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Disney World: Our strategies for collecting points and saving money

To the point Here are our strategies for earning reward points to save at Disney World with minimal effort!

In this article, a three-step plan is detailed to earn enough points for a week-long trip to Disney World for a family of four.

For beginners, we recommend starting with one or two credit cards and then spacing out applications by at least 6 to 9 months. Then, once you become more comfortable with credit card management, you can increase the number of credit card applications, and move them closer together over time.


Summary of the strategy

We have grouped up to four credit cards in the same table to better visualize the strategy for Disney World. However, it is advisable to take it slow with two rounds of two credit cards per year, especially for beginners. Travel hacking is a marathon, not a sprint!

Finally, also pay attention to the spending amounts required to unlock the bonuses. You should not take too many cards at the same time if you are not able to unlock the points.

  • Number of persons : 2 adults and 2 children
  • Planning period: 2 to 4 years
  • Disney savings account: approximately $5,000
  • Airline tickets: approximately 100,000 Aeroplan points
  • Accommodation: approximately 340,000 Marriott Bonvoy points

*The exact amount of cash back and points varies according to current offers.

It is important to note that this strategy to Disney World may vary in length from family to family depending on your points hoarder profile, annual spending volume and the amount required for your Disney savings account.

Planning Step One: Build a Disney Savings Account

Adult # 1

The following cards accumulate approximately$1,500.

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Adult # 2

The following cards accumulate approximately$1,000.

Balance sheet after the first stage: $2,500 net to put in the Disney savings account for family expenses.


Planning step two: Continue to replenish the Disney savings account

Flip! The same strategy is repeated with each adult asking for the other credit cards.

This strategy is based on the fact that you have many purchases to make each year. If you can’t reach these amounts, don’ t invent expenses!

Instead, think about stocking up on gift cards for future expenses (for Disney World or other things like Netflix or gas) or paying your city taxes for example. Indeed, many expenses can be done indirectly by credit card for a fee; to unlock a bonus, it can be profitable!

Balance sheet after the second stage: + $2,500 net to put in the Disney savings account on family expenses = $5,000.

Third planning step: flights and hotels

The accumulation of points for flights and hotels is delayed because it is effortless to earn them quickly.

Indeed, the following points add up quickly!

You can apply for these cards earlier, but you must consider having the card active to benefit from free luggage or the Buddy passes.

Use Aeroplan Points or Reward Points on flights to Disney World? You have to calculate the number of points required versus the cost of other options to determine which is better!

Flights to Disney World

Each adult could take the TDMD AeroplanMD Visa Infinite* Card. The couple would have about:

Accommodation during the trip

Each adult could take co-branded Marriott Bonvoy credit cards and then combine the points into a single Marriott Bonvoy account. The couple could therefore earn:

Balance: 100,000 Aeroplan points + 340,000 Marriott Bonvoy points

Bottom Line

This strategy is one of many. It’s up to you to tailor them to your specific situation based on your spending habits, your credit rating and your expectations at Disney World!

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