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Review: Hotel Danieli, Venice

Hotel Hotel Danieli, Venice
Country Italy
City Venice
Room Type Dandolo Suite
Loyalty Program Status Titanium
Points Per Night From 70,000 points
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Hotel Danieli, Venice
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To the point Stay at theHotel Danieli in Venice for a romantic experience.

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Venice, the city of lovers, can also be visited alone or with the family. We went there for 5 days in 2021 to show our children around, and stayed in two hotels in Venice:

We chose them because of their location and the rather reasonable price they went for, because of the COVID-19 context.

Remember that we visited this hotel during COVID-19.

Reservations at Hotel Danieli, Venice

The Hotel Danieli no longer belongs to the Marriott group.

The hotel boasts a traditional decor borrowed from Venetian culture.

The Hotel Danieli has become a symbol of nobility in Venice over the years. It is like a legend in Venice that has crossed the ages and seen powers, celebrities and artists pass by. This royal palace is also the oldest hotel in Venice and will not leave you indifferent.

Hotel Danieli is spread over 3 palaces:

  • Palazzo Dandolo (the oldest – 14th century – and once inhabited by the noble Dandolo family),
  • the Palazzo Casa Nuova,
  • and the Palazzo Danielli Excelsior.

The Dandolo family is responsible for the hotel’s style, thanks to the collections and riches (gold, marble and Byzantine works) brought back during their conquests.

It is spread over 5 floors. 93 rooms and suites are available, as well as 11 meeting rooms.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-075


Hotel Danieli is recognizable by its red and ochre facade in Byzantine style. It is located on the Schiavoni quay in the Castello district, just a few minutes walk from the Bridge of Sighs and St. Mark’s Square on the Grand Canal. Several ferry terminals are located right in front of its entrance, so you won’t have trouble finding it!

Shops, museums, canals, everything is within walking distance.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-111

Reception at the Hotel Danieli, Venice

You enter Hotel Danieli through a revolving period door. The passage can be narrow with a large suitcase.

A valet is available to assist you if needed.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-051

Once inside, we are surprised by a long counter and an old board full of room keys.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-074

Then our eye is quickly drawn to a magnificent staircase with gilded wood and Carrara marble, pink marble columns. It goes up a spiral to a canopy in the sky. A red velvet carpet gives it a warm and luxurious feel. The whole is splendid: we are stunned by so many details! It feels like we’re in a theater thanks to the arched windows… expecting to see Juliet in one of the balconies waiting for her Romeo.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-033
Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-009
Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-010
Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-005

Our room

Although we are in a very old palace, modern facilities have been cleverly integrated so that they are not noticeable: lift, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and many others.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-053
Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-054
Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-052

Once upstairs, we walk down the hallway to the end to enter our suite with our “old fashioned” key. The Dandolo suite, consisting of a room with a king bed, is located in the Palazzo Dandolo.

The common areas are pleasant. Prints, mirrors, glass wall candlesticks, stained glass windows, wrought iron balustrades.

A corridor leads to the bedroom with balcony overlooking the roofs of Venice. The pink colours are soothing here, as they are in other suites or in the hall decorated in red. The decoration is signed by Pier Yves Rochon, French architect and designer.

In the main room, the large bed is set against a backdrop of engraved Venetian mirror panels. Paintings and prints adorn the pink walls of the room too.

In front of the bed, two beautiful armchairs and a Murano glass chandelier.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-014

On each side of the bed is a bedside table with lamp. Also, a small table with two chairs on the side opposite the window. Given its size, however, it is difficult to settle down to work. Well, rather unusual, there is a humidifier in the corner of the room.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-017


The living room is very simply composed of a sofa and a coffee table. The television is in an open cupboard, facing the bed.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-018

Fun fact, we even found a mini-bar behind the mirror in the room.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-060
Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-061


A large white dresser is placed in the room before the bathroom. There is plenty of storage space, a large mirror, a safe and two bathrobes.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-024
Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-023

The bathroom is classic, made of white marble and chrome details. A magnificent Murano mirror looms over the washbasin. Small detail, but for a suite of this type, we would have liked to have two basins rather than one.

The bathroom is large, with a separate marble and glass shower, a marble bathtub, a hanging toilet and a bidet.

The best thing about this bathroom is the view. When you open the velvet curtain, an unforgettable view of the campanile awaits you.

Hotel Danieli Venice services


Hotel Danieli offers several choices of restaurants and bars:

  • Terraza Danieli Bar and Restaurant.
  • Bar Dandolo, on the ground floor for a lively evening with a pianist.

The roof terrace of the Terraza Danieli Bar and Restaurant offers a unique experience, whether for a drink or breakfast, thanks to its magical panoramic view of the Grand Canal.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-069

In the evening, the place is most romantic. Some snacks are offered. You can choose between an indoor or outdoor table. Ovbiously, the majority of people choose to be outside. The panoramic view overlooks the Grand Canal, the Campanile of St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace among others.

In the morning, my mother-in-law and our children joined us for breakfast on the terrace.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-101

Because of COVID-19, we have to line up at the buffet and the waiters serve us our plates. The buffet was very good and prosecco was offered: an opportunity to have a mimosa.

Pigeons can sometimes be a problem from what we could see in the evening, however a falconer and his hawk were present the next morning to keep them away. A well-protected meal that delighted our children.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-104

Our general impression of the hotel

It’s impossible not to be charmed by Hotel Danieli. It captivates with its classic style and rich traditional Venetian decor. The service is excellent and the location perfect. Those who want the most romantic experience will be in the right place.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice-110

This post is also available in: FR

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