Adventure travel, or how to make your dream trip without worrying about planning

To the point Are you planning your future adventure trips? I've tried G Adventures several times, and here is why I highly recommend it!

The trip of your dreams doesn't need a Hollywood budget or years of planning.

If I say “adventure travel” or “adventure tourism”, does that mean anything to you? To be honest, two years ago I had only a vague idea of the concept. I had heard the names of some of the companies, without dwelling too much on them. Guided tours, very little for me.

This article is for those who, like me, dream of admiring the wonders of this world: Petra in Jordan, the pyramids of Egypt, the Maya temples … and to set foot in lands more or less easily accessible: Amazonia, Tibet, Antartica, the Sahara

Such a journey requires a lot of preparation. One of my aunts spent almost five years planning her trip to Egypt, and she told me she experienced a lot of stress in the process. Moreover, once there, she quickly realized that she had omitted several details.

That’s where adventure travel companies come in. They offer tours in small groups (usually 6 to 15 people) that target various types of travellers.

I had the opportunity to try three of them, but I will focus today on a company I particularly like (G Adventures) for the simple reason that their tours seem to me suitable for more types of travellers, not just young adults. Also, I love the fact that G Adventures have created their own charity, Planeterra (which I’ll talk about a little below).

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G Adventures

G Adventures

G Adventures, a Canadian company, has prided itself on being the leader in small group adventure travel for nearly 30 years.

How did it get there? By listening to its travellers and giving them what they want – flexible itineraries, the freedom to explore in small groups, safety and peace of mind, and local guides who show you your destination in a way you would never see if you travelled any other way.

G Adventures
G Adventures
G Adventures


G Adventures

Do you have to be an adventurer to love it?

G Adventures

Classic Tours

Are you looking for the right balance between independent backpacking and organized groups? Congratulations, you found it. Classic style tours combine the support and security of group travel, unbeatable variety, and the flexibility to not follow the schedule to the letter when destiny has other plans in store for you.

For experienced travellers, it is not enough to simply “see” a destination. They want to dig in, go deeper. This is the spirit that drives every Classic Tour; a tasty mix of must-see highlights and many experiences you didn’t even know you could do, all organized and managed by a local expert.

Who are these tours for?

These tours are for:

  • Everyone (18 years old and over for a solo traveller; 12 years old and over for a child with an adult)

Examples of circuits

G Adventures

National Geographic Tours

National Geographic Tours with G Adventures is a collection of unique tours designed to introduce you to the cultures and habitats of the places we explore.

They offer more inclusions than other G Adventures travel styles, more direct exploration, interaction with local experts and the freedom to move around, all within the structure and security of a small group.

These trips include more luxurious accommodations, more comfortable transportation and more inclusions than G Adventures’ other travel styles.

As you prepare for your adventure, you’ll receive pre-departure articles from National Geographic to learn about your trip.

This type of circuit is more expensive than the others.

Who are these tours for?

These tours are for:

  • Everyone (18 years old and over for a solo traveller; 12 years old and over for a child with an adult);
  • Those who have a slightly more flexible budget than the average.

Examples of circuits

Petra 1

Active Circuits

Why settle for seeing the world when you can hike, mountain bike, kayak or swim through it? Those who like to move a lot don’t have to look any further.

Active Circuits with G Adventures take you closer to the destination with hiking, biking and other sports. G Adventures provides the equipment and the experts, you provide the energy.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy experiences that mobilize the muscles as well as the mind and heart. Whether it’s a bike ride through remote villages, a hike to the top of the Kilimanjaro, or physical activities such as rock climbing, zip line or dogsled, these tours offer as many activities as you want.

Who are these tours for?

These tours are for:

  • Those who are already in good physical shape and wish to be active during their trip;
  • Lovers of thrills and landscapes that not everyone can see.

Examples of circuits

Everest 1

Tours for 18 to 39 year olds (18 to Thirtysomethings)

G Adventures’ 18-to-Thirty somethings tours are designed for young adults looking for experience rather than comfort. They offer a mix of campsites, youth hostels, homestays, etc. depending on the destination.

For example, the same itinerary can be offered in a Classic tour format for 18 to 39 year olds – the Classic version will be a little more expensive and offer hotels, while the one for young adults will involve a little less privacy.

These tours include lots of free time, time to socialize and meet other travelers who share your state of mind. All this on a tight budget! They have a nice portion of culture during the day, before letting you sample the local bars and restaurants after dusk.

Who are these tours for?

These tours are for:

  • People between 18 and 39;
  • Those who have no problem sleeping in a tent or a dormitory;
  • Those who want to live unique experiences and meet people from all over the world on a small budget.

Examples of circuits

Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake
semaine – mtm—
Éléphant - Afrique du Sud

Other tours

Other types of tours are also proposed: Marine, Family, Wellness, Local Living… There is certainly no lack of choice!

You might find yourself sailing through the Maldives, moving from island to island in Greece or exploring Dubrovnik as a local!

Advantages of Adventure Travel

As you can see, whether your dream is to travel through the jungle of Brazil, see penguins in Antarctica or discover the Canary Islands on a hike, it is possible.

Just choose the circuit that suits you!

G Adventures provides you with a destination-specific list of things to bring to your trip. Just follow it to create memorable memories. Don’t forget your camera!

G Adventures
G Adventures

In summary, here are the advantages of a booked tour with an adventure travel company:

  • The itinerary is made for you
  • Small groups provide flexibility
  • No need to spend hours planning accommodation
  • You get expert advice on the spot, without the “guided tour” atmosphere.

Plus, if you book through Rakuten with G Adventures, you get a 2.5% discount! Pretty interesting. But if you prefer to support the work of milesopedia, you can also book your next G Adventures trip via our affiliate link.

It is also possible to pay by American Express, so this is another way to earn points in the Travel category…

Or to use them, since G Adventures falls into the Travel category of credit cards: convenient for your points with NBC, HSBC, American Express Membership Rewards Points or Scotia Bonus Points.


If, like me, you are very eager to start traveling again, but also to plan your next expedition, this type of trip is a dream come true.

In fact, G Adventures offers great discounts in the context of the pandemic, which vary on the type of circuit you choose. You have nothing to lose by booking, since the deposit is good for life. If your plans change, just apply it to another adventure!

If you have any questions, write me! It will be my pleasure to guide you.

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