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8 Ways to Save Money at Best Buy Canada

To the point Did you ever try about saving money at Best Buy Canada? Here are our eight best tips and tricks for shopping at a better price.

If you’ve never purchased a new TV, stereo system, or laptop from Best Buy Canada, there’s a good chance you’re still familiar with the brand itself. Best Buy Canada began its life in 1966 as an electronics store called “Sound of Music” and changed its name to the now highly recognized Best Buy in 1983. Since then, it’s become a retail giant for all things electronics, appliances, outdoor living, and technology, grossing an annual profit of $11.64 billion in 2022.


As one of the biggest names in electronics, technology, and appliances, you might be thinking: what are some ways to save money while shopping at Best Buy? Well, we’ve compiled the best tips and tricks here, so read on to learn about 8 ways to save money at Best Buy Canada.

1. Best Buy Canada Flyer

The first place you can check for the latest deals and hottest offers is the Best Buy Canada flyer. They used to offer both physical and online versions, but in mid-2021, they changed to online only, stating that it will allow customers to find deals more efficiently, gain quicker access to products, and add more deals to their cart with the click of a button.

Something to remember when browsing these top deals on their site is that the sales change each week, so it’s best to continually check back to see if the items you’re hoping for go on sale. The best part is that these deals usually cover almost every area of the store, meaning if you have your eye on a certain laptop or TV, you can watch the Best Buy Canada flyer to see when you can take advantage of a discounted price.

2. Best Buy Online Shopping

Beyond browsing the Best Buy Canada flyer for the hot new deals each week, you’ll also want to take some time to peruse their online shopping to see if there are even more sales that aren’t being heavily advertised. Sometimes just by taking the time to dive deeper into the site, you can come across some amazing deals you may have otherwise missed.

For example, Best Buy Canada offers discounts on refurbished or opened yet still new items, helping you save even more money than buying a new product off the shelf.

There is also a Best Buy Marketplace feature where other brands, not just Best Buy, can post product deals for you to browse through. Just beware of reading all descriptions and information thoroughly to ensure you’re purchasing exactly what you need! But ultimately, utilizing online shopping from Best Buy is an excellent way to keep your eye on the sales and snag a great deal when the opportunity arises.

3. Best Buy Holiday Shopping

Many of us know that the holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of price reductions to get our favourite products for ourselves or our loved ones. But which holidays are the best for sales? At Best Buy Canada, there are three main sales that any tech-savvy guru, television junkie, gamer, or electronics buff needs to know about: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day.

Black Friday is always the first Friday after U.S. Thanksgiving, and the reason it’s such a shopping palooza is because it’s widely considered the first day of the holiday shopping season, meaning retailers everywhere slash prices to entice customers. So, if you don’t mind waiting in line, pushing through the crowds, and at times, literally chasing down the deals in the store, Best Buy Black Friday could be an ideal time to take advantage of some rock-bottom prices.

Most stores nowadays follow up Black Friday with Cyber Monday, and it’s essentially a way for retailers to extend their sales so more people can take advantage of it without even having to leave their homes. Often on Cyber Monday, specific online deals will not be available in-store; however, with Best Buy Canada, the same sales can also be found in-store, unlike other retailers. So, whether you stop by in person or shop online for some light shopping, Best Buy Cyber Monday could help you save loads of coins on your favourite items.

Another period could be the back-to-school event in august to profit some perfect price. And finally, the last big sale of the year at Best Buy Canada is always Boxing Day. Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Boxing Day is known for its blow-out sales, making it a perfect time to get that stereo you’ve wanted or upgrade your TV to the latest model.

The only thing you need to remember when shopping for the Best Buy Boxing Day sale is that once an item is sold out, the deal is over. So ultimately, being aware of the various holidays that companies like Best Buy use to advertise their hottest deals will help you find what you need while spending less.

4. Best Credit Cards to Use at Best Buy

Although Best Buy has its in-house credit card, the Best Buy Card, it’s essential to know more about the card itself before making your decision. The most significant incentive with the Best Buy Card is that it offers you special financing rates on Best Buy purchases.

However, beyond this, there isn’t much incentive to choose this card. There are upfront administration fees to pay, and you only get interest-free financing if you make a more significant purchase of $300 or more. Plus, if you don’t finish paying your purchase on time, you could end up subjected to an accrued interest rate of 31.99%! Ultimately, there are better alternatives if you need to finance a purchase at Best Buy Canada, such as low-interest credit cards, which we will explore below.

Look at our credit card comparator tool to check which card is the best to purchase in the Best Buy shop.

5. Best Buy Rewards & Gift Cards

Did you know that several major rewards programs will allow you to turn your extra rewards into Best Buy gift cards? Although this might not necessarily be the best value for your points, if you have a bunch of extra points piling up and you have your eye on a Best Buy product, it could be a great way to save some coin. However, keep in mind that some of these programs will send you a physical gift card in the mail, meaning there could be a waiting time between applying for the gift card and receiving it to use.

Here are some of the major programs that allow you to turn your points into a Best Buy gift card:

6. Earn more points with partner shop

Another great way to save money at Best Buy is to shop at online partner stores, such as the Aeroplan eBoutique, to take advantage of multipliers on your points. This way, you’ll earn even more points when you shop online with a credit card that earns more points too.

Eboutique Shopping

To better understand how works the multipliers, consult the following post:

7. Best Buy Price Matching Policy

When searching for the best deal on a specific item, it’s important to remember that Best Buy Canada has an exceptional price matching policy as part of its low-price guarantee. For example, if the identical item is selling for a lower price elsewhere, Best Buy will match the price – although there are some exclusions to be aware of that you can learn more about here.

Plus, if you’ve purchased an item at Best Buy Canada and you see it selling for a lower price within 30 days, Best Buy Canada will honour the deal and give you a refund for the difference. This means that even after you’ve made your purchase, you should keep an eye out in case you can go back and get a partial refund on your previous purchase.

8. Best Buy Free Shipping Policy

Best Buy Canada has a policy that any time you spend over $35 on an online order, they will ship the merchandise to you free of charge (some exclusions apply). This is excellent if you live far away from a Best Buy store, can’t make it into a physical location for whatever reason, or just want to take advantage of an online deal without leaving the comfort of your home.

However, something to note is that if you purchase an item through a Best Buy Marketplace seller rather than directly from Best Buy Canada, the free shipping policy may differ depending on what they’ve set up on their end.

Final Thoughts

Most consumers nowadays are continually looking for various ways to save a few dollars on purchases they need or want. That’s why learning the best practices for seeking out these deals will help you take advantage of these potential savings at retail giants such as Best Buy. Since the early days, Best Buy Canada has widely expanded its offerings and now carries products such as luggage, baby gear, VR technology, smart home accessories, and even makeup.

This means your potential savings aren’t just limited to speakers, laptops, and hard drives – there’s the opportunity to find deals on all types of household goodies. Ultimately, we hope this Best Buy Canada review has been helpful and that this compilation of 8 ways to save money at Best Buy Canada will help you get started on your saving journey so you can keep more cash in your pocket while still crossing off all of your favourite items on your list.

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