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How do I see my points earning details with Amex?

To the point Here's how to find the Amex earning details on categories with a multiplier.

The points earning details with Amex are sometimes difficult to spot and unravel.

In fact, American Express not only offers generous welcome bonuses, but also excellent multipliers on regular purchases depending on the category; 1X, 2X, 5X and even up to 10 X during promotions.

On the American Express application

The easiest and fastest way is to look within the Amex application.

First, you need to select the card and then choose the “Benefits” tab at the bottom of the screen. Next, you need to click on “view activity”; by scrolling down the list, you can find the points earning details with Amex.

détails accumulation de points Amex sur application 1
détails accumulation de points Amex sur application 2
détails accumulation de points Amex sur application

In this example, we can see that purchases made on the American Express Cobalt® Card on August 18 generated 5X points since these are businesses that are classified as grocery stores and restaurants.

Similarly, when you are under a promotional offer where there is a temporary increase in points in certain categories, the points earning details will be in the same place for all their credit cards (Membership Rewards, Marriott Bonvoy, Aeroplan and AIR MILES).

However, you will usually see the points earning details on several lines. For example, if your sign-up bonus contained a 10 X points component on groceries and restaurants on a card such as the American Express® Gold Rewards Card, the split will be made as follows:

  • basis points x 1
  • bonus points x 9

On the American Express website

Points earning details with Amex can also be found in your online account on your web browser.

From the home page, you must first select the credit card in question and click on “view and redeem points”.

détails accumulation de points Amex Web

Once on this page, click on “My Points” under the tab for your points account.

Please note: the following screenshots are in French, but the English version should offer exactly the same options and be displayed the same on the page.


You will then see this screen where you have to choose the right loyalty program on the right before clicking on “my points” on the left side of the toolbar.


Here you can find all the points earning details with Amex points (Membership Rewards points in this case) as well as bonuses, if any. For example, if you have the Carte CobaltMD American Express, you earn 2500 points for each statement you carry over $500; these points will go under the “Bonus Points” column in this chart.

détails accumulation de points Amex sur site web

On your credit card statement

Finally, you can see the points earning details with Amex on your statement. The 2X and 5X bonus categories of the American Express Cobalt® Card are well separated on the summary:

détails accumulation de points Amex sur relevé

Similarly, on co-branded cards such as the Marriott Bonvoy® American Express®* Card, spending at Marriott Bonvoy locations will generate 5X points and will be categorized separately from spending that earns 2X points.

You can also see the number of points that have been transferred to the program in question as of the statement date.

Bottom line

It is very important to know the points earning details with Amex, because this institution is one of the most generous in the portfolio of a points hunter.

Stores choose their merchant code; although the merchant may be a grocery store or sell a lot of food products, their payment terminal may be categorized differently (like Walmart and the grocery store). Therefore, it is important to know the points multiplier in order to readjust, if necessary, and to play the right card next time!

What happened to my Aeroplan or Marriott Bonvoy points on my American Express credit card?

These points are transferred monthly to your program account (Aeroplan or Marriott Bonvoy) on your American Express credit card statement date.

The transfer usually takes 1-3 business days before you can see your points in the external program.

How do I check my American Express points earning details?

You can see your points earning details with American Express in the app, on the website and on your statement. This article details all the steps to get there.

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