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An NBC Credit Card To Support The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

To the point Earn a $150 cash back with the National Bank Allure Card and support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation!
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This offer expires on June 30, 2021. Don’t miss it!

An NBC Credit Card to Support the Cause

Did you know that there is a unique credit card in Canada: the NBC Allure Mastercard?

Each purchase made with this credit card supports the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s activities while earning cash back.

To date, all purchases made by credit card holders in Canada have contributed $6 million to the Foundation!

And milesopedia.com is joining this cause by committing to promote the NBC Allure Mastercard through its networks, as well as the Foundation’s actions.

Exclusive Offer NBC Allure

Exclusive welcome offer for milesopedia readers

Support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s cause by becoming an NBC Allure Mastercard credit cardholder with this exclusive offer!

For a limited time, National Bank is running an exclusive offer for milesopedia readers: $150 cash back after $1,500 in Card purchases during the first three months for this no-fee credit card. That’s a 10% return on your first $1,500 in purchases!

Card rewards

For every $2 in purchases charged to your NBC Allure Mastercard account, you earn 1 point. Once a year, in January, you earn a $10 cash back for every 1,000 points you’ve earned.

For example, with $1,000/month charged to your card, you could receive up to 6,000 points per year, a value of $60. You can even redeem your points for a donation to the Foundation.

Allure Breast Cancer Foundation Card

Of course, there is cash back credit cards that will offer you more. But that’s not the point!

Actually, since November 2019, for every $10 you spend with your card, the National Bank of Canada donates 10 cents to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation! It can be as much as $750,000 per year for all cardholders!

For example, if you charge $1,000/month to your card, National Bank will donate $10/month to the foundation, or $120/year.

The NBC Allure Mastercard has no annual fee, so you can keep it year after year, knowing that every dollar you spend will support a good cause!

For example, you could buy some items requiring extended warranty or purchase insurance such as appliances.

With the NBC Allure Mastercard, you benefit from an extended warranty (up to 1 additional year) as well as purchase insurance against theft or damage for 90 days following the date of purchase.

Milesopedia's commitment

Milesopedia.com is a partner of the National Bank of Canada to promote its credit cards and chequing accounts.

We are committed to actively supporting the promotion of the NBC Allure Mastercard through our networks. And we will also take action to support this Cause throughout the year.

I’ll tell you below why this cause is so close to my heart, as a son, spouse and father to the 3 closest “women” in my life!

daisy enfant avion

Support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

Over the past 20 years, my mother has had several breast cancers, fortunately, diagnosed in time thanks to the Antoine Lacassagne Centre in Nice, France.

She went through all the difficult stages such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and all their consequences (hair loss, eating disorders, nausea, mood swings, fatigue, etc.).

If, after all these ordeals, she is fortunately still with us, it is thanks to the progress that Research has made to fight against this disease (and also her tenacity)!

semaine – mtm-route vignoble maison
Avec ma mère, en Afrique du Sud

Every donation you make to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation will be another step towards improving women’s care (and men who may be affected) facing this disease.

The Foundation’s mission is divided into four pillars of action:

  • Funding research and innovation;
  • Advocacy and support;
  • Generate cutting-edge knowledge and solidarity;
  • Prevention, education, awareness.
Allure Partner Fr

Of course, you can apply for the NBC Allure Mastercard and make your purchases with it.

But you can also give directly to the Foundation:

American Express, Mastercard and Visa credit cards are accepted. A good way to trigger a welcome bonus for one of the best credit card offers of the month😉

Tax credit

If you want to know more about how the tax credit works for your donations to the Foundation, read this article (in French) from La Presse.

To support the Foundation, you can also buy products in the Pink Shop.

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Get this exclusive $150 cash back welcome offer for the NBC Allure Mastercard! And get involved, in your own way, for the Cause!

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Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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