Bonus Boom AIR MILES

AIR MILES Bonus Boom from February 10 to 23, 2022

To the point For the new bonus Boom event, from February 10 to February 23, 2022, get more AIR MILES bonus miles.


As part of this new AIR MILES Bonus Boom event, you get a boost of Bonus Miles on your everyday purchases in-store and online at participating partners.

Bonus Boom

You can earn up to 300bonus miles by using up to 7 different AIR MILES Bonus Boom offers.

  • Get 100 bonus miles by taking advantage of 3 different offers
  • Get 200 bonus miles with5 different offers
  • or Get 300 bonus miles with 7 different offers

To take advantage of the offer, you may need to register on the promotion website or show a code at checkout. Many offers are available at IGA,, Jean Coutu, Shell, Cook it and many other AIR MILES partners.

Also, you have to make different offers, which means that you can make several different offers at the same AIR MILES partner, if you want.

Jean Coutu Crazy Miles Offers

Here’s an offer specific to American Express AIR MILES credit card holders:

Please note that groceries can be purchased from any supermarket (that accepts American Express). It does not have to be an AIR MILES partner.

This leads us to believe that the payment of AIR MILES miles from the last Bonus Boom Boost promotion will be made shortly. If the last few years are any indication, bonuses are always paid around Valentine’s Day.

Don't miss these offers !

In addition, if you are logged into your AIR MILES account, a special offer applies to you.

In my profile, the offer is to spend $100 with any BMO AIR MILES card at participating partners. The bonus is 75 bonus miles.

In fact, as a BMO partner, milesopedia offers several exclusive AIR MILES credit card deals:

Here are the details:

AIR MILES credit cards

Do you know that there are more than ten AIR MILES credit cards issued by American Express and BMO? It’s a great way to get more Bonus Miles thanks to the credit card welcome offers!

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