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Review: All Nippon Airways B787 Business Class

Flight Carrier All Nippon Airways
Departing Airport Aéroport Changi de Singapour
Arrival Airport Tokyo Narita
Flight Number NH804
Duration 7:00
Aircraft Boeing 787
Cabin Class Business Class
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Aéroport Changi de Singapour
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To the point This is what a business class flight looks like onboard a Boeing 787 of the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways, obtained thanks to Aeroplan miles!

Boarding on All Nippon Airways

This review is part of our series of articles on our one-week mini-RTW thanks to Aeroplan Miles.

After having dinner in Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris lounge, here we are aboard this Boeing 787 Dreamliner from All Nippon Airways (ANA).

This flight will take place at night between Singapore and Tokyo and will last approximately 7 hours. We head to the bottom of the business class cabin to find our seats on the window side.

ANA Business Class 787 06
ANA - 787 - Business Class

Some seats – like mine above – are more private because they are glued to the windows.

While other seats will be more exposed by overlooking the corridor, like this one:

ANA Business Class 787 05
ANA - 787 - Business Class

Middle seats are more suitable for people travelling with couples or friends, but it will still be challenging to talk to each other. For a night flight, we preferred solitary chairs.

ANA Business Class 787 04
ANA - 787 - Business Class

The seat

This is, of course, a seat used as a 180-degree bed (note that ANA provides a mattress pad as well as a pillow):

ANA Business Class 787 14
ANA - 787 - Business Class
ANA Business Class 787 15
ANA - 787 - Business Class

There are few storage spaces for computer, phone, headphones. Note this hanger for the helmet, as well as the electrical sockets at your disposal.

ANA Business Class 787 13
ANA - 787 - Business Class
ANA Business Class 787 12
ANA - 787 - Business Class

You can see my “stock” of equipment in this photo:

ANA Business Class 787 10
ANA - 787 - Business Class

The multimedia screen is significant as you can judge with my “coaster test milesopedia.”

ANA Business Class 787 16
ANA - 787 - Business Class

The welcome kit is standard. We appreciate the headphones provided.

ANA Business Class 787 11
ANA - 787 - Business Class

On-board service

During boarding, we will be served a welcome drink, as well as a warm towel.

ANA Business Class 787 20
ANA - 787 - Business Class

A menu will be offered, the dishes of which will be served 45 minutes before landing.

Finally, an airline that encourages you to make the most of your night’s sleep rather than doing a service 1 hour after take-off! It’s VERY appreciated!

ANA Business Class 787 18
ANA - 787 - Business Class
ANA Business Class 787 19
ANA - 787 - Business Class

Shortly after take-off, I choose to go to bed with about 6 hours left on the flight.

ANA Business Class 787 21
ANA - 787 - Business Class

After four good hours of deep sleep – the two glasses of wine had helped – I wake up and start “playing” with the windows of this Dreamliner (whose opacity is variable through a button).

ANA Business Class 787 23
ANA - 787 - Business Class
ANA Business Class 787 24
ANA - 787 - Business Class

In fact, the crew will decide to automatically illuminate the cabin through daylight from the windows.

ANA Business Class 787 25
ANA - 787 - Business Class

The meal begins to be served by flight attendants – who are EXTREMELY service-oriented.

ANA Business Class 787 26
ANA - 787 - Business Class

When I travel to a foreign company, I always choose the “country” selection, rather than the Western selection (“Chicken or Pasta”).

Here’s a look at my meal tray:

ANA Business Class 787 27

Here are the dishes:

  • Steamed scallop with apple vinegar sauce
  • Simmered burdock root rolled with conger eel
  • Grilled chicken pâté with poppy seeds
  • Ground Cherry
  • Simmered chicken in soy-based sauce
  • Steamed Rice
  • Miso soup and Japanese pickles
  • Fruit

In detail, for the pleasure of the eyes:

ANA Business Class 787 28
Ana Business Class
Ana Business Class
Ana Business Class
Ana Business Class
Ana Business Class

Everything was delicious, and allowed us to prepare for the Japanese food we were going to enjoy for the next 24 hours!

No transition: just before landing, head to the toilet for brushing of teeth. Note the bidet feature offered by ANA!

Ana Business Class
Ana Business Class


We particularly enjoyed this flight, and in particular, the extraordinary service of the ANA flight attendants (which is also recognized by this company).

If you are travelling to Japan, I strongly encourage you to test this airline!

Ana Business Class

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