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Rosewood Elite: How Does the Program Work?

To the point Like Accor Step, Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Hilton Impresario and Hyatt Privé, Rosewood Elite is a program offering preferential rates to select travel agencies.

What is the reason behind Rosewood’s commitment to offering benefits to certain travel agencies? This strategy is the result of the complex dynamics of hotel marketing. By investing in incentives to stimulate bookings through partner agencies, hotels seek to increase their visibility while enriching the guest experience. It’s a winning formula for all parties: customers benefit from additional privileges and hotels consolidate their business activities. Here’s how it works.

Rosewood Elite - Program Benefits

As Rosewood’s rates are often on the higher end, it’s essential to maximize the value for money of each stay. As Rosewood does not offer an in-house loyalty program, a reservation made through Rosewood Elite can offer greater added value.

By going through a partner travel agency, customers can enjoy an exceptional experience at the same or even lower rate than if they booked directly, as well as the following benefits:

  • Complimentary breakfast for two for the duration of your stay
  • Hotel credit of up to 200 USD, depending on the type of room booked
  • Room upgrade at time of booking or check-in
  • Welcome gift, either a bottle of wine, a treat or something else
  • Personalized welcome
  • Free wifi

The benefits offered at each establishment may differ, so if you’re planning to stay at a Rosewood hotel, don’t hesitate to contact an advisor for a quote.

Rosewood Elite - Participating Hotels

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, a collection of luxury hotels and resorts, is expanding rapidly despite its modest global presence. At present, the group has just 36 hotels worldwide, but 24 new establishments are due to open over the next five years.


In the Americas, Rosewood has 16 locations:

Rosewood Le Guanahani St Barth

Asia and the Pacific

In Asia and the Pacific, Rosewood has 11 establishments:



In Europe, Rosewood has 7 establishments:

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl

And between now and 2026, six more facilities are planned:

  • Rosewood Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Rosewood Blue Palace, Greece
  • Rosewood Hotel Bauer, Italy
  • Rosewood Milan, Italy
  • Rosewood Rome, Italy
  • The Chancery Rosewood, United Kingdom

Middle East

In the Middle East, Rosewood currently has 2 establishments:

In the coming years, however, we expect to see the opening of Rosewood Doha in Qatar, and Rosewood Diriyah, Rosewood Red Sea and Rosewood Amaala in Saudi Arabia.


Rosewood Elite Member Agencies

Reservations via the Rosewood Elite program cannot be made directly by individuals; they must be made through an accredited travel agency. But where to find them? All over the world, from Canada to the United States, including many European countries such as France and Germany.

Some agencies prefer online platforms for quick and convenient bookings, while others opt for in person consultations to offer a personalized experience.

To take advantage of Rosewood Elite benefits, check with your local travel agency to see if it is a member of the program.

Rosewood Elite - Eligible Rates

Unlike other preferential programs offered by hotel groups, where standard rates are often the norm, Rosewood Elite stands out for its flexible pricing policy.

Program benefits apply to all rates available on the Rosewood site, whether promotional or not. This flexibility allows members to enjoy exclusive privileges even when opting for special offers or discounted rates, a valuable advantage for travellers seeking an upscale hotel experience at competitive prices.

How Can I Get the Best Deal at Rosewood Elite Hotels?

Other loyalty programs offer benefits similar to those of the Rosewood Elite. The global Virtuoso travel agency network, for example, also offers first-class privileges at Rosewood hotels when booked through an accredited travel agency.

The American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts program, on the other hand, offers benefits at over 2,200 establishments worldwide, including Rosewood hotels.

Membership in this program, available to American Express Platinum Card holders in Canada or American Express Platinum Card holders in France, offers benefits comparable to those of Rosewood Elite, including early check-in, late check-out, upgrades based on availability, breakfast included and a minimum hotel credit of $100.

While booking through one of the three programs offers similar benefits, there are a few differences.

Benefits Rosewood Elite Virtuoso Fine Hotels & Resorts

Free breakfast for two


Free breakfast for two


Free breakfast for two

At the time of booking or check-in

Subject to availability at time of check-in

Subject to availability at time of check-in

Hotel credit

Between 100 and 200 USD, depending on room type

Between 100 and 200 USD, depending on room type

Between 100 and 200 USD, depending on room type

Early arrival Subject to availability Subject to availability Arrival at noon, subject to availability
Late Departure Subject to availability Subject to availability

Departure at 4 p.m.

Additional services Welcome gift Welcome gift

It’s important to note that Rosewood Elite gives priority to room upgrades and early arrival requests when booking through its own program.

Rosewood Elite - Conclusion

Rosewood Elite stands out as a privileged program offering substantial benefits to travellers wishing to stay at Rosewood hotels. With a range of exclusive benefits, this program is aimed at travellers seeking an exceptional hotel experience. Thanks to a global network of travel agency partners, customers can benefit from room upgrades, hotel credits and other premium services, ensuring an unforgettable stay at Rosewood hotels worldwide.

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