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To the point The Apple AirTag is an essential accessory for travellers and parents who want to be reassured.

Apple AirTag - A revolution for travellers

In our ever-changing world, technology plays an essential role in facilitating our daily lives. A few years ago, Apple launched a product that is not only a technological marvel but also a real saviour for travellers: the Apple AirTag.

AirTag is a small, elegant Bluetooth tracker designed to help users locate lost objects. Measuring just 31.9 mm in diameter and 8 mm thick, this lightweight device can be attached to almost anything. Its ease of use, precision and affordable price make it an indispensable tool for all travellers.

As a traveller, you know how stressful it can be to keep an eye on your belongings. Your suitcases, your keys, your wallet – losing any of these items while travelling can be a real headache. With Apple AirTag, you can now travel with peace of mind.

Apple-airtag-accessories-bag-042021 – grande taille

Recently, while on a family trip to Venice, Italy, I forgot my backpack on board a Vaporetto while I was busy taking photos and looking around as we were with the kids, my mom and our luggage.

I only realized this once we arrived at our hotel, the Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel Venice, about fifteen minutes after disembarking from the boat! At least the children had kept theirs on their backs:

Venise -037

Imagine the anguish: this backpack – which typically NEVER leaves my back – contained our eight passports (French and Canadian), our four NEXUScards, our MacBook Pros, my wallet (and the dozens of credit cards coming with it…), some cash in multiple currencies and our house keys!

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Of course, I returned to the landing quay, but the Vaporetto had naturally continued on its way. Thanks to the Apple AirTag tucked into the bottom of my bag; I could see this on my iPhone’s “Find My” application.

This enabled me to indicate precisely which boat was involved to the company’s staff, who immediately informed the crew. Afterwards, I was able to track my backpack in near-real time to the Lost and Found department near Venice train station. And get that famous backpack!

Without the Apple AirTag, maybe someone other than the boat’s crew would have taken my backpack, and perhaps I’d also have found it at the Lost and Found. Or maybe not!

Anyway, on the evening of this misadventure, I was more relaxed!

Venise pont du Rialto

Apple AirTag - Simplified location

Simply attach an AirTag to your most prized possessions and, in the event of loss, use the”Find My” app on your iPhone to locate the item in seconds.

AirTag uses a Bluetooth signal to establish a connection with your device, allowing you to track your belongings wherever you are. No more frantic searching for your passport or keys in your hotel room!

It also allows you to locate your lost luggage at the airport!

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Apple AirTag - An ally for families

But the AirTag‘s usefulness isn’t limited to travellers. Families can also benefit from this little gadget. Imagine being able to easily find your child’s lost comforter or backpack forgotten at school. You can even place an AirTag in your child’s bag to ensure they arrive safely at school or after-school activities.

Our children, Alexandra and Arthur, each have an AirTag concealed in their backpacks. That’s reassuring! At least until adolescence 😉


Apple AirTag - Privacy and security

What’s more, Apple’s AirTag is designed with privacy and security in mind. It uses anonymous and encrypted location data and does not store any location history.

Moreover, AirTag has been designed to discourage unwanted tracking. If your iPhone detects an AirTag that has been following you for some time, it will alert you. This way, you can travel and manage your day-to-day life with a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

Apple-airtag-accessories-042021 – grande taille

Apple AirTag - Ten examples of use

Here are ten practical uses for the Apple AirTag you might consider:

  1. Travel luggage: Attach an AirTag to your suitcase for easy location, whether on the airport carousel or in a hotel room.
  2. Key ring: Hang an AirTag on your key ring. In the event of loss, it will be much easier to find them.
  3. Backpack: Whether you’re a hiker or a student, placing an AirTag in your bag can help you find it if you misplace it.
  4. Sports bag: Sports bags tend to look alike, so an AirTag can help you quickly identify yours in a crowded changing room.
  5. Wallet: Although a little thick, the AirTag can be slipped into the pocket of a wallet to make it easier to locate in the event of a loss.
  6. Handbag: Place an AirTag in your handbag so you can find it easily if you lose it.
  7. Camera: Cameras are often expensive. Attaching an AirTag to your camera bag can help locate it in the event of a loss.
  8. Bicycle: If you have somewhere to store it safely on your bike, an AirTag can help you find a stolen or lost bike.
  9. Car: In a large parking lot, an AirTag can help you locate your car more easily.
  10. Your child’s favourite blanket or toy: Attaching an AirTag to your child’s comforter can make it easier to find when it’s lost, avoiding unnecessary crying fits.

Remember that the AirTag was designed to track objects, not people, except in some instances where consent is explicit, such as to ensure that a child arrives at school on time.

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