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Lounge Family Services" exhibition
Airport Zurich International Airport
Terminal Has
Country Germany
To the point Here is our photo report of the family lounge in Zurich: a perfect play area for children that we invite you to discover.

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On milesopedia, we have a history of reporting on airport lounges. The “Family Services” lounge at Zurich Airport is different from other lounges: here, it is not champagne or petits fours that will make us happy during a stopover… but rather diaper-changing tables and construction games!

A lounge designed to improve the comfort of families

There are 2 Family Services lounges: at terminals A and E. Here we present the one in A.

img 0192
Family Services Fair – Zurich

Ideally located, this “Family Services” salon is a haven of peace for families, especially in the early hours of the day. It is open from 06:30 to 22:00.

img 0191
Family Services Fair – Zurich

As soon as we arrive, a person introduces us to the place and offers to assist us if necessary.

img 0176
Family Services Fair – Zurich

This is especially useful for a person traveling alone with a child, even if it’s just to go to the bathroom! However, there is no daycare service (don’t expect to drop your kids off to go shopping in the airport!)

img 0162
Family Services Fair – Zurich

Practical accessories

Numerous changing tables are available with wipes and sinks.

img 0163
Family Services Fair – Zurich

Also, a microwave and hotplates help in the preparation of meals. There are also many kitchen utensils and a bottle warmer.

img 0165
Family Services Fair – Zurich

A rest room for the little ones

This room can be very useful if your stopover is long! It can accommodate up to 3 toddlers and an adult.

img 0177
Family Services Fair – Zurich

Toilets even for children

Near the reception area, there is a toilet that can also be used by children thanks to adapted seats.

img 0174
Family Services Fair – Zurich
img 0175
Family Services Fair – Zurich

Games for all ages

And of course, games for all ages are plentiful throughout the show.

img 0167
Family Services Fair – Zurich
img 0169
Family Services Fair – Zurich
img 0172
Family Services Fair – Zurich
img 0179
Family Services Fair – Zurich
img 0178
Family Services Fair – Zurich

Every time I pass by I have fun taking pictures of my daughter in the rocking plane!

img 0187
Family Services Fair – Zurich

Bottom line

When we fly to Nice from Montreal, we always have a 2-hour stopover in Zurich. That’s more than enough time for our kids to play in this lounge for 1 hour, and spend the rest of the time having our lunch together in the Swiss lounge!

For more information about the family lounge at Zurich Airport, please visit this page!

This post is also available in: FR

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