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Aeroplan’s Canadian North Flight Rewards Now Available Online

To the point Only available over the phone to date, Canadian North Aeroplan flight rewards are now available online.

Aeroplan's Canadian North Flight Rewards Now Available Online

As of September 10, 2020, you can book Aeroplan’s Canadian North Flight Rewards online.

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Les vols vers le Grand Nord Canadien ont toujours représenté une importante valeur dans le programme Aéroplan, mais également une denrée rare et difficile d’accès. Maintenant qu’elles seront accessibles en ligne, cela simplifiera le processus de réservation… tout en risquant de rendre la denrée encore plus rare!

Voici les vols opérés par Canadian North selon Flightconnections:

Canadian North Flight Connections

Examples of Canadian North Flight Rewards

From Montreal, Canadian North only serves Kuujjuaq (YVP). Currently, a round-trip flight reward costs 15,000 Aeroplan miles and about $200 in taxes and Carrier surcharges. Moreover, the majority of these fees are carrier surcharges ($75 per segment, so $150 on a round trip).

Yul Yvp Canadian North Fre

This flight from Montreal (YUL) to Kuujjuaq (YVP) clocks at 901 miles.

Yul Yvp Gcmap

Thus, starting November 8, after the introduction of the new Aeroplan program, this same flight rewards will cost 20,000 points round-trip and about $50 in taxes. There will no longer be Carrier surcharges ($150), but a $39 partner booking fee.

The flight is expected to cost 20,000 points and $89 as of November 8, 2020.

aeroplan – grille – amerique nord

How much does this same flight cost in cash on Canadian North website? Nearly $2,800!

Yul Yvp Canadian North Cash Fr


For those who have always dreamed of venturing into these areas, it’s great news to see this opportunity now offered online. Unfortunately, the new Aeroplan program will not offer the added stop along the way at a cost of 5,000 points in North America (as elsewhere around the world).

And since Canadian North flights are generally weekly flights, it will be almost impossible to make 24 hours stopovers.

However, the Carrier surcharges removal saves additional money, especially when compared with the cash fare of these flights!

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