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Aeroplan: Boost your elite status with the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card

To the point Applying for the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card becomes even more rewarding for Aeroplan Elite status holders!

Aeroplan Offer: eUpgrade Credits + SQM

For a limited time, you can get various benefits for your Aeroplan Elite status by applying for the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card:

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, you must register for this offer:

  • Enter your Aeroplan number on this page;
  • Between April 25 and July 31, 2024.

Then you’ll need to sign up for the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card via this link.


In addition to these benefits, you can take advantage of the current increased offer to earn up to 85,000 Aeroplan points.

After receiving your new American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card, you’ll need to earn 20,000 Aeroplan points on eligible purchases until July 31, 2024.

Knowing that with the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card, you can earn between 1.25 points and 3 points per dollar, you’ll therefore need to spend between $6,667 and $16,000 by July 31, 2024 to earn the 20 eUpgrades credits and 15,000 SQMs.

American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card

With this welcome offer for the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card, you can earn up to 85,000 Aeroplan points. Here’s how:

  • Earn 60,000 Aeroplan points after spending $7,500 in purchases on your Card within the first 3 months
  • Plus, earn an additional 25,000 Aeroplan points when you spend $2,500 in purchases in month 13

Also, if you have applied for the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card via this link between April 25 and July 31, 2024, you can get benefits for your Aeroplan Elite status:

  • 20 eUpgrade credits and;
  • 15,000 Status Qualifying Miles (SQM)

To do so, sign up for this Aeroplan offer here and earn 20,000 Aeroplan Points via eligible purchases on your American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card by July 31, 2024.

With this Card, you earn 3X the points on purchases made directly with Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations. And 2x the points on Dining and Food Delivery purchases in Canada. Everywhere else, you will earn 1.25X the points.

With this Card, you receive many Air Canada travel benefits such as access to Maple Leaf Lounges in North America for you and one guest, priority check-in, priority boarding and priority baggage handling.

Enjoy your first checked bag free (up to 23kg/50lb) for up to 9 people travelling on the same reservation on Air Canada®* flights.

Like all American Express Canada Cards, there is no minimum income requirement.

Our take on this Aeroplan offer

Up to 85,000 Aeroplan points + Air Canada benefits

If you’re a frequent Air Canada flyer and, therefore, a holder of Aeroplan Elite status, this could be a very attractive offer.

In addition to obtaining the best offer this year for the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card (up to 85,000 Aeroplan points), you’ll become a holder of the only Aeroplan credit card to offer 3 points per dollar for all your purchases with Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations.

What’s more, you’ll earn 1,000 Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) and one Single Status Qualifier (SQS) segment for every $5,000 in net purchases charged to your card. This can make a real difference if you travel regularly with Air Canada.


And as an American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card holder, you’ll enjoy premium benefits like:

Café Aspire Air Canada-03

20 eUpgrade Credits

Then, thanks to this limited-time Aeroplan offer, you’ll earn 20 eUpgrade credits. eUpgrade credits are convenient for upgrading an Air Canada ticket or an Aeroplan award flight to the Premium Economy or Business Cabin.

air canada 787 signature feuille d’Érable

For example, to upgrade an Aeroplan reward on a flight between Canada and Europe, it will cost you only 11 eUpgrade credits. Like this direct Air Canada flight between Montreal and Nice:

esurclassement yul-nce fr

In the example above, upgrading a business economy ticket costs 80,800 Aeroplan points + $67 in taxes + 11 eUpgrade credits. Which is still very attractive given Air Canada’s dynamic pricing on this midsummer flight, booked just a few days before departure, with business class at over 200,000 points!

You can then use the remainder of your eUpgrade credits to upgrade flights within North America. For example, upgrading a flight between Montreal and Vancouver costs just 4 eUpgrade credits:

esurclassement yul-yvr fr

15,000 Status Qualifying Miles (SQM)

Finally, as part of this limited-time Aeroplan offer, you can earn 15,000 Status Qualifying Miles.

This could eventually help you reach or renew an Aeroplan Elite status. Note, however, that you will also need to have met the Status Qualification Dollars (SQD) criterion, i.e. the level of spending required by Air Canada.

And that’s often the hardest thing for points travellers to achieve!

For example, thanks to the many promotions in recent years, I was able to obtain Aeroplan 75K status. I’ve already earned Status Qualifying Miles (many of which have been rollover since 2023 thanks to my American Express® Aeroplan®* Business Reserve Card).

However, as you can see, I haven’t spent any money with Air Canada yet this year (the requirement to keep my Aeroplan 75K status being $9,000 SQD (or $20,000 SQD to upgrade to Super Elite status) :

statut aeroplan 2024 jm fr

So, as far as I’m concerned, this part of the offer isn’t very useful (and it’s likely to be the case for many points travellers).

On the other hand, this offer may be of interest to you if you are planning to achieve the SQDs needed by the end of the year to move up to the next status, and are short of SQM or SQS (Status Qualifying Segments).

Bottom Line

Once again this year, Aeroplan joins American Express in a highly targeted partnership. This promotion is sure to appeal to frequent flyers who haven’t yet taken the plunge and applied for a high-end Aeroplan card like the American Express®* Aeroplan® Reserve Card.

With the current promotional offer, now is a great time to apply!

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