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Tim Hortons Launches Loyalty Program: Tims Rewards / FidéliTim

To the point Tim Hortons has just announced the launch of its loyalty program: Tims Rewards / FidéliTim which has the great merit of being very simple! And discover at the end of the article THE best credit card for your daily purchases at Tim Hortons!

Tims Rewards / FidéliTim: the new Tim Hortons’ loyalty program

We appreciate that Tim Hortons launched its loyalty program today under two names:

  • anglophone: Tims Rewards
  • French-speaking: FidéliTim

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The operation is “as simple as can be”:

  1. Scan your card (digital or plastic) before each purchase
  2. Make 7 purchases
  3. Claim your reward: get a free coffee, tea or pastry

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Of course, you can get a digital card on your phone.

Tims Rewards appli

A welcome offer from March 20 to July 31, 2019 with FidéliTim

As part of the launch of this program, Tims Rewards is making a “registration offer”, the terms and conditions of which are set out below:

  1. Sign up for the Tims Rewards program
  2. Make a purchase over $1.50 CA$ (excluding taxes and rebates) between March 20 and July 31, 2019.
  3. Present your digital/plastic card at the time of purchase
  4. Get at your next visit, upon presentation of your digital / plastic card either:
    1. a hot brewed coffee or hot tea of any size
    2. an individual pastry

Detailed terms and conditions can be found on this page.

Tims Rewards card

Several things to note:

  • Purchases under $0.50 do not count as a visit.
  • Each visit must be at least 30 minutes apart.
  • Unused rewards expire after 120 days
  • You can earn a maximum of 5 rewards in your account

The best card to use at Tim Hortons

The best credit card to use at Tim Hortons is the Cobaltᵐᶜ American Express Card, which offers 5 points for every $1 in purchases at restaurants, bars, coffee shops, grocery stores and convenience stores.

american express cobalt card

You’ll earn 5 points / dollar for all your purchases at Tim Hortons coffee shops!

It’s a minimum 5% discount on travel purchases charged to the card… or even more if you do:

To learn more about this card, which is the preferred credit card of the travel hacker in Canada, read this article!

And should your Tim Hortons unfortunately not accept American Express, you can always purchase a Tim Hortons Gift Card at your local grocery or convenience store with your Cobaltᵐᶜ American Express Card.

To learn more about buying gift cards and earning points, read this article!

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