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Anguilla Travel Guide | Itineraries and Highlights

To the point Located in the northern Caribbean, the island of Anguilla is known for its 33 idyllic beaches and off-the-beaten-path relaxing atmosphere. Here is our guide.

To the east of Puerto Rico and north of Saint-Martin, theisland of Anguilla is surrounded by 33 beaches, some of which are often considered by travel magazines to be the most beautiful in the world.

This destination is still off the beaten track. It has therefore retained a particularly charming character.

The tourism industry is a major source of income for the island, with numerous attractions and outdoor activities for visitors. In addition, its culinary scene and rich festival calendar make Anguilla an attractive island.

Influenced by indigenous peoples, European settlers and African slaves, this Lesser Antilles island boasts a culture and traditions well worth discovering.

How to reach the island ?

Anguilla is accessible from three main gateways: Miami, Puerto Rico and St. Maarten.

Direct flights from Toronto and Montreal to Princess Juliana International Airport (Saint-Martin) are available on certain dates.

From Saint-Martin, the destination can be reached via the Blowing Point ferry terminal, which bridges the short gap between the two islands, just 14 km apart.

Blowing Point Ferry Terminal

Save in Anguilla with points

Whether for flights, accommodation, car rental or anything else, points are a great way to reduce the cost of a trip to Anguilla. Simply redeem the points for an account credit. Here are some examples of reward programs to use:

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Best activities

There are many activities to enjoy in Anguilla, from water excursions to beach tours and spa treatments in luxury hotels.

Discover the island’s most beautiful beaches

Among Anguilla’s 33 white-sand wonders, one beach in particular is turning heads, attracting significant international attention. The idyllic Shoal Bay has been voted the #1 beach in the Caribbean by USATODAY readers for 2023. It’s a 3 km strip of pink and white sand where you’ll find the best views, plus many adjacent restaurants, bars and hotels from which to watch the sunset.

Other beaches worth a visit include Meads Bay, Rendezvous Bay and Little Bay for a day of swimming and relaxation.

Shoal Bay Villas

Going diving

The waters around this Lesser Antilles island offer a rich diversity of marine life. Many dive sites are accessible from the coast, and visitors can discover coral reefs, shipwrecks and tropical fish.

plongée à Anguilla – @regina.tagliabue

Experience sailing

Anguilla is surrounded by many small islands, offering an excellent opportunity for sailing. Visitors can rent a sailboat or take a boat trip to discover the nearby islands.

Voile au Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel
Voile au cap Juluca à l'hôtel Belmond

Exploring history and culture

Its capital, The Valley, is a small, charming and peaceful town that offers a relaxed atmosphere and a glimpse of local life in Anguilla. Most of the buildings are in the British colonial style, with red tile roofs and white walls.

Historic sites on the island include the Sandy Ground salt factory and the Anguilla Museum. You’ll also enjoy interacting with the locals and taking part in cultural festivals such as the Festival de la mer and Anguilla Carnival.

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St. Gerards - Anguilla official facebook

Playing golf

Anguilla boasts the only 18-hole golf course in the eastern Caribbean, the CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa, offering a world-class golf experience in a picturesque setting.

Other activities on the island include kayaking, paddleboarding, kitesurfing and fishing.

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

Where to stay?

The West End is the heart of Anguilla’s tourism industry, home to many five-star resorts. The island also offers a variety of accommodations at different price points, including charming Airbnb properties. Here are some suggestions:

Quintessence Hotel is a charming establishment full of sculptures and works of art by famous artists from all over the region. Quinn was recently launched: elegant new suites in a separate building adjacent to the original hotel and aimed at offering the Quintessence experience at a more affordable price.


Zemi Beach House was ranked #1 “Best Destination Wedding Resort (2023)” by USA TODAY.

This is an impressive accomplishment considering that on the island there are luxurious pillars that include the Four Seasons, the Belmond Cap Juluca and the Malliouhana.

Both accommodations can be booked from one or more of the following platforms: Scene+ Travel developed by Expedia, and Depending on the method of reservation, you can get discounts for being a member or collect stamps to get a free night.

Discover the local gastronomy

Anguilla offers a delicious Creole cuisine that blends European, African and Caribbean influences.

The third edition ofAnguilla Culinary Experience will take place from May 23 to 26, 2024, bringing together local and international chefs. TheAurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club will host the event’s opening party.

You’ll love sampling local dishes such as goat stew, grilled fish and johnny cake.

Here are some good addresses to remember:

Sandbar on the lively beach of Sandy Ground, with live music and great views of Anguilla’s national sport, boat racing.

Tasty’s POV for the incredible panoramic views it offers from its position overlooking Sandy Ground. Specialties include grilled lobster, crawfish or chicken accompanied by excellent cocktails.

Tasty’s POV

Ocean Echo, a favorite for dining with your feet in the sand, was completely renovated before the 22/23 winter season with the addition of an extra deck to view Meads Bay from the table. The menu emphasizes local specialties such as mahi-mahi, crayfish and conch.

Mill House Café Bar & Bistro is a café with a charming, rustic location, considered a favorite breakfast spot for locals and visitors alike.

Located in Sandy Ground Beach, Vincy on the beach offers classic Caribbean seafood and comfort food, including burgers with a special secret sauce.

Channeling the energy of vacation every day, Savi Beach Club is a must if you want to enjoy a beach-style restaurant connected directly to beautiful Meads Bay Beach.

Savi Beach Club

Getting around the island

In Anguilla, driving is on the left. The main artery of Anguilla runs through the center of the island. You can drive from one end of the island to the other without stopping in about forty-five minutes.

Rent a car

To rent a car, you must have a valid driver’s license. You will also need to purchase a temporary Anguillan driver’s license valid for three months. This one, at a cost of US$25, is provided by local car rental companies.

famille en jeep – @morgansmith


You should easily find cabs. In fact, many visitors use a local cab driver for all their transportation needs during their stay on the island. Cab fares are fixed.

Off road

Mountain bikes and road bikes are two popular options for getting around Anguilla, as they allow access to places off the beaten path. The island is composed mostly of coral and limestone, and its topography is generally flat. Traveling by bicycle is therefore rather easy and pleasant.

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Un vélo à la Anguilla villa compagny Anguilla official facebook

Practical information

Size of the island: 91 square kilometers

Capital city : The Valley

Population: about 15,000

Official language: English

Currency: East Caribbean dollar

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Plage d'Anguilla - Anguilla official facebook

Bottom Line

Anguilla deserves its reputation as a “hidden gem”. We love it for its beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, but also for its delicious cuisine and great hospitality.

Where is Anguilla?

Anguilla is located in the Lesser Antilles, east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

How to get to Anguilla

Anguilla is accessible from three main gateways: Miami, Puerto Rico and St. Maarten.

What is the capital of Anguilla?

The capital The Valley is located in the center of the island.

What type of hotels are there in Anguilla?

The island, which offers several categories of hotels, is renowned for its luxury establishments, including the Four Seasons, the Belmond Cap Juluca and the Malliouhana.

What language is spoken in Anguilla?

The island’s official language is English.

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