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Review: Le Méridien Angkor

Hotel Le Méridien Angkor
Country Cambodia
City Siem Reap
Room Type Suite
Loyalty Program Status Titanium
Points Per Night 15,000 points
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Le Méridien Angkor
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To the point Le Méridien Angkor hotel, accessible with the Marriott Bonvoy points, is perfectly located for visits. However, it deserves renovations and a more attentive service.

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During our family trip around the world, we decided to spend a week in Siem Reap, Cambodia. During this stay, we decided to test the two accessible hotels with the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program:

One night at this hotel Le Méridien Angkor will allow us to compare with the Courtyard by Marriott Siem Reap Resort. We will choose not to extend our stay, as the cost for the night was too expensive for us given the services offered and the facilities that were not to our liking.

Reservation at Le Méridien Angkor Hotel

We stayed one night at this hotel at the category 3 low season rate of 15,000 points per night (instead of about $200 CDN).


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Location of Le Méridien Angkor Hotel

The great advantage of the hotel Le Méridien Angkor is its location, since it is about 15 minutes from the international airport and only a few minutes from the entrance to the Angkor temples and the lively streets of center city of Siem Reap such as Pub Street.

Around the Le Méridien Angkor Hotel

To navigate between each of the points of interest, one can travel through the many Tuk Tuk available or by taxi.

The advantage of the location of the hotel The Angkor Meridian is that everything is nearby. At least, in theory, because the hotel is located on the Charles de Gaulle artery, which is frequently congested.

Angkor Wat is less than 10 minutes away by car.

Convenient: in front of the hotel there is a grocery store (and for parents: there are diapers and milk 😉 )

The hotel Le Méridien Angkor has the merit of being close to many attractions such as :

  • Angkor Wat
  • Angkor Dynasty Theatre
  • The National Museum of Angkor
  • The Lighthouse show, The Cambodian Circus
  • The center town of Siem Reap
  • Siem Reap Night Market
Visite des temples
Temples d'Angkor
Visite des temples - porte
Porte des temples d'Angkor
semaine – -templeat—
En famille dans les temples
semaine – -srville—
Angkor - Tuk Tuk

Check-in at Le Méridien Angkor Hotel

At the end of our 5th night at the Courtyard by Marriott Siem Reap Resort, we also wanted to have an opinion on the Le Meridien Angkor hotel.

The day before our arrival, Jean-Maximilien, in order not to break the rule, will try to negotiate an upgrade through the mobile application of Marriott Bonvoy. He’ll get us a one-bedroom suite with a king size bed.

On our arrival, a large hall with traditional decoration without embellishment awaits us with a rather common service without particular attention. However, the furniture is a little outdated.

The hotel will offer us as a welcome gift a tray of exotic fruits accompanied by Kralan, being sticky rice stuffed in bamboo, a nice discovery for us!

Our suite at Le Méridien Angkor Hotel

After retrieving our room key, we head for the only available elevator, which is quite small.

The corridors are rather dark and are decorated in a traditional way, giving an old-fashioned look.

The lounge

The style of the room is not in keeping with the rest of the hotel, i.e. antique furniture of lesser quality. The suite is modest in size, but lacks brightness and chic. And we have benefited from a “renovated” room: indeed, it smells like fresh paint!

An office corner with a kitchen counter completes the space lounge.

The room

The room with a king bed is relatively simple and sober. Some furniture completes the room, as well as “period technology”.

The bathroom

The bathroom is cramped and old-fashioned but has the advantage of a shower and a bathtub. Once again, the lighting is not the best.

At the end of the corridor leading to the bathroom, there is a dressing area with a large mirror and a wooden wardrobe containing a safe and a bathrobe among other things.

A window opens onto the room. A dressing room is located near the bathroom. Space only allows for one or both of our Osprey carry-on cases to be extended.

Services of Le Méridien Angkor Hotel


Breakfast was complete and was a nice surprise! The service was up to scratch. The food is very good. Customers could order their eggs in their own way and have them laid at the table.

In spite of our late arrival at breakfast, it was still very well stocked except for the pastries. The team was very nice to our children.

The gardens of Le Méridien Angkor Hotel

The outside gardens are very beautiful, very well maintained and make you want to go for a walk.

Close to the gardens, the hotel offers the Naga Bar.

A cocktail of the day is served outside, the idea is good!

The swimming pool of Le Méridien Angkor hotel

The swimming pool is beautiful, very original and can be a bit old-fashioned. Few people were present during our swims, making it more pleasant, especially since the water was at a good temperature.

An open bar overlooks the pool. We will take advantage of our passage at the swimming pool to order from our deckchairs some dishes of the card .

I didn’t find it so handy with children. Even if they were happy to jump from boulder to boulder, it was impossible to let them splash around on their own because it was too deep.

The training room of Le Méridien Angkor Hotel

The room is located near the swimming pool and is therefore not in the main building of the hotel.

It is small in size, but several devices are available.

The tea service

With our titanium status, we were able to enjoy the tea service offered with its delicacies in the lounge of the hall.

Might as well say we didn’t want to miss it, and the kids loved it. A very nice garnished tray!

Other facilities

A shop as well as a fast-food area and an institute are also available.

Our general impression of Le Méridien Angkor Hotel

Our stay at the Hotel Le Méridien Angkor was on the whole quite simple. We would have expected more modern, family-friendly services.

We received a very good service, although we would have liked it to be more personalized. It is clear that it is a hotel more geared towards corporate conferences or congresses than for tourists.


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