Review : Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner Carry-On

To the point Here's my feedback on the Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner Carry-On: a lightweight, durable and elegant product.

Travelling with carry-on luggage only is a great way to save on baggage fees on flights and on waiting time at the airport. To make the experience a pleasant one, you’ll need a good suitcase that’s spacious, light and easy to carry.

After being faithful to the same small suitcase for over five years, the time had come for me to switch to a higher-end item. Here’s my review of the Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner Carry-On, a product I put to the test on my five-week trip to Japan last fall and on a getaway to Mexico this winter.


Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner Carry-On - Features

The Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner features a modern, sleek design and robust construction. This suitcase is both lightweight and shock-resistant.


The outer shell of the case is molded in polypropylene, offering great durability. What’s more, the texture of the plastic helps reduce wear and prevent scratches. This suitcase will follow you on all your adventures while remaining in excellent condition.


Dimensions are 21.5″ x 14.2″ x 9.0″ (54.6 cm x 36.1 cm x 22.9 cm). Therefore, this carry-on suitcase follows regulation for baggage on board Air Canada and the vast majority of carriers worldwide.


Extremely lightweight, the Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner weighs just 2.7 kg (6 lbs). The suitcase easily fits into the overhead luggage compartment.


The interior is lined with Recyclex, an eco-friendly polyester fabric made from recycled water bottles.

Four multidirectional wheels account for smooth mobility. Good suspension makes travel pleasant on a variety of surfaces. What’s more, the height of the handle is finely adjustable, offering extra comfort when moving the suitcase.


Sturdy zippers ensure that your belongings remain secure throughout your journey. A combination lock is also built into the case. It is TSA-compliant, in case the baggage needs to be opened for inspection.


A pocket inside the case holds a portable powerbank, which can be connected to the suitcase. The USB-C port near the handle allows you to charge your electronic devices on the move without being encumbered. This is very practical, especially at the airport where power outlets are sometimes scarce.


The color offer varies from time to time. At the moment, the colors available for the Outline Pro Spinner carry-on are :

  • Midnight Black
  • Misty Grey
  • Emerald Green
  • Shiraz/Burgundy

The color shown in the photos is Misty Grey.

samsonite couleurs

Samsonite’s Outline Pro range includes two other larger checked suitcases:

  • Medium, dimensions 27″ x 18.7″ x 12.3″ (68.6 cm x 47.5 cm x 31.2 cm)
  • Large, dimensions 30″ x 20.7″ x 13″ (76.2 cm x 52.6 cm x 33 cm)

Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner Carry-On - My experience

In total, I tested the suitcase over six weeks of travel. I’ve carried it on many flights and airports, trains, as well as on a ferry.

The wheels adapt well to all surfaces, such as pavement, asphalt, sidewalks, carpet, etc.

I also liked that the suitcase was very light, which allowed me to bring more clothes and accessories without exceeding the cabin baggage weight limit. I found the zippers very sturdy, as I tend to overfill my suitcase…

To maximize space in your carry-on, I recommend using storage cubes and compression bags like these. This keeps your suitcase tidy and organized.


The Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner’s choice of colors is somewhat limited, with neutral hues. For people like me who prefer trendier designs, Samsonite offers colorful luggage covers that fit perfectly over the suitcase.


Finally, the outer shell is shock- and scratch-resistant, as promised. After these two trips, my suitcase is still as good as new.

How to save when buying a Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner Carry-On

Regular retail price is $365 plus tax. It may seem like a lot, but think of this expense as an investment in a durable suitcase that will follow you everywhere for at least ten years!

Stay tuned, as Samsonite promotions are frequent, with discounts ranging from 10% to 30%.

To reduce the cost of this purchase, you can also use flexible rewards points such as American Express Membership Rewards. To get a $420 statement credit, you would need 42,000 Membership Rewards points. These points can be applied as a statement credit for all transactions at a rate of 100 points for $1.

Bottom Line

In short, the Samsonite Outline Pro Spinner is a quality carry-on offering style, durability and functionality. Whether you’re traveling for business or to the other side of the world, this suitcase will be with you every step of the way for at least ten years.

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