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How the Aeroplan eStore works

To the point Here's how the Aeroplan eStore works and how you can use it to earn more Aeroplan points for future travel.

What is the Air Canada Aeroplan eStore?

The Aeroplan eStore is a platform for Aeroplan Members who want to earn points quickly. It allows you to earn points on every purchase and for every eligible dollar spent.

Access to the eBoutique is required before making purchases from popular online retailers.

With Aeroplan eBoutique, you can also earn points by shopping at over 250 partner brands. What’s more, the eStore’s browser extension makes earning points even easier: simply download, install and configure the extension to start earning points for your online purchases.

For those who use an Aeroplan credit card, the eStore offers the opportunity to double their points:

  • Once you make a purchase on the eStore ;
  • And a second time by using their Aeroplan credit card for the purchase.

Also, Aeroplan Elite status adds 2 X additional points.

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Why use the Aeroplan eStore?

Aeroplan points earned through Aeroplan eStore purchases can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, from gift cards to airline tickets.

The main advantage of accumulating points with the eStore is the ability to earn substantial rewards without spending extra money or taking flights. What’s more, some retailer websites offer points bonuses, so you can earn even more.

The Black Friday period is particularly advantageous for Aeroplan members. The eStore allows you to collect Aeroplan points very quickly with its many promotions. It’s really profitable !

For example, during this period, the retailer Dyson is offering 10 X Aeroplan points, during an event that multiplies the opportunities to accumulate Aeroplan points. So when you buy a $550 Dyson Pire Cool Link fan-purifier with an Aeroplan credit card, you can earn :

Accumulation source Aeroplan Points
10 X Dyson Aeroplan points promotion 5,500 points
Promotion 10 X Aeroplan points with an Aeroplan credit card 5,500 points
Aeroplan status: 2 X points 1,100 points
Earn 1.25 points/dollar (taxes included) on a TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* credit card 790 points


12,890 points

Here are some ideas for destinations where you can go far and wide thanks to these fabulous points.

How to use the Aeroplan eStore portal

First, go to the Aeroplan eStore page and log in to your Aeroplan profile in the top right-hand corner. If you are not an Aeroplan member, register for free.

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Then, in the Retailers tab, select the business where you wish to make an online purchase.

gap eboutique FR

In this example, the GAP clothing store has been selected. At the moment, every pre-tax dollar spent in this boutique earns 3 Aeroplan points. This varies according to promotions.

Then click on Shop & Earn.

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A new browser window will open. To make sure you receive the points, stay on this new page.

Then shop as usual.

Aeroplan membership numbers will never be requested in online stores. What counts is that you have clicked on the eStore link, stayed on the new page and completed the transaction.


Your shopping cart must be empty BEFORE proceeding to the eStore. Otherwise, you won’t earn your valuable Aeroplan Points.

What’s more, it’s important to use the portal’s website! Buying directly from Amazon, Apple or your favorite retailer’s mobile app doesn’t work.

Pay close attention to the fine print and exclusions on the Aeroplan eStore page, especially on the Amazon side.

Don’t forget to remove your ad blocker! Otherwise, Aeroplan eStore won’t be able to track you.

A few minutes or days later, you’ll see the transaction in the top right-hand menu of the eStore, by clicking on Order History.

This function can be useful, but don’t count on it too much. Sometimes, it’s not very reliable.

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Then all you have to do is wait for the points to arrive, within 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes it’s faster.

You’ll see them in your Aeroplan profile on the Air Canada website, in the Activity tab.

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You’ll see Aeroplan Points divided into several installments:

  • Accumulated base points
  • Additional points earned through Aeroplan status, if applicable
  • And promotion points, if any

For credit card promotions, it will be earned directly by your card issuer on your monthly statement.

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If, despite your best efforts, you do not receive your Aeroplan points, apply for the missing points.

The icon is located at the bottom of the Activity section.

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Aeroplan and eBoutique partners: Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, Simons, Sephora, The Bay, Decathlon, Disney+, Reitmans, etc.

Many brands are looking to attract customers to their website. So they do business with an online shopping portal likeAeroplan eStore, paying them a commission for referred customers.

Then, once the customer’s purchase is confirmed, Aeroplan will also pay out rewards points as a thank you.

In addition, there are promotional days such as Amazon Canada Prime Day, which, for example, you can earn up to 13.25 Aeroplan points per dollar spent by visiting the Aeroplan eStore and using a TD Aeroplan credit card to pay for purchases.

Usually, Black Friday, long weekends or vacations are the best times to see promotions on the Aeroplan eStore.

How to use your Aeroplan points to earn rewards

With your accumulated Aeroplan points, a multitude of rewards are available to you. To use them, first log in to your Aeroplan account. You can view your points balance and the various reward options available:

  • Travel rewards: You can use your Aeroplan points to book flights with Air Canada and its airline partners (United, TAP Portugal, Emirates, Swiss, Air New Zealand, etc.). Points can also be used for hotel stays, in-flight Wi-Fi, upgrades to business class and car rentals.
  • eStore rewards: Points can be redeemed for selected products or gift cards.
  • HotelSavers: Book hotels with your Aeroplan points.
  • Air Canada Vacations: Use points to pay for your vacation package.
  • Uber and Uber Eats: Your points can be exchanged for Uber credit or an Uber Pass subscription via the Aeroplan eStore.

What is the Aeroplan program and membership card?

Aeroplan is a loyalty program linked to Air Canada. Points earned on flights, Aeroplan credit card purchases or in the Aeroplan eStore earn Aeroplan Points.

You can also use your points for everyday purchases with Uber Eats, for example, or convert your points into Starbucks Stars.

These Aeroplan points are then used to purchase gift cards, merchandise, vacation packages or airline rewards in the form of airline tickets.

What is the value of an Aeroplan Point?

The value of an Aeroplan point according to Milesopedia is 2 cents. But this depends on how you choose to use them. For the best use of your points, we recommend redeeming them for airline tickets. While it is possible to redeem your Aeroplan points for merchandise or gift cards, this is generally less profitable.

It’s also worth noting that points can be accumulated more quickly during certain promotional periods, such as Black Friday.

To maximize your point accumulation, double up and use your Aeroplan credit card when you shop at the eStore to collect even more points.

How many Aeroplan Miles or Points are required for a trip?

It all depends on where you’re starting from and where you’re going!

Here are 10 destinations where you can spend 55,000 Aeroplan points.

How can I see the Aeroplan points in my account?

On the Air Canada website, click on Login at the top right of the page.

Then enter your information such as your Aeroplan membership number and password.

Is it worth it to buy Aeroplan points?

Usually, no.

However, check the promotions on this page, as there are often bonus or discount points available at certain times of the year.

The only time an Aeroplan Points purchase can pay off is when you’re just a few points short of your dream trip.

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