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Cheap VPN for Travellers: #1 Guide to Remaining Safe and Secure

To the point A cheap VPN for travellers is mandatory. To keep your information safe and secure, you must read this guide before exploring the world.

In today’s world, everyone travels with a digital device. Whether it’s a laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet, we’re all connected to the web 24/7.

However, the amount of personal and private information we store on these devices is astronomic, intensional or not.

For this reason, a cheap VPN for travellers is highly recommended. With this, users can connect to wifi worldwide, and their information can stay protected from unwanted eyes.

To learn more about cheap VPNs and the best providers available, see the below post:

How do cheap VPNs work?

With a cheap VPN (a virtual private network), there are five key components: The internet, VPN server, internet service provider, encrypted VPN tunnel and the connected device.

When a device is connected to all of these, the following will happen to your data:

  1. A VPN software will begin encrypting your data traffic automatically.
  2. After, it’ll send the encrypted data through the VPN tunnel and internet provider to the VPN server.
  3. When this data reaches the VPN server, it’s decrypted and sent back to the internet service provider for a response.
  4. Once a response is sent to the VPN server, they automatically re-encrypt the data and send it back to the user through a secure network.
  5. Now the user has received this data, the VPN software decrypts the encrypted information for the user to understand.

To abbreviate the above, it encrypts traditional data sent directly to an internet service provider, so they cannot see what you’re searching for or even where the device is being used.

Since VPN services have become consumer-friendly and not only for large businesses, servers have been created worldwide.

Therefore, you can connect to these, even if you’re not located in that country. For instance, a US user can connect to a UK server, and it’ll appear that they’re in the UK.

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Why are cheap VPNs essential for travellers?

VPNs have exploded in popularity recently, with 90% of all companies offering this service being founded after 2005.

However, why are cheap VPNs necessary for travellers?

  • Finding better travel deals – The travel industry is well-known for comprehensively tracking users, with many websites automatically increasing prices based on device type, location, and previously visited web pages. Use a cheap VPN to encrypt your identity to avoid this and find better deals.
  • Safety and security features – While travelling, you might need to use public wifi, like in a cafe, etc. Although this can seem harmless, unwanted eyes can easily access your information. To disguise yourself, a cheap VPN can encrypt everything so people cannot see your data.
  • Bypass geographical restrictions – When exploring the world, you will encounter geographical restrictions to websites, content, and applications. To avoid this, connecting to a VPN server in an unrestricted location will help you gain access.

Above are only some reasons why cheap VPNs for travellers are essential. Like using an eSIM card as well. However, there are a lot more.

To learn how to spot a good – and cheap VPN provider, become knowledgeable on the following.

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What makes a good and cheap VPN for travellers?

Now you understand more about VPNs, it’s easy to understand their importance in our digitalized world.

However, with the industry worth 44.6 billion US dollars worldwide in 2022, there are many options to select.

But how can you choose the best VPN option for you? Ideally, you’ll want to use the below as a guide:

  • Free VPN – Everything free is excellent, right? Well, not quite. All businesses need to make money. Typically, free VPNs either show adverts or sell your information to earn revenue. Because of this, a paid option is much better.
  • Trustability – Unfortunately, trust is hard to come by nowadays. Therefore, you’ll want to try to find a service provider with real reviews, customer interactions, and good engagement.
  • Privacy policy – Despite nobody ever reading privacy policies, you must do this with VPNs. Most VPN providers mentioned they’re “no logs.” However, most of the time, they save some data. Understand what they log before connecting to the VPN, the less, the better.
  • Home country – Additionally, the home country of the service providers is essential as laws can vary. For this reason, we use NordVPN Canada, as federal laws in the country are strict regarding data.
  • Additional extras – These are always superb and help with the purchasing decision. The usual options are a discount coupon code or a free trial that allows you to access the VPN and “test” its quality before making the full purchase. Typically, those that let you “try before you buy” are the best.
  • Security experience – The VPN market was tiny only ten years ago, and many vendors don’t have sufficient experience in the security sector. Because of this, look for a provider that’s been in the game for a long period.

The sector itself is full of good and bad apples. To ensure you pick a trustworthy, experienced, and popular option, read the below:

What is the best cheap VPN for travellers?

As mentioned, there are a considerable amount of cheap VPNs available for travellers. Despite regulating and trying to eliminate all unsatisfactory servers, shutting them all down is impossible.

However, one solution is trusted by millions worldwide and will continue to be a go-to option for many.

The option we’re talking about is NordVPN.

NordVPN is the best cheap VPN service provider that offers prestigious, military-grade protection wherever you’re in the world.

Whether you want a cheap VPN while travelling to protect your privacy on public networks or to unlock geo-restricted content, NordVPN is a superior provider.

NordVPN Key features of this cheap VPN

NordVPN is an excellent piece of privacy software. The platform itself is worldwide and includes the following key features:

Military-grade protection

During the VPN process of encrypting data, it must travel through a virtual tunnel to reach the server securely. However, many providers only use one protocol to achieve this.

But what if there’s a problem with the tunnel? Yep, data can leak, and your privacy is abandoned.

What NordVPN does differently is by utilizing three highly comprehensive VPN protocols: IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, and NordLynx.

Including these three levels of protection makes this VPN for travellers the best. To learn more about this platform and see it in action yourself, sign up for NordVPNs free trial.

Excellent customer service

The entire company is well-structured for success from the NordVPN coupon codes, free trial, and excellent product.

Nordvpn Proprivacy Awards

People worldwide highly rate this product, which can easily be seen online. For instance, on Trustpilot, 74% of the 19,000+ votes have been rated five-star.

Considering the current competition, this is remarkably difficult in any business or industry. However, NordVPN has done this effortlessly by listening to its customer’s needs and responding quickly.

Optimal speed worldwide

NordVPN is also known to offer the fastest servers in the world. For travellers, this is necessary. The last thing you want to encounter is poor browsing speed, as time waiting is time wasted exploring.

When using NordVPN Canada, you can stream and browse content seamlessly from their various servers worldwide. This, combined with their premium security features like DNS leak protection and kill switches, allows optimal web surfing.

Extensive worldwide server list

Speaking about their server list, it’s extensive. There’s a multitude in America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and even the Middle East. For a more comprehensive overview of this, check out their servers here.

The best thing about this, you can try these servers for free. With NordVPN’s free trial, you can access all servers and see the benefits for yourself.

Currently, the trial is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you’ll gain full access to the platform and can request a refund under any circumstance within 30-days to get the money back.

A complete no logs privacy policy

Many VPN providers claim to have “no logs,” meaning small pieces of data are saved unencrypted – for instance, an IP address.

When this happens, VPN providers will either sell or keep this sensitive information, which could get leaked. However, NordVPN has a real “no logs” feature, ensuring optimal security and privacy.

Pricing and plans

NordVPN also has abundant pricing and plan options, offering optimal flexibility for its consumers for a cheap VPN.

They have three pricing plans: Monthly, 1-year, and 2-year.

The monthly option doesn’t offer any discount, but the 2-year plan allows you to save up to 53% of the initial asking price.

With this discount, it makes the service incredibly affordable, as seen below:

Nordvpn Rates

If you don’t want to lock in a subscription for two years, consider their 1-year option.

Nordvpn Rates Table

NordVPN free trial

With VPN services, many are skeptical. To counteract this and see the benefits yourself, use NordVPNs free trial period.

There are two levels for this free trial. The first is their 7-days, 100% free-of-charge option, and the second is their 30-day money-back guarantee.

With the first 7-days, you can start to feel its greatness. However, if you need that little extra time to finalize the decisions, the 30-day money-back option is excellent.

NordVPN coupon code

The company itself adores giving customers excellent deals, which is why they have NordVPN coupon codes scattered around the internet.

Although these discounts can vary, we’ve seen some online offering upwards of 75% discount on a three-year plan. Therefore, it’s more than worth checking this out on this page.


NordVPN Canada is excellent for travellers looking to protect themselves digitally when exploring the world.

Think of a VPN as insurance. We purchase health insurance to guarantee we have medical care while travelling, so why would you jeopardize online security?

If you’d like to try this service today, check out the NordVPN free trial and begin reeking the privacy benefits now.

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