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New: Book Online An Aeroplan Award Stopover!

To the point As of September 1, 2022, you can book online an Aeroplan itinerary that includes a stopover before reaching your final destination.

Aeroplan officials indicated earlier this year that this long-awaited feature for Aeroplan members – and the Milesopedia community – would be available in the fall.

A few weeks ahead of schedule, as of September 1, 2022, it is now possible to book online an Aeroplan itinerary with a stopover. Before this change, it was necessary to make the reservation by phone (which required a lot of patience).

What is an Aeroplan Award Stopover?

As a reminder, a stopover on an Aeroplan itinerary:

  • costs 5,000 Aeroplan points
  • is for a minimum of 24 hours
  • and a maximum of 45 days
  • cannot be made in Canada or the United States (even if the itinerary is international)

We’ve written a full guide about the Aeroplan Award Stopover here.

How do I book an Aeroplan Award Stopover online?

You can now book online an Aeroplan Flight Reward on, including an Aeroplan Award Stopover. A box has been added that you have to check (mentioning that it is still a BETA function).

Here is an example of a flight from Barcelona to Singapore with a 7-day stop in Abu Dhabi:

Aeroplan Stopover Home En

Here, this flight is offered at 55,000 points in economy and 85,000 points in business class, with a 7-day stopover in Abu Dhabi.

This is 5,000 points more than the classic route between Barcelona (Atlantic Zone) and Singapore (Pacific Zone).

Aeroplan Stopover Search En

The following screen confirms this Aeroplan itinerary:

Aeroplan Stopover Total En

85,000 points and $109 for a business class trip with a 7-day stopover along the way is a great deal! Especially with the Aeroplan credit card offers available right now.

You can earn up to 110,000 Aeroplan points on a single credit card! Especially since these offers are ending very soon:

And you can top up an existing Aeroplan points balance with your American Express Membership Rewards points or by purchasing points.


We will have the opportunity to come back in detail on this essential feature for Aeroplan members to plan their trips! This will require knowledge of various tools such as Expertflyer or Flightconnections to facilitate the search. Alternatively, we recommend that you search for your flights segment by segment (Barcelona – Abu Dhabi then Abu Dhabi – Singapore) to find availability.

Below are various guides to help you with Aeroplan. Don’t hesitate to join the Milesopedia community to ask your questions!

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