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To the point In this article, find out how H&R Block can help you file your tax return with peace of mind with a "Tax Expert" or on your own with their online tax software.

Filing a tax return is a daunting task for many Canadians. In some cases, this is unfortunately a task that can create anxiety. When do I have to file my return? What types of income are taxable? What tax credits are available for my financial situation? How can I save on taxes? Fortunately, there are companies like H&R Block that offer a tax return service. The latter, which has been in existence in Canada for 60 years, offers a quick and easy tax preparation service with experts known as “Tax Experts”. It also offers a tax software for those who wish to file their own tax returns.

In this review, discover the products and services offered by H&R Block to help you file your tax return. In addition, we’ll explore the other products offered, such as the tax refund calculator, the free tips shared on their blog, and the pros and cons.

H&R Block's services for filing your tax return

H&R Block is a tax preparation company with 60 years of experience in Canada. Although they offer a number of related products and services, their main services lie in the preparation of tax returns with the help of one of their experts, or on your own with their tax software.

01. HR Block

Tax filing with an H&R Block “Tax Expert” is available in 3 options: in-person in an office, hybrid and remote.

Self-filing with H&R Block online software is available in several packages, depending on your personal and financial situation:

  • Free version
  • Deluxe
  • Premier
  • Self-employed

In all cases, people aged 25 and under can prepare and file their returns free of charge.

Whether you use their tax software or a “Tax Expert”, H&R Block has the tools to prepare returns for all tax situations:

  • Students
  • Newcomers
  • Small business
  • Seniors
  • Military
  • Canadians living abroad
  • American citizens

Finally, H&R Block offers a number of related products and services, such as a tax refund calculator and a “tax tips” blog.

Filing your tax return with a Tax Expert

As previously mentioned, tax filing with an H&R Block “Tax Expert” is available in 3 options:

  1. In person: Make an appointment or drop by an office near you.
  2. Hybrid: Drop off your documents at an H&R Block office and a “Tax Expert” will call you to file your return.
  3. Remote: Upload your documents securely and a “Tax Expert” will file your return remotely.

To file a tax return in person or in hybrid mode, first check that there is an H&R Block office near you. At the time of writing, H&R Block has over 900 offices across Canada.

02. HR Block

Finally, several payment and refund options are available, such as an instant refund and payment of fees with your refund. Conditions Apply.

File your tax return online with H&R Block tax software

As previously mentioned, do-it-yourself tax filing with H&R Block online software is available in several packages. So you need to select a package that suits your personal and financial situation. Prices vary according to the package chosen:

  1. Free: $0.00 per declaration
  2. Deluxe : $19.99 per declaration
  3. Premier: $39.99 per declaration
  4. Self-employed: $49.99 per declaration

Here are the options available for each package:

03. HR Block

If you’re 25 or under, you can file your tax return free of charge with H&R Block‘s tax software.

Of course, H&R Block’s tax software is “NETFILE” certified, allowing you to import your tax information and file your return directly with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec (RQ).

If you have a question or need help filing your return yourself, you can use the “Expert Help” service. This is a service offered by H&R Block for a fee.

04. HR Block

Finally, if you’re looking for audit protection and priority assistance, H&R Block offers the “ Audit Protection ” service. With this service, you’ll receive personalized support from an H&R Block “Tax Expert”, no matter how long the CRA or RQ audit lasts.

05. HR Block

Tax refund calculator

Among other products and services, H&R Block offers a tax refund calculator. This gives an approximation of the amount of your tax refund or balance owing, depending on your province of residence and tax situation.

07. HR Block EN

For example, here’s the approximate tax refund for a Quebec resident with an annual income of $50,000 and an RRSP contribution of $5,000:

08. HR Block

Free advice and information shared on their blog

In addition, H&R Block shares free tax tips on its “Tax Tips” blog.

09. HR Block

Currently, you can read about tips for newcomers, what’s new in software in 2024, the charitable tax credit, the new Canadian dental benefit and more.

H&R Block customer service

To reach H&R Block customer service, you have several options, including :

  • Telephone: 1-800-HRBLOCK (1-800-472-5625)
  • Mailing address: H&R Block Canada Inc, 2,600, 700 – 2nd Street SW, Calgary (Alberta) T2P 2W2
  • Office
10. HR Block

To find the H&R Block office nearest you, use our office locator. H&R Block currently has over 900 offices across Canada.

11. HR Block

Advantages and disadvantages of H&R Block

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of H&R Block.


  • 60 years of Canadian tax return experience
  • Affordable service
  • Opportunity to meet an expert in person
  • Quick and easy tax filing
  • Free tax software for people 25 and under
  • Guaranteed maximum refund (refund of purchase price or license fee if you obtain a larger tax refund by using another software package)
  • NETFILE-certified tax software

Disadvantages :

  • The free plan is limited and does not cover basics such as medical expenses and charitable donations.
  • Additional options can considerably increase the price you pay

Bottom Line

In short, H&R Block can help you file your tax return with peace of mind. Whether with a “Tax Expert” or on your own, with their online tax software.

Several options and packages are available, which you can select according to your personal and financial situation. If you’re 25 or under, you can file your tax return free of charge with H&R Block’s tax software.

For more information, please visit the H&R Block Canada website or contact customer service at https://www.hrblock.ca/fr.

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