesses.

For micro-entrepreneurs and sole traders, opening a business account is not mandatory, unless your sales exceed 10,000 euros per year. However, it is recommended to open one, to benefit from their many services.

Best Business Accounts and Banks - Comparison

We have identified six fintechs among the best financial institutions in France dedicated to micro-entrepreneurs:

Whichever financial institution you choose, the fintechs selected in this ranking offer, in our opinion, a modern banking experience, practical financial services, business-friendly features and impeccable customer service.

Of course, rates differ – as do the benefits – so it’s best to look at your needs and choose the offer that’s right for your business.

Here’s what France’s top pro banks have to offer:

Business Banks Rates for freelancers Corporate rates Welcome bonus
Revolut Business Between €0 and €19/month Between €0 and €79/month
Bourso Pro (BoursoBank) €9/month €9/month Up to 80 euros free
Qonto Between €9 and €39/month Between €29 and €399/month
Finom Between €0 and €119/month Between €14 and €119/month
Bunq Between €0 and €22.99/month Between €0 and €22.99/month
American Express Between €4 and €55/month Between €4 and €55/month Up to 150 euros reimbursed

Neobanks offer a host of distinct advantages that traditional banks do not. What’s included? Intuitive mobile applications, dedicated advisors, saving products and financing solutions, and generally low or no income requirements. All you need to do to open a business account is provide proof of registration.

  Revolut Business BoursoBank Qonto Finom Bunq Business American Express Business
Physical and virtual cards Up to 3 physical cards and 200 virtual cards per user (unlimited number of users). 1 physical and virtual card Between 1 and 30 physical cards, depending on the offer chosen. Unlimited virtual cards. Between 1 and 10 physical and virtual cards, depending on the offer chosen. Between 1 and 3 physical cards and 1 and 25 virtual cards, depending on the offer chosen. Up to 99 physical cards, depending on the offer chosen.
IBAN French French French French French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. French
Expense Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sub-accounts Yes Yes
Multi-currency accounts Yes
Insurance Yes Yes Only with the highest offer. Yes
Cashback Between 3 and 4% Between 1 and 2% Cashback in the form of Membership Rewards points, or Amazon Rewards and Flying Blue Miles.
Cheque deposit Yes Yes
Savings accounts At 2.5% interest At 1.56% interest
Concierge service Yes
Access to airport lounges Yes
Hotel privileges Yes

Best Business Banks - Advantages

Best Business Bank - Revolut Business

Revolut Business is a neobank offering an innovative banking solution for professionals and self-employed entrepreneurs. Featuring multi-currency accounts and an intuitive application, this platform simplifies financial management for companies operating in the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

What do we like? Multi-currency accounts that allow you to receive money from different customers around the world, and no account maintenance fees.

Multi-Currency Account

In our Review, one of the biggest advantages of Revolut Business accounts is that they allow you to combine different currencies. They allow you to receive, hold and exchange funds in over 25 currencies worldwide, with no hidden fees, and to create as many sub-accounts in each currency as you need to manage your business.

Depending on the package chosen, business account holders – whether corporate or freelance – can also send and receive international payments in several currencies free of charge, and are entitled to free foreign exchange transactions.

Unlimited Number of Users

Revolut Business accounts have no limit on the number of users. You can invite as many colleagues as you like.

European IBAN

Revolut Business accounts are linked to a European IBAN, making it easy to carry out transactions in Europe and abroad. You can automate your tax and contribution payments to European public institutions.

Accounting Management

Each owner can define the financial management rules that best suit his or her business, with important billing tools. This includes the ability to set daily, weekly, category or national expense limits, as well as linking staff costs to the overall budget.

Receipts and expense reports can be automatically categorized and linked to card transactions as soon as they are entered into the application.

Quick and Easy Opening of Accounts

If you have all the necessary information, opening a business account with Revolut Business is done completely online and takes less than 10 minutes.

Best Business Bank - Qonto

The Qonto online bank is one of France’s leading business banks. It offers up to 24 sub-accounts and a variety of physical and virtual cards, an extensive range of insurance benefits for X Métal cardholders, and a host of advanced accounting tools. Here too, rapid online opening in under 15 minutes makes for a smooth user experience, far more pleasant than with a traditional bank.

What do we like? A wide range of additional insurance and cheque-cashing services.

European IBAN

Qonto ‘s professional accounts are linked to a French IBAN, facilitating transactions in Europe and abroad. You can automate your tax and contribution payments to European public institutions.

Sub-Accounts and Physical and Virtual Cards

Qonto offers up to 24 sub-accounts and a range of physical and virtual cards to help you manage your business expenses efficiently. Each sub-account has its own IBAN, offering greater flexibility for payment transactions.

Need more physical cards? Qonto gives you the option of buying more, for an additional fee of five euros per month per card. Each additional virtual card costs an extra two euros per month.

Extensive Range of Insurance Products

Depending on the card chosen, Qonto ‘s business accounts offer a number of insurances that travellers in particular will appreciate. In our Review, the insurance offered by Qonto ‘s X Metal card is among the best on the market.

Flight Cancellation €5,000 /year
Plane and train delays €800 per claim €800 per claim
Baggage delays €800 per claim €800 per claim
Lost, stolen or damaged luggage €1,000 per claim €1,000 per claim
Property damage to a rental vehicle €5,000 /year
Medical expenses abroad €155,000 /year €155,000 /year
Assistance and repatriation Yes Yes
Costs of visiting a relative in the event of hospitalization €3,250 /year €3,250 /year
Purchase protection €2,500 /year €2,500 /year
Fraudulent use of card €1,500/year €3,000 /year €3,000 /year
Phishing (payment on a fraudulent site) €1,000 /year €1,000 /year

Cheque Deposit

Depending on the type of account you choose, Qonto offers cheque cashing included or for an additional fee, making it easy to manage cheque payments. A maximum of 30,000 euros in cheques can be deposited per month.

Accounting Management

Holders of the higher packages – Smart, Premium, Business and Enterprise professional accounts – have access to a range of tools designed to facilitate accounting management. Depending on the package you select, you can attach payment receipts to the corresponding transactions, manage invoices and expense reports, and automate VAT calculations – all in the blink of an eye.

Quick and Easy Opening of Accounts

Opening a business account with Qonto Online Banking is entirely online, and can be done in less than 15 minutes if you have all the necessary information with you.

Best Business Bank - Finom

Finom may be one of the youngest players in the French financial sector, but it is nonetheless one of France’s top business banks. It offers a free account with no transaction fees, ideal for micro-entrepreneurs.

What do we like? Cashback system and no account maintenance fees.


European IBAN

Finom ‘s professional accounts are linked to a French IBAN, facilitating transactions in Europe and abroad. You can automate your tax and contribution payments to European public institutions. The IBAN is obtained within just 72 hours of opening an account.

Sub-Accounts and Physical and Virtual Cards

Finom offers all its cardholders a Mastercard as well as a virtual card, which can be connected to your smartphone via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Limits are customizable to give you greater control over spending, and cards can be frozen or blocked in the blink of an eye via your smartphone or computer.

Depending on the subscription chosen, you can make between 5 and 20 monthly withdrawals.


Finom offers an important advantage that neither Qonto nor Revolut Business do: cashback. The Dutch start-up rewards its customers with cashback on most of their transactions when they use Finom physical and virtual cards.

Depending on the type of subscription, cashback ranges from 15 to 100 euros per month. Beyond this amount, cashback will not be accumulated. On the other hand, there are a few transactions for which you won’t be rewarded, such as withdrawals and transfers between accounts.

Start 2 % €15
Premium 3 % €30
Corporate 3 % €100

Integrated Billing

Invoice management is simplified for all Finom account holders. In fact, the youthful fintech offers its users the possibility of creating and sending invoices in under a minute, particularly in :

  • speeding up configuration thanks to automatic field filling;
  • invoice your regular customers using fully customizable templates;
  • allowing you to send your invoices in a single click by e-mail or courier.

Invoicing is also packed with useful features, such as the ability to make PayPal payments via a link or QR code, invoice translation into English, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Polish and Spanish, and multi-currency invoicing.

Accounting Management

The Solo offer does not allow you to customize invoice templates, but Start, Premium and Corporate accounts do. They also enable the integration of accounting software, an expense management solution, document storage in the cloud, and the recording and uploading of receipts.

Finom also offers comprehensive transaction logs with history, real-time customizable notifications, and search engines with filters and sorting. In our opinion, this is one of Finom‘s most attractive business options.

Quick and Easy Opening of Accounts

Opening a business account with Finom is entirely online and can be done in less than 15 minutes if you have all the necessary information.

BoursoBank, ex-Boursorama - Bourso Pro

BoursoBank, the Société Générale Group’s online bank, offers one of the best professional accounts for businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs: Bourso Pro. It offers a number of useful services, such as overdraft facilities and cheque cashing.

What do we like? The business savings account and the possibility of obtaining a terminal to cash in with a bank card.

Cheque Deposit

Depending on the type of account chosen, Bourso Pro offers cheque cashing. Cheque remittances are credited to your account within a maximum of three days from receipt of the cheque remittance by BoursoBank, subject to collection.

Depending on the package chosen, business account holders – whether corporate or freelance – can also send and receive international payments in several currencies free of charge, and are entitled to free foreign exchange transactions.

Business Savings Account

BoursoBank ‘s business savings account is a simple, easy-to-use savings account for professionals, which can be opened and managed 100% online. Its rate of return is 2.50% gross annually on the capital deposit, whatever the duration and amount of your investment, and it has no ceiling.

Bourso Pro also offers free consumer credit by appointment.

Range of Insurance

Bourso Protect Pro is included in the online bank’s offer at no extra cost. This covers holders for :

  • lost or stolen BoursoBank professional payment instruments, in the event of fraudulent payments or withdrawals made with bank cards and cheques.
  • lost or stolen documents, such as identity papers, driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates.
  • lost or stolen keys and locks for premises, safes and business vehicles.
  • stolen business mobiles and portable devices less than 3 years old, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, etc.
  • identity theft.

Payment by Credit Card

For 19 euros plus VAT and a fee of 1.75% per Visa and Mastercard transaction, Bourso Pro can equip you with the M-Pos mobile terminal from Zettle by PayPal. This enables you to collect payments from your customers via a Bluetooth connection with your cell phone, for ultra-fast, contactless payments.

Accounting Management

Like all other online banks, BoursoBank simplifies accounting management. Thanks to the free retrieval, filing, and storage of invoices and important documents in a professional safe.

Quick and Easy Opening of Accounts

Opening business account with BoursoBank is entirely online, and can be done in less than 10 minutes if you have all the necessary information on hand.

To open a business account with BoursoBank, you must have a BoursoBank account for individuals.

Bunq Business

bunq, one of the best business banks in France, offers a banking experience with no account maintenance fees, sub-accounts and a variety of European IBANs. Its savings accounts offer up to 1.56% interest, and its business accounts helps you plant trees. With features such as cashback and automated accounting, bunq simplifies business finances.

What do we like? The possibility of having sub-accounts with different European IBANs and no account management fees.


Saving Accounts and Budget Features

The savings accounts offered by bunq earn up to 1.56% interest, paid weekly. Although the sum of these is not very high(Distingo and Cashbee offer more profittable savings), they remain competitive as they offer interest rates of 3.71% for English and American currencies. If you receive salaries in any of these currencies, saving with bunq comes with great incentive.

Green Accounts

Similar to Helios retail bankall accounts with bunq allow the environmental impact of spending to be tracked, and offer solutions for offsetting CO2 emissions as customers make purchases, in addition to the option of choosing to finance only environmentally-friendly companies. Easy Green accounts go even further, offering holders the chance to plant a tree for every 100 euros spent.

Local Sub-Accounts and IBANs

The Easy Money and Easy Green accounts allow you to add different sub-accounts, with different European IBANs. The following IBANs are available:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • France
  • Italian
  • Dutch


Similar to the Amazon Business American Express and Amazon Business Prime American Express cards, bunq accounts offer cash back.

  • 1% cashback on spending in bars and restaurants: Easy Green and Easy Money accounts
  • 2% cashback on public transport journeys: Easy Green accounts

Purchase Protection

Thanks to the insurance policy offered by Companjon in collaboration with bunq, metal cardholders who subscribe to the Easy Green offer benefit from purchase protection and an extended warranty on their purchases.

Accounting Management

To simplify invoice processing, bunq enables Easy Money and Easy Green account holders to scan their invoices and have the data automatically entered.

bunq also enables Easy Money and Easy Green account holders to automatically calculate VAT and transfer it to a different account, simplifying financial record-keeping.

American Express Business

American Express is one of the top business banks. There are a total of eight American Express Business Cards. Three of these were created in collaboration with Air France and KLM to reward frequent travelers, while two were created in partnership with Amazon to reward people who make frequent purchases on the online platform.

What do we like? The possibility of earning points in the Membership Rewards program or Miles in the Flying Blue program.

Accumulation of Membership Rewards Points, Flying Blue Miles or Amazon Rewards Points

With classic American Express cards, you can earn 1 Membership Rewards point for every €1 spent. With Air France KLM American Express cards, you can earn up to 20 Flying Blue Miles for every 10 euros spent. Finally, with cards created in collaboration with Amazon, it is possible to earn up to 1% Amazon Rewards points for every expense.

Travel Insurance

Insurance coverage varies according to the card chosen. But among the offers from France’s top business banks, it’s the American Express Platinum Business Card that offers the most favorable insurance on the market:

  • Purchase protection cover for property damage, up to 2,500 euros per claim.
  • Fraud guarantee to cover your card account and credit amounts debited without your knowledge, including internet purchases.
  • Trip cancellation and postponement insurance to reimburse cancellation costs, up to a maximum of 10,000 euros per insured person.
  • Travel incident cover to reimburse hotel and restaurant expenses in the event of flight delays or missed connections, up to 200 euros per insured person.
  • Medical assistance and medical expenses to cover medical expenses abroad, up to 2,000,000 euros per insured person.
  • Rental vehicle guarantee for coverage in the event of theft or damage to the rented vehicle, up to 100% of the rental costs.
  • Third-party liability insurance for coverage of up to 750,000 euros in the event of bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident.

Concierge Service

American Express Business Platinum cardholders are entitled to an exclusive concierge service. Whether you want to surprise your customers or reward your employees, the American Express concierge service is there for you. They can also arrange for flowers or champagne to be delivered for special occasions, or help you secure the best seats and give you sound advice.

Priority Pass

The Priority Pass card – worth over 400 euros per year – is included in the American Express Business Platinum card rate. It provides free, unlimited access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide.

Additional Hotel Privileges

The American Express Business Platinum card also offers numerous advantages at a wide selection of prestigious hotels, such as preferential rates, complimentary breakfasts, early check-in, late check-out and upgrades.

Accounting Management

American Express cards offer optimum management of business expenses. With online management tools, they clearly separate business and personal expenses. The detailed statement is easily accessible, and the spending history is kept for 10 years, free of charge.

They also dispense with the need for expense claims, by equipping your employees with cards in their own name, debited directly from the company account. The American Express Business Platinum card comes with an additional Business Platinum employee card, as well as 98 Business Gold cards. The points collected by your colleagues are added to your own, helping you to accumulate points more quickly.

Best Business Banks - Conclusion

Today’s financial landscape offers a variety of options for professionals looking for the best business bank. Forget traditional banks such as BNP Paribas and Crédit Agricole. To open a business account, it’s best to turn to an online bank.

Of course, before finding the best online business bank, you need to know whether or not this is a legal requirement. Depending on your legal status, you may or may not be required to open a business bank account.

Best Business Banks - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cheapest bank for professionals and self-employed entrepreneurs?

For professionals and self-employed entrepreneurs, the cheapest bank depends on the specific needs and services required. However, among the best business banks, Revolut Business offers competitive rates, with monthly fees ranging from €0 to €19, providing flexibility depending on the level of service required.

What's the best bank for businesses in France?

There’s no single answer to this question, because the best business bank for a company in France depends on its particular needs, size and activity. However, among the most highly recommended options are Revolut Business, BoursoBank, Qonto, Finom, bunq and American Express Business, each of which offers unique features tailored to modern businesses.

Which is the best online pro bank?

Among the best professional online banks in France, Revolut Business, BoursoBank, Qonto, Finom and bunq stand out. They offer features such as multi-currency accounts, expense management, insurance, and competitive rates tailored to the needs of professionals.

Which is the best traditional business bank?

Traditional banks such as BNP Paribas and Crédit Agricole are not considered the best pro banks, due to higher fees and services that are less adapted to the needs of modern businesses. Online banks such as Revolut Business, BoursoBank and Qonto generally offer more tailored and innovative solutions for professionals.

How do you choose your bank as a professional?

To choose your bank as a professional, it’s essential to assess your own needs. We recommend that you compare the various offers available on the market and choose banks that offer solutions tailored to your company’s needs, with transparent rates and easy-to-use services.

Is there a free business bank?

Some of the best online business banks offer free or low-cost deals for professionals, including Revolut Business, which offers rates ranging from €0 to €19 per month depending on the level of service chosen.

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