Aeroplan Super Elite: the ultimate status with Air Canada

To the point Aeroplan Super Elite status is the most coveted for Air Canada frequent flyers. Here is everything you need to know!

Air Canada has 5 levels of status for frequent flyers ranging from 25K to the most coveted level, Aeroplan Super Elite status.

To achieve one of Air Canada’s statuses, you need to make a number of flights and spend a lot of money. If you don’t travel enough during the year, you can still earn 25K status by spending every day on an Aeroplan credit card.

Aeroplan Super Elite status is the most difficult and costly to obtain because it requires significant flight activity and a very high spending threshold, but it offers a lot of exclusive benefits that are very attractive to frequent travelers.


In February 2022, Air Canada announced its Get Closer to Status by Traveling with Air Canada promotion, which offered numerous opportunities to earn status through daily purchases as well as travel. So, I decided to take full advantage of this promotion to reach this famous Aeroplan Super Elite status.

As a reminder, the promotion allowed all Aeroplan members to earn 100% of the value of the SQM, SQS and SQD bonus on all flights booked in cash at the standard fare or higher as well as a bonus of 5,000 SQM, 5 SQS and 500 SQD for existing status members subject to various actions.

Statut Elite Aeroplan – promotion

Super Elite Aeroplan - How does status qualification work?

Qualification for any status, including Aeroplan Super Elite status, is determined by a combination of 3 criteria:

  • Status Qualifying Miles (SQM): These are calculated based on the distance traveled and the fare class purchased.

For example, if you book a flight from Montreal to Paris at the flex fare, you will get 100% of the Qualifying Miles at one Status, i.e. 3442 miles. If you pay for the Premium Economy fare (lowest fare), you will get 4302 Qualifying Miles, i.e. 125% of the distance flown.

  • Status Qualifying Segments (SQS): SQS are the number of segments in your reservation.

For example, if you go to Vancouver with a direct flight you will have 1 SQS but if you stop over in Toronto you will earn 2 SQS.

  • Status Qualifying Dollars (SQD): SQDs are only awarded upon completion of travel and not at the time of ticket purchase.

You earn SQD for the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges. SQD can be earned on Star Alliance member carrier flights issued from Air Canada ticket inventory (tickets beginning with 014). Finally, flight passes and eUpgrades supplements are used to earn SQD.

Here’s what you get for SQM, SQS and SQD depending on the fare you purchased. It is important to note that a ticket purchased in Economy Basic does not qualify for SQM, SQS and SQD. As well as reservations made with Aeroplan points.

Statut Elite Aeroplan – accumuler-sqm-sqs-sqd

To obtain a status, you must have reached the SQM or SQS threshold, and the spend threshold (SQD) during the calendar year.

Super Elite Aeroplan Qualification

Thus, to reach the Aeroplan Super Elite status, you must during the year

  • have completed 100 segments (SQS) or accumulated 100,000 status qualifying miles (SQM)
  • in addition to having reached the $20,000 (SQD) spending level.

Aeroplan Super Elite - Tips for achieving status

Statut Elite Aeroplan – Boost

Premium cards also allow you to carry over your eUpgrade credits to the following year, up to a limit of 50 eUpgrades. The same applies to SQMs: SQMs in excess of status are carried over to the following year.

For example, if you earn 120,000 SQM and reach Aeroplan Super Elite status, 20,000 SQM will be carried over to January of the following year, giving you a head start.

Statut Elite Aeroplan – Rollover-1
Statut Elite Aeroplan – Rollover-2
Super Élite Aeroplan x TD VIP

Aeroplan Super Elite - Benefits of Super Elite status

Aeroplan Super Elite status offers a host of exclusive benefits that not only enhance your experience, but also allow you to make significant savings:

  • Free preferential seating
  • Access to the London Heathrow arrivals lounge for you and a guest
  • Free cancellation and changes to all Aeroplan reservations
  • Receive a complimentary beverage (including alcohol) and snack when travelling in Economy class on Air Canada flights
  • Access to a concierge service
  • Assign a person who can use your eUpgrade credits without you being in the booking
  • Elimination of additional fees when using eUpgrades on lower fares such as Flex, Comfort and Premium Economy (Lowest Fare)

Each year (usually during the month of January), Super Elites may also choose 2 benefits from the 6 options below:

  • 100% Aeroplan Bonus Points on Air Canada flights and selected partners
  • 50 eUpgrade credits
  • Reduced re-qualification level (95 000 SQM or 95 SQS)
  • Offer 50K status to a friend
  • 12-month WiFi plan on board Air Canada flights
  • 4 Status Passes
Pro Tip

If you gain status during the year, you may be eligible for early status recognition. This way, you will be able to select your benefits as soon as you obtain the status and make a new selection in January for the qualifying year.

For example, if you have earned 100,000 SQMs or 100 SQSs and 20,000 SQDs on September 15, 2024, you will be able to take full advantage of the benefits of this status from that date, and therefore select 2 of the benefits. In January 2025, you will again have the choice of selecting 2 benefits. However, it is important to note that the benefits chosen at the time of early recognition are for the current year.

In other words, if you choose to offer 50K status to a friend, he will have the status until December 31 of the year of the benefit selection, the same goes for the requalification level and status passes. If you qualify on December 1 of the current year, we recommend that you choose the eUpgrade credits as well as the Wifi plan (if you have a flight scheduled between now and December 31 as it must be activated on board an Air Canada flight).

You should also be aware that it may be wise to wait to make your benefit selection, especially if you plan to choose the 50 eUpgrades. By making your selection in July, they will be valid until January of the following year. So, if you make your selection in July 2024, your credits will be valid until January 15, 2026.

Aeroplan Super Elite - Priority Rewards and gifts

Finally, one of the biggest benefits for Aeroplan Super Elites is the rewards and gifts related to thresholds :

  • Threshold-related eUpgrades: you earn additional eUpgrade credits when you reach certain SQM or SQS thresholds.

For example, if you are an Aeroplan Super Elite with 100,000 SQM or 100 SQS or more, you will earn 20 eUpgrades and then an additional 20 for every 40,000 SQM or SQS. By the time you become Super Elite, you’ll already have earned 40 eUpgrades credits thanks to the threshold gifts awarded at the 60,000 SQM or 60 SQS level, as well as at the 80,000 SQM or 80 SQS level.

  25K 35K 50K 75K Super Elite
Main Benefits 20 20 20 20 20
Selected Benefits 5 15* 20* 35* 50*
eUpgrades related to thresholds 10** 10*** 10****
Total 25 35 50 65 80

* During the early recognition period, members only receive 10 eUpgrade credits if they select this benefit.

** After reaching 60,000 SQM or 60 SQS

***After reaching 80,000 SQM or 80 SQS

****After reaching 100,000 SQM or 100 SQS

Statut Elite Aeroplan – esurclassement

The Priority Rewards allow you to get 50% off your Aeroplan award flight.

A priority reward is awarded at 4,000, 7,000, 10,000, 15,000 SQD and then every 5,000 dollars of qualification.

Only Super Elites can apply their priority rewards to business class bookings anywhere in the world. By the time you reach Aeroplan Super Elite status, you will have accumulated 5 Priority Rewards.

Statut Elite Aeroplan – prime-1
Statut Elite Aeroplan – prime-2png
  • SQM and SQS-based threshold gifts:
    • Reaching 150,000 SQM or 150 SQS earns you a gift of 20,000 Aeroplan points;
    • At 200,000 SQM or 200 SQS, you earn an additional 35,000 Aeroplan points;
    • At 250,000 SQM or 250 SQS, that’s one Aeroplan Super Elite status you’re banking for a year in which you won’t reach it;
    • At 300,000 SQM or 300 SQS, you can choose between a 150,000-point bonus or a $2,000 Air Canada gift card;
    • At 350,000 SQM or 350 SQS, you’d have to choose between 300,000 Aeroplan points or a $4,000 Air Canada gift card.
Statut Elite Aeroplan – 20000points-seuil1
Statut Elite Aeroplan – 20000points-seuil3

Bottom Line

Aeroplan Super Elite status can be difficult to achieve when you don’t travel for business or frequently, but taking advantage of an offer can go a long way toward achieving it.

This offer enabled me to reach the status for 50% of the required expenses, as well as over 47,500 Aeroplan points thanks to threshold gifts and the selected benefit of 100% bonus points on Air Canada and Star Alliance partner flights.

I also earned 90 eUpgrades credits and 10 Priority Rewards (5 of which were earned through this Aeroplan offer).

Is it worth the investment? It all depends on your travel pace and plans. I hope that Air Canada will make this type of offer again this year.

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