CIBC AventuraMD Visa Infinite Privilege* card

CIBC AventuraMD Visa Infinite Privilege* card

Join and get up to $1200 in value. Plus, get a $200 annual travel credit.

Welcome Bonus

Up to 60,000 points

Best For

Year 1


Years 2 and +


Annual Fee


Interest rates
Purchase Rates

20.99 %

Cash Advance Rates

22.99 %

21.99 % (QC)

Balance Transfer Rates

Your Monthly Spending


Get a total of up to 60,000 Aventura Points (up to $1,200 in travel value) during your first year:

  • 30,000 Aventura Points when you spend $3,000 or more in the first 4 monthly statement periods
  • 30,000 Aventura Points when you spend $2,000 monthly or more during the first year
  • Enjoy a Priority Pass Membership and 6 complimentary visits per year at 1,300 airport lounges: over $275 value.
  • Get a $200 annual Travel Credit
  • Plus, get a NEXUS Application Fee rebate: a $100 value

Fees & Conditions

Personal Income $200,000
Household Income $200,000
Annual Fee $499
First Additional Card $99
Other Additional Card $99
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5%
Purchase Rates 20.99%
Cash Advance Rates 22.99%
Cash Advance Rate (QC) 21.99%


Year 1
Years 2 and +
Welcome bonus
0 $
Annual credit
Travel benefits
VIP lounges
First-Year Offer Value
Accumulated rewards
Annual fee
Net value

Reward points value

We have established a valuation of the reward point in cents for each loyalty program. More information on the points valuation page.

First-year value

For all credit cards offers, we estimate the value of the welcome offer (bonus, annual fee rebate) in the first year, plus the value of the rewards earned based on your purchases entered in the calculator for the six categories:

  • Grocery
  • Gas/Transit
  • Meals
  • Travel
  • Bills
  • Other purchases

First-Year Net Value = Welcome Bonus Value + Benefits (Annual Credit, VIP lounges, etc.) + Earned Rewards First-Year Annual Fee

Value of subsequent years

For the value of subsequent years, we consider the earned rewards based on your purchases indicated in the calculator and any benefits offered.

Subsequent years’ net value = Earned Rewards + Benefits (Annual Credit, VIP lounges, etc.) Annual fee

VIP lounges:

For credit cards with complimentary airport lounge access, this benefit is calculated as follows:

  • 1 access = $35
  • Unlimited access = $350 (the value of 10 annual visits)


Welcome Bonus Up to 60,000 Aventura Points
Minimum Spending Required $12,000
Minimum Spending Timeframe 365 day(s)
VIP salons $240
Nexus Credit
Lounge Annual Visits included 6


All Spending 1.25 points
Drugstores 1.25 points
Groceries 1.25 points
Convenience Stores 1.25 points
Gas 1.25 points
Telecom/Internet 1.25 points
Local Transport 1.25 points
Streaming services 1.25 points
Dining and Food delivery 1.25 points
Online transactions 1.25 points
Recurring Payments 1.25 points
Office Supplies 1.25 points
Travel 1.25 points
Entertainment 1.25 points


Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance
Delayed Baggage Insurance
Trip Cancellation Insurance
Trip Interruption Insurance
Travel medical insurance up to 64 years old
Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance
Purchase Protection
Mobile Device Insurance
Travel Medical Insurance
Extended Warranty