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American Express target offer: $100 for a car rental with TURO

To the point Turo, the car-sharing platform, is growing rapidly in North America and in some European countries. American Express is offering $100 to select Platinum and Corporate Platinum cardholders for a future booking on the platform!

What is Turo?

For those who don’t know Turo yet: it is a car rental platform between individuals, like Airbnb with houses.

We have described how the TURO platform works in detail in this article, as well as our experience during a luxury car rental in Las Vegas.

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Get $100 off a car rental with TURO

American Express has sent an email to Cardmembers:

… to inform them of a promotion where they can get $100 off their next car rental with Turo.

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This offer is for those who received it by email, whether or not they have an account with Turo.

If you don’t have an account with Turo, get a US$25 credit when you open your account through our referral link!

Then, all you have to do is:

  • BOOK your rental between June 11 and October 31, 2019
  • ENTER your promotional code at checkout to get 100 CA$ off your trip

The promotional code is at the end of the email you should have received.

The advantage: the code can be combined with a Turo travel credit (such as the US$25 credit you have through milesopedia’s referral) and other promotional codes!

The insurance of your card... and TURO?

Since Turo is not a traditional car rental agency (like Review, Hertz…), your credit card insurance will not work to cover the damage/collision portion.

In fact, American Express reminds us of this in its promotional email:

Peer-to-peer car rentals booked at www.turo.com or through the Turo mobile app (the “Turo Platform”) cannot be covered by American Express Car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance offered by The Platinum Card. To receive this protection, you must purchase insurance through Turo or elsewhere.

However, American Express adds:

Car rentals provided by “commercial hosts” booked on the Turo platform may be eligible for insurance. For more information, see your certificate of insurance or call American Express at the number on the back of your Card.

Peer-to-peer (private) or commercial host rental… it’s hard to tell the difference on Turo.

We do not take chances and prefer to take the insurance offered by the platform.

That’s what we did for our Las Vegas rental, especially since the vehicle had a value of over CA$85,000, which is the value covered by our <a class=”thirstylink” title=“PlatinumMD card from American Express.

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Bottom Line

So this is a very nice offer for the holders of <a class=”thirstylink” title=”American Express PlatinumMD card and the American Express Platinum CorporateMD card.

American Express cardholders are often pampered in promotional offers, especially those on the American Express Cobaltᵐᶜ card.

In addition to offering targeted card offers directly in the online account, American Express runs promotional campaigns like this one multiple times throughout the year!

Let’s recall for example the one from Birks (an offer of 100$ for 100$ of purchases)…

birks platine

…or Toronto’s duty-free stores (a $200 offer for $200 in purchases…).

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Enough to gradually pay back the annual fee… !

If you don’t have an account with Turo, get a US$25 credit when you open your account through our referral link!

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