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To the point Check out my complete Emirates B777 First Class flight experience, the price of this flight and how to book it with points.

Did you already want to experience luxury aboard an Emirates flight in B777 First Class? In this article, I tell you about my experience in detail flight from Dubai – Toronto. But before we “welcome” you aboard this Emirates B777 First Class here’s a little introduction to booking this flight.

What is the Emirates First Class fare on the Dubai - Toronto flight?

To begin with, do you know the price of this Emirates First Class? Only for this one-way flight, it costs more than 16,500 CAD so imagine for three flights in First Class!

To live this wonderful experience of three flights with Emirates in First Class, I used 150 000 Alaska miles and 70 CAD of taxes!

I booked this crazy 28-hour flight itinerary over two days to test out Emirates’ old and new First Class and fly DXB-CDG-DXB-YYZ. It was an exceptional experience that I was able to offer myself. I enjoyed every minute of it, as you can imagine!

Dxb Cdg Yyz
Dxb Cdg Yyz

For comparison, economy class seats cost approximately 1,700 CAD and business class seats cost 5,617 CAD.

Check out my flight story for Emirates’ New First Class B777 between Dubai and Paris.

Once my round trip in this new First Class was made, I arrived in Dubai in the early morning, where an Emirates agent was waiting for me at the exit of the plane to take me to the security (to take the 3rd flight of my series) by cart. A very appreciated personalized service!

Once through security, he took me to the Emirates First Class lounge, where I enjoyed a quick breakfast before taking my 3rd and final flight with Emirates to Toronto.

salon emirates première classe-09

I had a great time on each flight, trying the products offered. Here is a complete description of what awaits a First Class passenger on Emirates’ B777.

How to fly on Emirates with Aeroplan points?

It is no longer possible to fly on Emirates to use Alaska Mileage Plan Miles as I used to do. But Emirates has its fare structure for using Aeroplan points. The grid is dynamic, and the rates may change.

grille tarifaire emirates aeroplan fr

A First Class flight can be costly in Aeroplan points, but it’s still a tremendous once-in-a-lifetime experience if you have a lot of points. In this case, you should opt for a flight of more than 6 hours and the new Game Changer First Class cabin.

emirates nouvelle première classe – vue d-ensemble 2

To learn more about how to book a flight on Emirates, please refer to the following article:

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The Emirates airline

The Emirates fleet consists of 114 Airbus A380s and 153 Boeing 777s. What are the advantages of flying an A380?

The B777, Boeing’s seventh wonder, is fitted with First Class luxury cabins. The A380s are known for their spa showers offered to First Class passengers and their private lounge-bar.

CDG-DXB – Emirates J – JM-30
dxb-cdg- emirates f—-

Emirates B777 - Cabin layout

Economy Class

Economy class offers a 3-4-3 seating configuration. The seats are slightly reclining with an HD touchscreen and ICE entertainment, a tablet and a cup holder.


Business Class

Business class offers a 2-3-2 seat configuration. The middle seat is not the most recommended as you are squeezed between two seats. Choosing the seats on the window side and towards the front is better. Jean-Maximilien had the opportunity to try it. Do not hesitate to consult his review.

There is a reclining seat with a large HD touch screen, a mini-tablet control, a reading lamp, a document holder and a water bottle holder.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-23

First Class

The First Class cabin consists of two rows of four suites at the front of the aircraft. They are closed by an electric sliding door to give you more privacy. However, the doors are not complete as in the new first class.

DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -032

My Emirates B777 First Class flight experience

The seat

The First Class cabin consists of 8 private suites. Thus, each traveller has a personal space closed by a sliding door for more privacy. I chose the window seat to take advantage of the brightness with its three windows.

The cabin style has a bling-bling with its golden hues, glossy woodwork, mirrors and lamps, and electrical gadgets. Everything is in the roundness and excess as if we were in an artist’s box.

At the time, this is surprising. Nothing to do with an Air France First Class, for example! Then we let ourselves be taken in the game to open/close each accessory and be “pampered” by the crew.

The beige leather seat is wide and comfortable and has a headrest, adjustable footrest and armrests (with built-in storage or remote control for TV). On the side, a personal Minibar with lighting opens and closes electronically: bottles of water and sparkling drinks are offered.

Near the headrest, you can adjust the brightness with a golden light.

DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -014

In front of it, besides the vast space to stretch out the legs (I would have room to put my suitcase and bag there), there is a mini hairdresser with a half-arch mirror, a lamp and products offered by the airline. There is:

  • Byredo body care products,
  • a beauty kit,
  • an eye mask,

as well as in a small basket: salted appetizers, rehydration tablets, chocolate, mints, and many other things to spoil yourself during the trip.

DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -012

The suite has a large TV screen for Emirates’ entertainment service. A drawer is also present where we find one of the company’s gifts, an Emirates notebook. The purple orchid completes the decoration of the suite.

A tablet allows you to control the entertainment service, but also the brightness, the seat and other options. Many storage spaces are present. We find a high quality anti-noise headset.

DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -017

Finally, a large shelf is integrated into the Minibar cabinet so you can have your meals or work there. The seat is to be moved forward in function since it is not movable back and forth.

DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -029
DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -082
DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -106

Here are some more details from the suite:

Night-time configuration

The seat is designed to transform into a full bed. The flight attendant will prepare your bed when you want it by adding a mattress, comforter and pillow so you can sleep as if you were in a real bed!

I usually have trouble sleeping on a plane, even in business class, but I slept well.

Emirates First Class - Onboard Service

When I chose to travel in First Class, it was to enjoy the comfort and gastronomy offered in flight! The crew will take care of you from entering the aircraft until you leave.

I was offered to start with a cup of Arabic coffee with a date and orange juice. I will continue after takeoff with a glass of champagne and some salty appetizers.

I went around the cabin. In the back, other snacks are offered on a counter.

I would have a dedicated steward for the entire flight. He will meticulously set up my table for the meal: tablecloth, dishes, bread; no detail is left to chance. Each element is placed in a millimetre way to give the effect of a great restaurant table.

I started my meal with an appetizer plate of caviar and its accompaniments. Delicious.

DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -067
DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -065

In addition to champagne, it may be advisable to accompany your caviar blinis with a riesling, but for my part, I would choose a bottle of Corton-Charlemagne, Grand Cru. I found this wine to be delicate and perfect in the mouth.

I continued my meal with the salmon salad and then a chicken biryani. The steward made me taste two red wines.

I finished with a chocolate brownie and then a cappucino. The dishes were good, although the main course could have been with a creamer sauce.

After a digestive break, I asked for tea and then indulged in a tofu poke bowl with a small glass of champagne and a plate of cupcakes to end my flight pleasantly.

After a few glances outside, I thought my flight was about to end.

DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -112
DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -108

Bottom Line

Emirates First Class is a luxurious product with a bling-bling side (you either like it or you don’t) where I enjoyed playing with every detail. The team was great, and what can I say about the food on board? I enjoyed every moment of this unique trip that will remain engraved in my memory.

DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -110
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