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How Park’N Fly Works For Airport Parking (+ Discount Coupon)

To the point Here's how you can use Park'N Fly to get efficient airport parking and get a discount to save on parking.

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What is Park'N Fly?

Park’N Fly is a company that manages several airport parking lots in Canada. They are all located near major airports in the country such as:

  • Montreal
  • Halifax
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Winnipeg
  • Edmonton
  • Vancouver

Park N Fly self-service parking

Their promise to us: “Park Happy”. Park’N Fly is cheap, convenient and safe. Moreover, having tried it, their operation is simple.

Self-parking is the least expensive option. Upon arrival at a Park’N Fly self-service parking lot, simply :

  • Scan the barcode of the reservation or take a ticket at the kiosk
  • Park
  • Take the Park’N Fly shuttle to the airport from one of the parking lot bus shelters

On the way back:

  • Take the shuttle back to the Park’N Fly parking lot
  • Pay for parking and leave

The cost of weekly Park’N Fly self-service parking depends on the location:

City Cost per week Travel time to the airport
Edmonton $ 50.99 5 to 8 minutes
Halifax $ 64,59 5 to 8 minutes
Montreal $ 144,99 8 to 10 minutes
Ottawa $ 60,99 7 to 10 minutes
Toronto $ 64.99$ – $ 94.99 10 to 15 minutes
Vancouver Valet only
Winnipeg $ 80,99 7 to 15 minutes

It is also possible to park for a few days only. Note that these rates change as of November 1, 2023.

Depending on the location, the shuttle bus passes every 10 to 20 minutes.

In Toronto, there is also a Park’N Fly Economy location. Perfect for long term parking, it’s less expensive because it is farther from the airport and even farther than the Self-Service parking.

Parknfly Feature Ottawa Self Park

Park N Fly Valet Parking

Valet Park’N Fly locations are more expensive but also offer more services and are closer to the airport. This option is available in big cities only.

At the Valet parking lot, you must:

  • Park at the Valet Park’N Fly entrance and leave your keys in the car
  • Scan the barcode of the reservation or take a ticket at the counter
  • Take the shuttle to the airport

On the way back:

  • Call the Valet counter or use your app to confirm arrival
  • Take the shuttle
  • Pay and leave with the car ready to go, at the entrance

If you have an electric vehicle, it will be charged for free while you are away. During winter, your car is plowed. There is even the possibility of a car wash or a detailing service for your car.

In addition, Valet parking is closer to the airport than the Self-Service option. Therefore, the commute time is shorter.

Here is the weekly cost of Park’N Fly’s Valet parking:

City Cost per week Travel time to the airport
Edmonton Self-service only
Halifax Self-service only
Montreal $ 169,99 3 to 5 minutes
Ottawa Self-service only
Toronto $ 124.99 3 to 5 minutes
Vancouver $ 109.99 6 to 8 minutes
Winnipeg $ 99.99 7 to 10 minutes

Note that these rates change as of November 1, 2023.

The shuttle to the Valet parking lot runs every 8 to 10 minutes. But personally, I have never waited more than 2 minutes at the Valet parking in Montreal. The shuttle is very frequent and the drivers are efficient.

Scan Park N Fly

Park'N Fly Rewards Program

How to earn Park'N Fly Reward Points

Registration for the Park’N Fly Rewards program is free. Then, earning Park’N Fly Rewards points is easy.

Every dollar spent paying for parking earns 1 Park’N Fly Rewards point. Only parking fees are eligible. Taxes, fees or optional services do not count.

Calculating Points Park N Fly

In this example, the net parking expense is $119.99, if we remove the gas charge. This gives 120 points.

Park N Fly points obtenus

Please note that the Halifax Park’N Fly does not participate in the Park’N Fly Rewards Program.

How to redeem Park'N Fly Reward Points

To redeem Park’N Fly Rewards points for free days, you must book in advance and be logged into your Park’N Fly member profile.

Valet Park N Fly jours gratuits

When booking, the number of free days you are entitled to will appear. The only thing left to do is to pay the fees and taxes for these days.

Échange 2 jours gratuit Park N fly

The number of Park’N Fly Rewards points required to redeem free parking days varies according to a grid.

Park’N Fly sites Points required for 1 free day Points required for 7 free days

Edmonton Self-Service

Montreal Self-Service Express A and B

Ottawa Self-Service

Toronto Self-service, economical and B

Winnipeg Self-Service

65 points 375 points

Montreal Valet

Toronto Valet

Vancouver Valet

Winnipeg Valet

85 points 425 points

We notice that it is more valuable to redeem points for 7 days. For example, 65 points per day for 7 days equals 455 points. But the redemption for self-service parking is only 375 points, which represent savings of 12%.

Park’N Fly Rewards points expire after 12 months of inactivity on the account.

So, try to accumulate as many as you can to use them for a week. However, if your points are about to expire, feel free to redeem what you can now.

Aeroplan Points

At select Park’N Fly locations, you can earn Aeroplan points. However, the Montreal parking lot does not offer this option.

When paying for your Park’N Fly parking for at least three days, provide your Aeroplan membership number. By doing so, you will get :

50 Aeroplan points for Self-Service parking for :

  • Edmonton
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Halifax

100 Aeroplan points for Valet parking in :

  • Toronto
  • Winnipeg
  • Vancouver

By being both a Park’N Fly Rewards member AND an Aeroplan member, you earn 50% more Aeroplan points. So, you will accumulate:

75 Aeroplan points for self-service parking for :

  • Edmonton
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Halifax

150 Aeroplan points for Valet parking in :

  • Toronto
  • Winnipeg
  • Vancouver
Parknfly Feature Montreal Valet

Tip #1: How to save with Park'N Fly parking

Some credit cards have the advantage of reimbursing airport parking and travel expenses.

This is the case of the :

If you have one of these credit cards, simply apply the cost of your Park’N Fly parking and then use your points or credit to pay it off.

For more tips, be sure to check out our page on low-cost airport parking options.

Tip #2 Promo code for Park N Fly

Milesopedia offers you a discount coupon to save on Park’N Fly airport parking! However, to get it, join the Milesopedia Facebook group and search for “Park N Fly.”

To access these cheap prices, you absolutely must book in advance (except for Halifax) on the Park N Fly website or app.

So you can take advantage of these discounts to park for less with Park’N Fly:

City Price per day with promo code Price per week with promo code Regular price
Montreal Self-service A/B $19.99 $99.99 $144,99
Montreal Valet $22.99 $119.99 $169,99
Toronto Self-Service A/B $15.99 $74.99 $64.99$ – $94.99
Toronto Valet $20.99 $104.99 $124.99
Ottawa $11.99 $59.99 $60,99
Edmonton $8.99 $39.99 $50.99
Halifax $11.99 $59.99 $64,59
Vancouver Valet $22.99 $94.99 $109.99
Winnipeg Valet $19.99 $90.99 $99.99

* This article is purely informative. We are not sponsored and we do not receive any form of compensation with the discount coupon.

This post is also available in: FR

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