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See the Northern Lights in Nunavik with Aeroplan Points

To the point A great optimization of our Aeroplan points that allows us to go look at the northern lights in Nunavik at a low price.

The Northern Lights are very active in the skies over our Great Canadian North in September, October, February and March. They last from a few seconds to 45 minutes and their colours vary.

Although they can be seen a few nights a year in southern Quebec, they are said to dance in the skies over Kuujjuaq every night between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am. Unless the weather plays havoc.

Getting to Kuujjuak

Here’s an Aeroplan points optimization I haven’t seen in a long time. ALL round-trip flights between Montreal and Kuujjuaq are priced at 20,000 Aeroplan points and $95.62 in taxes. This is the case 12 months a year since the implementation of the new Aeroplan program, which operates by zones and distances.

Flights are operated by Canadian North airline. You can book them directly on Aeroplan since last year.

montreal kuujjuaq aeroplan fr

Do you know how much money a ticket to Kuujjuaq costs? No kidding. $2,780. Same company, same hours in direct flights.

Ticket to Kuujjuaq 10:00 – 12:20 for a 2h20 hour non-stop flight.

Return to Montreal 14:50 – 17:15 in 2h25 hours non-stop.


Value: ($2780 – $95.62) / 20,000 points = 13 cents per Aeroplan point!

And what is great is that these Aeroplan points were earned almost free of charge from one of the many Aeroplan credit card offerings currently available.

Entering Nunavik

Yes, we can. Since July 26, Nunavik has reopened its doors. But you know how it is. So make sure you can change your Aeroplan ticket at no charge. In case there’s a new wave…

Now, know this:

  • vaccinated people no longer need to be quarantined;
  • those who are not fully protected, including children under twelve years of age, must still isolate themselves for ten days.
Canadian North
Crédit photo : Canadian North

What is required:

  1. Buy your plane ticket first.
  2. Complete the entry clearance questionnaire at least 72 hours before departure. One questionnaire per person. It will ask you for your dates of stay, hence the need to have already purchased your plane ticket. At the end of the form, you will be able to choose an appointment for your PCR test at the Nunavik Travellers’ Clinic, located in Ville St-Laurent (1-514-341-8888; Toll-free: 1-833-341-3888). The test is free and mandatory for all persons one year and older. It is usually sent within 24 hours.
    The clinic will have the information you have entered on the form. If you are unable to attend the Nunavik Travellers’ Clinic, you choose the one that is most convenient for you.
  3. Your proof of negative test results within 72 hours of departure must be presented at boarding.

On Site and Back

If you plan to stay:

  • less than 72 hours. Go and see the Northern Lights. You are free.
  • more than 72 hours. When you arrive in Nunavik, make an appointment at the CLSC for a test this time which will be scheduled for the morning of your return to YUL and which will prove that you are negative for COVID. CLSC 1-819-964-2905 ext 282. Then go and see the aurora.
  • Finally, if you are staying longer than 6 days, please note that everyone must be tested between 6 and 9 days after their arrival in Nunavik.


So there you go. All you have to do is find a place to sleep and eat.
There are really only two or three accommodation options, including the COOP. Some experienced travellers suggest that you bring your own food, as the prices for food are, well, exorbitant.
I let you do your research and invite you to share it in the Milesopedia Facebook group.

Are there any people interested in the project?

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