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Travel to New Orleans with points and miles

To the point New Orleans, the other French colony in North America from 1718 to 1803, is a beautiful destination to know. Although it lost 30% of its population after Hurricane Katrina, it remains a city with a lot of charm and significant cultural heritage.
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Why visit New Orleans?

There are many reasons why New Orleans is a great destination. Located only a few hours away by plane, you can taste its gastronomy which will amaze you, dance to the sound of Jazz on Bourbon Street, and finally, discover the history which made this Louisiana city what it is today. Read our travel story!

new orleans Cathedral St-Louis
New Orleans St. Louis Cathedral

As for us, we had a great time in New Orleans with our family. The most visited district is always the Vieux Carré français because it is very lively, and the music resounds almost all the time. We like to observe the architecture of the buildings of the Royal St. James.

The atmosphere goes to a higher level on Bourbon Street (although a little more trashy and maybe to be avoided at night with children).

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la nouvelle-orleans-33
la nouvelle-orleans-30
la nouvelle-orleans-32
la nouvelle-orleans-29

We had them babysat one evening to enjoy a night out as a couple. We’ll go to the Restaurant R’évolution and listen to a fantastic band at the Preservation Hall (seats are expensive! – meaning it’s famous).

la nouvelle-orleans-24
la nouvelle-orleans-25
la nouvelle-orleans-23
la nouvelle-orleans-17

We’ll pass by a New Orleans festival open to all and settle in the grass, allowing us to enjoy good music and great bands once again. Alexandra had a great time dancing.

la nouvelle-orleans-16

To please the children, at least primarily the older ones, we visited, for example, Storyland park, a unique atmosphere with its Disney settings that recount different tales. Our daughter loved it, and Arthur took his first steps there. The Louisiana Children’s Museum and the New Orleans Museum of Art are not far from there.

La Nouvelle Orleans Storyland
La Nouvelle Orleans Storyland
La Nouvelle Orleans maquillage
La Nouvelle Orleans Storyland
La Nouvelle Orleans Carroussel

We couldn’t resist taking a steamboat ride on the Natchez on the Mississippi. The boat is beautiful. After that, I admit that the walk is not very exciting but will have the merit of pleasing the children.

la nouvelle-orleans-11
la nouvelle-orleans-10
la nouvelle-orleans-09

Finally, we visited the Audubon Zoo and Audubon Aquarium to delight the children and rest from the intense heat. Several times Alexandra did not hesitate to wet herself in the fountains to refresh herself.

la nouvelle-orleans-08
la nouvelle-orleans-27
la nouvelle-orleans-28
la nouvelle-orleans-18
la nouvelle-orleans-20

I would like to finish by saying that you can’t leave New Orleans without trying the famous beignets covered with powdered sugar. We recommend the Café du Monde, but it’s a long line outside. Go to the café on the Riverwalk!

la nouvelle-orleans-15
la nouvelle-orleans-12
la nouvelle-orleans-13

How to get to New Orleans?

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