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Hotel Encore Las Vegas
Country United States
City Las Vegas
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Encore Las Vegas
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To the point The Encore Las Vegas Hotel is a member of Fine Hotels & Resorts, which is accessible to American Express cardholders with an American Express Platinum card. Photo reportage.

During a long weekend in October, we flew to Las Vegas as lovers, without our children… unlike our last stay in the “casino city”!

We have set our sights on the 5-star hotel, Encore at Winn Las Vegas.

las vegas air canada red

Foreword: Why Las Vegas?

We love Las Vegas! This is a city where we are sure we”ll have:

  • good weather between March and October,
  • “fun” through different activities (nightclubs, shows…),
  • good restaurants.

We went there on different occasions: with our parents to discover the American West, then on stag and hen parties, with our children…

In short, with a 5-hour direct flight from Montreal – on Air Canada Red – it’s a great way to clear your head!

air canada red 767

Encore at Winn Las Vegas: a luxury hotel at the top of the Strip

The Encore Las Vegas Hotel is located at the top of the Strip, right next to the Fashion Mall.

wynn again las vegas

American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts Program

To book my stays in hotels of this type, I usually go through the Fine Hotels and Resorts program by American Express, a program accessible only to cardholders of American Express Platinum or the Business Platinum cardMD from American Express.

By booking with your Business Platinum card through American Express Voyages and Fine Hotels & Resorts, you are assured of such benefits as:

  • Arrival from noon, depending on availability;
  • Late departure at 4:00 p.m;
  • Obtaining a superior category room, according to availability;
  • Daily breakfast for two people;
  • Wi-Fi access in the room, subject to certain exclusions;
  • An additional special benefit, a credit for meals, drinks or care in a wellness center.

In addition, for some hotels, additional promotions may take place, such as free accommodation for the third or fourth night. To learn more about the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts program, check out this article!

No need to hold any hotel status that would have ensured you breakfast or late check-out. Here you will have access to a full range of benefits!

Booking on the American Express Voyages website

The rate was $232 CA$ per night, taxes included.

encore fhr

Surprisingly, it was the Encore Hotel that had a lower rate than the Wynn, even though the Encore Hotel is reputed to be more upscale than the Wynn.

encore fhr chambre

Not to mention the whole range of benefits that Fine Hotels & Resorts had to offer:

  • Upgrade
  • Arrival at noon
  • Departure at 4pm
  • Daily breakfast for 2 people (80 US$)
  • Credit of 100 US$ for hotel spa services

We were able to take advantage of all these benefits:

  • our flight from Montreal arrived in Las Vegas at 11am (perfect for check-in at 12pm)
  • we were upgraded to the top floors of the hotel (in a “Panoramic” suite).
  • We used the credit of 80 US$ / day for breakfast… at the incredible Buffet du Wynn!
  • the $100.00 spa services credit… was used for 2 daily spa admissions!

Quick tip: since Audrey and I each have the Platinum CardMD from American Express, we booked one night each at the Wynn – Encore resort. This allowed us to receive the US$100 credit on each night for the hotel’s spa services!

Photo report on the Encore Las Vegas Hotel

The arrival

At check-in, an envelope is given to us by the front desk, which is standard for reservations made through American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts. Inside, you will find the full range of benefits that come with our reservation.

encore fhr papier

Like all hotels in Las Vegas (you can’t escape most of the time), the Encore Las Vegas hotel charges a resort fee of 39 US$ / night (!!!!). Going through Fine Hotels and Resorts allows you to reduce these fees by $5 (since FHR offers Wi-Fi).

We are heading to our room which is on the 58th floor of the hotel.

encore las vegas 23

The common areas of the hotel show the luxury side of the hotel!

encore las vegas 20

Corridors that follow the rounded shape of the front of the hotel:

encore las vegas 21

The room

We arrive in our room and are immediately impressed by its quality:

encore las vegas 2

encore las vegas 1

The spaces are cleverly separated by a partition with a swivelling television.

encore las vegas 4

Our room doesn’t face the Strip, it faces north.

encore las vegas 5

The mirrors increase the feeling of space in the room.

encore las vegas 8

A very nice desk decorates the room (on which is placed an Amazon Alexa assistant on which you can play music through your smartphone):

encore las vegas 7

encore las vegas 19

Everything is controlled from this screen: the different curtains, the do not disturb function, the lights…

We also appreciate the USB ports integrated into the bedside table.

encore las vegas 3

The mini-bar is very present, with exorbitant prices (and as everywhere in Las Vegas, if you lift a can and don’t put it down within 30 seconds, you are immediately charged):

encore las vegas 10 encore las vegas 9

In the entrance, a nice wardrobe, with safe:

encore las vegas 17 encore las vegas 18

The bathroom

As luxurious as the rest of the room, the bathroom has a separate shower and two washbasins:

encore las vegas 11 encore las vegas 14

And a built-in TV screen:

encore las vegas 12 encore las vegas 13 encore las vegas 16

Very nice bathrobes:

encore las vegas 15

Outdoor spaces

Head to the hotel pool. After all, it’s 30 degrees on this Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas!

still las vegas 26

encore las vegas 28

Please note: If you are staying at the Encore Las Vegas Hotel, you have access to the hotel’s swimming pools as well as the Wynn’s various pools. On the other hand, the reverse is not possible.

encore las vegas 29

A beautiful view of the back of the Wynn… from my deckchair!

encore las vegas 27

The spa

We chose to use our 100 US$ credit for 2 daily accesses to the Encore Las Vegas Hotel spa.

spa de l'Hôtel Encore Las Vegas.

spa de l'Hôtel Encore Las Vegas.

The oriental decoration of the Spa makes its effect (Audrey is visibly delighted)!

salon du spa de l'Hôtel Encore Las Vegas.

Even though pictures are theoretically forbidden inside the Spa (just like telephones – after all, most people are there in the simplest device…), I still took those pictures.

This is the locker room:

vestiaire spa de l'Hôtel Encore Las Vegas.
Changing rooms

The room of the bubbling / ice-cold baths / waterfalls:

bains spa de l'Hôtel Encore Las Vegas.

There was also a hammam and a sauna.

This is the relaxation room where phones are allowed.

spa encore

Breakfast – The Wynn Buffet

Having taken advantage of a late awakening (Hey! For once our children don’t get up at dawn!), we decided to use our credit of 80 US$ (40 US$ per person) at the Wynn buffet for dinner instead of lunch!

décoration buffet du Wynn
Wynn buffet

The decoration is… colourful!

Décoration du buffet du Wynn
Wynn Buffet

And this sideboard is gargantuan (the length of the main room gives you an idea)!

encore las vegas 45

Here are ALL the choices at your disposal, at will of course, in this slideshow of 40 photos!

Impressive, isn’t it?


A great stay at this Encore Las Vegas hotel, part of the Fine Hotel and Resorts collection from American Express.

We would be very pleased to advise you, especially “out of season” when the price is so interesting considering the services!

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