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Get a COVID-19 antigen test at Costco for $17

To the point You can get a COVID-19 antigen test right now at Costco, in-store, for $17. Find out the details.

Costco Canada offers you the opportunity to get a COVID-19 antigen test in one of its drugstores in specific warehouses in Quebec for only $17. For the moment, there are three Grégoire Arakelian drugstores.

You must schedule your COVID-19 antigen test online before visiting these warehouses. Here are the links to make an appointment:

This COVID-19 antigenic test will be handy when travelling to the United States.

You can also order some tests for $40 each (the $80 box contains two tests) on the Switch Health website.


It’s good news to see Costco entering the COVID-19 antigen test market at an unbeatable price. This should encourage other drugstores to offer this test at a more reasonable rate.

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