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Valentine’s Day 2023: 10 Ideas for Activities and Gifts

To the point For Valentine's Day, here is our selection of 10 activities to celebrate the holiday in Quebec and elsewhere.

What to do on Valentine’s Day in Quebec?

Ritz Carlton Montreal Restaurant Maison Boulud 089
Ritz Carlton Montreal Restaurant Maison Boulud

Alone, as a couple, with friends, with family… love comes in so many forms. Some people say they prefer small spontaneous gestures to a planned celebration. But I believe that one does not prevent the other. And that in February, in the depths of winter when the lights of Christmas and New Year’s Day have gone out, and the long Easter vacation is far ahead, Valentine’s Day is welcome.

So here are 10 suggestions from Milesopedia for showing our impulses to those we love, including some self-love for ourselves.

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10 activities for Valentine's Day

Tea and chocolate tasting

Here are 3 tea stores that offer delivery. But there are, of course, others.

Here are 4 chocolate shops that do the same:

Even the Renaud-Bray bookstore sells good quality bars!

To guide you, I suggest you read this article from Camellia Sinensis. Tea and chocolate stores will also advise you on the art of tasting.

thes et chocolats

Becoming a pro in latte art

Would you like to learn how to make beautiful designs on your coffee foam? For $95, attend a two-hour workshop and finally learn how to achieve a beautiful milk texture and then leave your signature on it. Palm leaves? Tulips? or hearts?

It happens on site at the Saint-Henri Micro-Torréfacteur.

Cafe Latte

Hiking or snowshoeing with torches

Here’s another idea for a Valentine’s Day activity: a torchlight hike or snowshoe outing.

The activity is planned at Aiguebelle National Park in Abitibi for Saturday, February 11, 2023. Check a few days in advance.

The idea is very nice: a snowshoe rally on the Beaver Trail, lit by torches. It will be lit between 6 pm and 10 pm. A free hot beverage is offered.

Guided walking tours will also be held in the Parc linéaire de la Rivière-Saint-Charles in Quebec City. It will also be lit with torches and will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Several evenings are offered in February, around Valentine’s Day, try it!


Skating or walking under the stars

For Valentine’s Day, we’re heading to the Outaouais region, near the village of Wakefield. And we skate on the labyrinth of icy paths at the Eco-Odyssée nature park. It is illuminated from Thursday to Sunday from 5 p.m. until March. Romantic you say?

An on-site snack bar also sells snacks and hot beverages. Don’t forget to book.

Parc nature Eco Odyssee
Photo credit: Eco Odyssée Nature Park

Fondue and overnight stay in a yurt

The fondue and overnight stay in a yurt in the Coaticook Valley is an Outgo initiative. The Ultra-Yourte can accommodate up to 4 people, has a fully equipped kitchenette and has heated floors. Shall we go as a bubble?

Several activities are possible including admission to the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook or the Parc Harold Baldwin Mont-Pinacle. A fondue dinner with appetizers and side dishes awaits you. Interesting idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Snowshoe rental is included.


A special Valentine's Day dinner at home

It can be romantic, silly or original, but Valentine’s Day celebration will happen. Bring on the candles, the fondues and the raclettes.

Some couples take advantage of this Valentine’s Day dinner to make their wish list: they write down on small pieces of paper the activities they would like to do with their partner during the year and pick one wish per month.

A more expensive bottle of wine than usual, watching a movie of a different style than ours, preparing an Asian meal, etc.

In short, moments that allow you to please the person who has chosen the activity. Love is so simple.

Saint Valentin chez Caroline

Gourmet box or restaurant version

Restaurateurs have been fine-tuning their Valentine’s Day offerings. There are some near you without a doubt.

Here are some suggestions. Let’s just say we’re moving away from poutine.

repas Saint Valentin

Purchase or make artisanal chocolates

Do you know any real artisanal chocolate factories? Where each piece looks like a small work of art and where the flavours stand out? The ones we buy for special occasions like Valentine’s Day?

I’m only mentioning a few, but they are numerous. In fact, more than a hundred in Quebec. Make sure you know how they are sold: open store or online orders.

And if you feel like it and the kids feel like it, why not try making it with the kids? The molds are easy to find, the chocolate tablets as well (at the chocolate shop or even in grocery stores). Grandparents will be delighted if you save them a little thought for Valentine’s Day .

chocolat artisanal

Movies and board games with children

The goal being to please, we dedicate the evening of Valentine’s Day this idea. Children can choose among your suggestions, or offer their own! It can be their favourite game or movie. You know the eternal UNO game… The important thing is the time devoted to them.

I know of families who, like Easter, organize a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Want to know more? It’s over here.

Finally, there is this little gem from the NFB for 9-14 year olds. A selection of short films / animations on the theme of love.

Stories of first love, lost love, complicated love and, above all, stories about learning to love yourself.



Discovering a new hobby

Think about it. What would make you really happy? From you to you, for Valentine’s Day? What would be allow you to retreat to your quarters, and savour this moment on your own?

ecrire un blog

I found my hobby. I like to write. I spend my time researching and putting together travel itineraries here and elsewhere. For myself and for Milesopedia.

That’s what makes me happy.

What will be your new hobby?

Bottom Line

These were some ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, there will still be SPA days, a night in a beautiful hotel, body treatments, scented candles, flowers given or received, romantic music, heart-shaped waffles, and what else?

One of my colleagues has decidedly stood out as a way to show his love (seduction or romance, no matter what you wanna call it):

I once used rose petals as ink to write her name by crushing them on a sheet of paper.

I also offered her a sand rose so that my flower will be eternal.


Isn’t that beautiful?

On the other hand, some will not celebrate at all. But you know, it feels good to please. And it’s good for your mental health.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As you may have noticed from this article, Valentine’s Day could also be the occasion to surprise your loved one by inviting him or her to a nice hotel with your points!

Here are our reports on hotels in Canada to inspire you:

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