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To the point Find out how works, the tool to manage your reward program points.

Introducing the AwardWallet tool

There are many loyalty programs. You know this since you follow their news on

One of the risks with this diversity is to lose the thread of your points balance. Some programs have a point expiry policy based on duration, others on the absence of transactions etc.

AwardWallet will help you in following your rewards program accounts.

Open an account

To open an account on,simply fill out the short registration form.

Awardwallet Registration

In its basic version, the tool is free.

The “Plus” version has a $30 annual fee. You will receive a credit card-sized reminder with the account numbers of your rewards programs on it.

What features are included with the Plus program?

  • More information about the programs
  • Balances updates are faster and automatic
  • You can check and download transaction history in Excel and PDF format.

While the free version only shows the first 3 points and miles expiry notifications.

Add a rewards program

Here too, the tool is well done and supports hundreds of rewards programs.

You can do a search:

  • with the name of the program
  • by category (credit cards, airlines, hotels, etc.)
Awardwallet Program

You will then have two options to back up your password:

Awardwallet Account Fr

The first option is the safest because your password is not shared outside. But it’s also less flexible because if you’re using an AwardWallet mobile app, you’ll need to re-enter your passwords.

Besides, AwardWallet’s balance monitoring in the background is not possible: you will need to identify yourself to do this tracking.

Some companies like Delta do not allow this kind of tool, but AwardWallet offers workarounds.

The tool offers very comprehensive and tailored assistance for each program; for example when it requires inputting an answer to a security question.

Tracking accounts

After adding your accounts, you will then have access to a dashboard distributed like that:

  • Category of programs (airlines, hotels, etc.)
  • By account holder (useful to track all your family accounts)

For each account, you will have access to valuable information.

Awardwallet Detail Account Fr

You will know:

  • Balances and the latest changes
  • Last update date
  • Your status and benefits
  • Expiration date and how it is calculated

Other services

With the “self-login” feature, you will be redirected to the reward program’s website and automatically authenticated with the help of an extension in your browser.

With AwardWallet’s mobile apps, you will receive a notification when your program balance is updated.

Finally, the website can track your travels by retrieving booking information in addition to your mileage balances.

Conclusion is a very convenient site to manage its points.

We prefer to use it to monitor airline program accounts, hotels, online shopping accounts rather than bank accounts. The information is more sensitive there.

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