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Valise Accessoires de voyage

Milesopedia team’s favorite travel accessories

To the point We asked our team members what they absolutely must bring when traveling. So here are some of our travel essentials!

Getting the right gear sets you up for success when traveling, but it’s often hard to know what to bring until you’ve done some trial and error. After traveling the world, the Milesopedia team has several essentials to share with you. Discover them here.

Accessories for luggage

Having well-organized luggage makes it easier to get through airport security, avoid losing anything and save time exploring destinations. Here are travel accessories that save us space, time and enhance our experience.

Luggage: we know that this category can vary greatly from one person to another.

  • If you’re on a budget, Marie-Eve promises that this backpack will be allowed on all flights as a carry-on (tested many times).
  • If you prefer a higher-end option on wheels, we recommend Away or Monos.
  • Finally, at the very top end of the market, there’s of course the timeless Rimowa
Accessoire voyage cube rangement

Electronic accessories

For every day

  • A E-reader to carry your favorite books with you while saving space
  • An adapter that includes different USB outlets
  • A portable batteryfor long travel days
  • A headphone splitter to watch a movie together with your travel partner (approved by Aline)
  • An extension cable, because we know that the power outlet is never where we want it to be.
  • A wireless phone charger, when you have just used it underwater and need to charge it simultaneously.
  • For noise-canceling headphones, we recommend these, and Jean-Maximilien recommends the Beats Fit Pro, which can be worn for work as well as for running.
Accessoires Voyage Adapteur

To work remotely

Accessoires voyage écran portable

Accessories for family travel

Make the most of it when traveling with your kids. These games and accessories will keep them entertained (and maybe even quiet!) and won’t take up too much space in your suitcase. These items have been tested and approved by several members of our team like Marie-Claude and Aline who travel with young children.

Accessoires Voyage Coloriage

Bottom line

Whether it’s for you or to give as a gift, we know from experience that these items can enhance your travel experience to help you get more out of your precious time exploring the four corners of the earth. If you are interested in any of these items, don’t forget to use the gift card trick before you check out.

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Travelling is a way of life for Marie-Ève, who spends almost six months a year abroad. She's always looking for waves to surf, great coffee and the best strategies to travel longer. You'll probably find her in a coworking space with other digital nomads, or by the sea watching the sunsets.

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