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Journie Rewards: Ultimate Guide

To the point With Journie Rewards, collect and redeem points for gas and convenience store discounts. Available at over 1,100 gas stations across Canada, including Ultramar, Chevron, Pioneer, Fas Gas, ON the RUN and Marché Express.

After AIR MILES, PC Optimum and Petro-Points, Journie Rewards is the latest player in the Canadian gas rewards landscape. In addition, this program is in partnership with CIBC and Aeroplan.

Learn more about the benefits of the Journie Rewards program and see how to collect, use and manage your points in this guide.


What is Journie Rewards?

Journie Rewards is the Parkland Group’s loyalty program in Canada. The Canadian gas station and convenience store brands participating are :

  • Ultramar
  • Chevron
  • Pioneer
  • Fas Gas
  • ON the RUN
  • Marché Express

Here is a summary of gas stations and convenience stores associated with Journie Rewards, by province:

Province Participating brands
Alberta Chevron, Fas Gas, ON the RUN
British Columbia Chevron, Fas Gas, ON the RUN
Prince Edward Island Ultramar, ON the RUN
Manitoba Fas Gas, ON the RUN
New Brunswick Ultramar, ON the RUN
Nova Scotia Ultramar, ON the RUN
Ontario Pioneer, Ultramar, ON the RUN
Quebec Ultramar, Marché Express
Saskatchewan Fas Gas, ON the RUN
Newfoundland and Labrador Ultramar, ON the RUN
Yukon Fas Gas, ON the RUN

In Quebec, Ultramar gas stations associated with Couche-Tard convenience stores are not part of the Journie Rewards program.


Join the program

To join the Journie Rewards program, you must be over 16 years of age and a resident of Canada. Registration is done via the website, mobile app or in-store, by picking up a plastic card at participating stores.

The registration process is simple: just provide your name, e-mail address, postal code, phone number and choose a password.


If a friend has invited you to join the program, you can enter their referral code at this stage.

The best way to register is via the mobile app! You’ll receive 150 bonus points, enough for two rewards right off the bat. Plus, subscribe to e-mail communications and earn 75 bonus points.


The mobile app

The mobile application is available on the App Store and Google Play. You’ll find all the same features as on the website, i.e. :

  • View your points balance
  • View promotional offers
  • View your transaction history
  • Choose your rewards
  • See your virtual card
  • Link your account to CIBC and Aeroplan
  • A map of participating stations

Associate your phone number with your account to facilitate reward accumulation. You will no longer need to show your membership card, but simply provide your phone number.


Journie Rewards - Collecting points

At the pump, insert your card or enter your phone number if it’s linked to your account. The same principle applies to your convenience store purchases: present your membership card (physical or digital) or provide your phone number.

With Journie Rewards, accumulate :

  • 1 point per liter of gas
  • 2 points per dollar spent in convenience stores

That’s all there is to it! It couldn’t be easier.

To help you collect points faster, offers and promotions change from week to week. For example, you could earn 2x points on convenience store gift cards or 5x points on certain products.


Journie Rewards - Redeem points

Rewards at every stage

At each level, you can choose a reward. The points will not be deducted from your balance and you will continue to accumulate for the next step. There’s no need to save your points for the 300-point reward!

You must choose and claim your reward within 60 days of obtaining it, otherwise it expires. To collect your reward, present the barcode provided in the application at the checkout with your item.


75-point rewards

At 75 points, you have the choice of small rewards, such as a chocolate bar, candy, a bag of chips, a bottle of water, a soft drink, a pack of gum or 20 Aeroplan points.

Not all rewards will be offered: you’ll have the choice of three, selected at random.


150-point rewards

At 150 points, you still have snacks to choose from, but also :

  • A $0.03 per liter rebate on gas;
  • 30 Aeroplan points ;
  • $5 off at M&M Food Market;
  • $5 Air Canada flight credit;
  • A carbon credit.

300-point rewards

At 300 points, you reach the end of a Journie Rewards cycle. If you have linked your Aeroplan account, you will receive 300 Bonus Aeroplan Points. Otherwise, you’ll get a discount of $0.07 per liter on gas. You will then have 60 days to use it.


Journie Rewards - Partnership with Aeroplan

Aeroplan Rewards can be earned at Parkland Group service stations without a Journie Rewards account. By providing their Aeroplan number, members obtain :

  • 1 Aeroplan Point for every 3 liters of gas.
  • 1 Aeroplan point per dollar for each eligible convenience store purchase

This also applies to members who have an account in both programs, but do not wish to link them.


For even more rewards, it’s best to link your Aeroplan and Journie Rewards accounts together. Members of both programs earn 300 Aeroplan points at the end of each 300 Journie Reward point cycle.

In addition, Aeroplan points can be redeemed for discounts or vouchers at participating stations:

  • 300 Aeroplan points for a coupon entitling you to a $0.07 discount per liter of fuel for a single fill-up (up to 50 liters). Combine up to 5 coupons for a maximum rebate of $0.35 per liter
  • 500 Aeroplan points for a $5 convenience store voucher
  • 600 Aeroplan points for $5 off at M&M Food Market
  • 1,100 Aeroplan points for a Absolutely Everything Car Wash voucher ( $15.99 value)

However, you won’t get much value from your Aeroplan points by redeeming them for these rewards (between $0.010 and $0.015 per Aeroplan point). Milesopedia values Aeroplan points at $0.02 per point, on average.


To link your Aeroplan and Journie Rewards accounts together, go to the Journie Rewards mobile application in the Partner Hub section. The process is simple and all you have to do is log in to your Aeroplan account.


Note that the reverse is also possible; you can link your Journie Rewards account from the Air Canada app (by logging in your Aeroplan account), and even directly create a new Journie Rewards account if you don’t already have one.

Fuel discount or Aeroplan points?

The answer to this question depends on your habits. Are you a frequent traveller? Do you often fly with Air Canada and its partner airlines? If so, the Aeroplan points option may be more advantageous for you.

In terms of pure valuation, Milesopedia values an Aeroplan point at $0.02. 300 Aeroplan points would therefore have an average value of $6. The discount on gas is $0.05 per liter. If your car has a 50L tank, your discount on gas is $3.50. In this case, you get better “value” with Aeroplan points.

However, this analysis is highly simplified!

  • If your car’s fuel tank is bigger, you’ll save more;
  • If you travel in business class, the value of Aeroplan points will far exceed $0.02 per point;
  • If you save on gas this year and put those saved dollars into a high-interest account, you’ll get more than the original $3.50.

In short, choose the reward that best suits your habits and goals. And there’s nothing to stop you changing your mind and modifying the reward in your account.

Journie Awards - Partnership with CIBC

The Journie Rewards program is also in partnership with CIBC. When you pay with an eligible credit or debit card, you automatically receive a rebate of $0.03 per liter of gas.

To take advantage of this benefit, you must link your Journie Rewards account to your CIBC account. To do so, log on to the CIBC Online Banking website or the CIBC Mobile Banking application. Select “Link your card to Journie Rewards” and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can follow this link.


All CIBC personal credit and debit cards are eligible, except Simplii cards. Only the following business cards are eligible: Small Business Debit Card, CIBC AventuraMD Visa* Small Business Card, CIBC Aeroplan® Visa* Business Card or CIBC bizline® Visa* Card

The discount applies automatically when you present your Journie membership card or provide your linked phone number. You can pay at the pump or in-store, as long as you use your eligible CIBC card for payment.

For electric vehicles

Electric vehicle owners are not forgotten by the Journie Rewards program.

Parkland has fast-charging stations (up to 150 kW) in British Columbia and Alberta. Its network is ON the RUN and linked to Journie Rewards.

Plus, for a limited time, refills are free for Journie Rewards members!


There are currently no Parkland gas stations in the province of Quebec connected to a network of electric charging stations. There are chargers at Ultramar stations, but they are associated with Circuit Électrique or ChargePoint. The Parkland Group does not own these chargers, so there is no accumulation of Journie points.

This will change in the future, as expansion plans are underway in the east of the country. Parkland plans to install electric charging stations in Ontario and Quebec, at selected ON the RUN and Marché Express locations. The launch is scheduled for summer 2024.


Do you own an electric vehicle? Here are the best credit cards of the moment to save on your EV charging:

Bottom Line

If you regularly fill up at Ultramar, Chevron, Pioneer or Fas Gas, join the Journie Rewards program today. The registration process is simple, and all you have to do is provide your phone number each time you fill up to collect points.

After purchasing 300L of fuel or spending $150 in the convenience store, you’ll receive a rebate of $0.07 per liter on your next fill-up or 300 Aeroplan points. What’s more, if you pay with an eligible CIBC card, you automatically receive a discount of $0.03 per liter. We love easy savings!

Finally, keep an eye out for occasional promotions like this one, which allow you to multiply your points.

Journie Awards - Frequently asked questions

How do I earn Journie points?

Journie Rewards points are accumulated at Parkland Group gas stations and convenience stores (Ultramar, Chevron, Pioneer, Fas Gas, ON the RUN and Marché Express). With your membership card at the pump or in-store, you earn 1 point per liter of gas and 2 points per dollar spent at the convenience store.

Where can I use the Journie card?

At Parkland Group service stations and convenience stores in Canada: Ultramar, Chevron, Pioneer, Fas Gas, ON the RUN and Marché Express. In Quebec, Ultramar stations associated with Couche-Tard convenience stores do not participate in the Journie Rewards program.

How do I link my CIBC card? Which cards are eligible?

To link a CIBC card with a Journie Rewards account, log on to CIBC Online Banking or CIBC Mobile Banking. Select “Link your card to Journie Rewards” and follow the instructions.

All personal credit and debit cards are eligible, except Simplii cards. Only the following business cards are eligible: CIBC Small Business Debit Card, CIBC Aventura Visa Card for Business, CIBC Business Visa Aeroplan Card or CIBC bizline Visa Card for Business.

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