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South Africa: Excellent Aeroplan Award Availability In 2021

To the point A new United flight between New York and Johannesburg offers plenty of availability with Aeroplan to travel in 2021.

South Africa: Excellent Aeroplan Award Availability In 2021

United Airlines has just announced two new flights that may be of interest to Aeroplan members:

  • Newark – Johannesburg (from March 27, 2021)
  • San Francisco – Bangalore (from May 6, 2021)

It turns out that there are many award availabilities for the flight to South Africa. And it’s United’s new cabins that are used for these flights!

New York - Johannesburg with United and Aeroplan

Right now, the best way to find award seat availability is to check the United calendar. For example, here’ availability for August 2021:

Ewr Jnb United

Once you’ve found availability, all you have to do is go on For example, August 4, 2021, where seats are available in both economy and business class.

A one-way ticket costs 50,000 Aeroplan miles and $7.44 in coach:

Ewr Jnb Ap Eco Fr

And 75,000 Aeroplan miles and $7.44 in business class:

Ewr Jnb Ap Business Fr

Suffice to say that it is better to focus on business class, especially for a 15-hour flight!

United Polaris 2

We had the opportunity to try this United Polaris cabin between Tokyo and New York last March when we rushed back from around the world trip (especially since it was almost empty!):

United Polaris 4
United Polaris 7
United Polaris 6
United Polaris 3
United Polaris 5

If you’re missing 25,000 Aeroplan miles, you could get them for free with this welcome offer.

Before or after November 8, 2020?

Air Canada will launch the new Aeroplan program on November 8, 2020. On this occasion, the flight rewards chart will significantly change.

Here is the chart for flights between the North America and Atlantic Zones:

aeroplan – grille – amerique nord – atlantique

If you check GCMAP, you realize that the distance between New York and Johannesburg is 7,989 miles. So the cost of this United flight will be:

  • 55,000 points in coach (5,000 more points than today)
  • 85,000 points in business class (10,000 more points than today)
Ewr Jnb Gcmap

However, if you are leaving Montreal, you will have to consider the distance between Montreal and New York. Which makes us tip over the 8,001+ miles tier. This means that the cost of this United flight will be:

  • 70,000 points in coach (20,000 more points than today)
  • 100,000 points in business class (25,000 more points than today)

Not to mention the new $39 Aeroplan Partner Booking Fee.

Yul Ewr Jnb Gcmap


If you’re hopeful that travel will resume sometime next year, this is an opportunity not to be missed to get to South Africa with Aeroplan miles. Especially if you book by November 8, 2020!

And you could even try to book a last mini Round The World trip! Especially since South Africa is a perfect country to use Marriott Bonvoy points for free hotel nights!

Check out our hotel reviews in South Africa!

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